let’s talk about getting into better health. Kelly Green joins us on the show– Hi, Kelly. with a variety of products here. Yep. And some knowledge that can get us into better health. Welcome to the show. Thank you. First, let’s talk about what we have here and what your biz is. Okay, I’m with Complete Nutrition. We’re a supplement shop in Killeen. We are actually owned by Supplement Warehouse and Hi-Tech, which is awesome because of the fact of they are great with their products and the ingredients in them. AMANDA: Oh, nice. They care a lot about what goes into everything. So there’s no funky junk going into any of this stuff. No, they actually care. The biggest thing with them is their absorptions, for almost all of the products in here. Let’s talk about that for a second, because I know a little bit about that. Talk about absorption and how you want that, so that your body gets everything. Right, so protein, right? This is why we’re doing– Protein powders, right here? Yes, the Precision line is awesome, because it is, as weird as this sounds, it’s predigested, meaning that when you’re taking it in, you’re actually able to get all of that protein because it’s already done the processing. AMANDA: Okay. KELLY: So, instead of getting, a lot of proteins you’re only getting about 60% of that. You’re gonna get more towards the 90%. AMANDA: Oh, wow. Okay. KELLY: Yeah, and honestly they taste really good. Oh, fantastic, so add ’em to a smoothie or a shake or something. Yeah, or honestly, a lot of people just do it with water. I love that, that’s telling, for sure. What is the number one supplement someone right now that says, “You know what? I need more energy.” What should they get? Honestly, my biggest thing is Lipodrene. It’s actually a fat burner. AMANDA: Okay. So now, energy-wise there are different things out there, but it always seems that people want a fat burner with it. However, this one is awesome because it’s giving you energy, it’s giving you a little bit of, with caffeine. It also has ephedra in it, and then it has a thermo. So, it does make you a little bit hot, but it’s gonna give you a nice, clean energy by doing that. And what are some of the other things? You said the vitamins have really caught on, as well. So, we just came out with this vitamin line, called Nature’s Essentials, which is awesome because it’s the most bioavailable vitamins on the market. So, once again, when you’re taking it, you’re able to get all of it. So, you’d only have to take one of these, compared to most vitamins, where you’d have to take more like six of them. AMANDA: Wow. to get the same amount. AMANDA: Yeah, that’s awesome. It is awesome. And so you guys, also, provide a little bit of education, a learning resource. Anybody can sell you stuff, but you guys back it up with a little bit of advice. Everybody is trained, and so, we like to at least have the knowledge when you come in there, along with the fact that we also have an in-body scanner, BRIAN: What?! So, it’s awesome. So, you can go in there, it can give you a whole rundown on your body, compared to, it will tell you how much muscle is in one arm compared to the other. [Brian laughing] AMANDA: Oh, wow. Okay, all right. I don’t We’ll let you shoot the segment. (laughing) Okay, so, protein, we got the energy stuff. What else have you found, people that come in, that they’re lacking what? AMANDA: They wanna get more sleep? Yeah. BRIAN: Focus. AMANDA: Mood enhancer? Focus? Yeah. BRIAN: Yeah. All of those, which is the great vitamin line we came out with. There’s even a melatonin over there, so people who like that. There is literally something for everybody, in some kind of way. And you can kinda tailor, for us, what we need. Absolutely. We can come in and have a chat with you. Which is why we want you to come in and do it, is so we can put you on that in-body. That in-body gives us an idea on, hey, this is where you’re at, this is the direction we can go, kinda thing. I’m gonna grab this fat burning stuff over here (laughing) I’ll be right over here. Oh, you’re good. Thank you for comin’. Also, so a website for you guys, and to get more information on that. I put your Instagram, by the way, up there. KELLY: Yes, that’s the best way to get in contact. To DM you guys on Instagram? Okay, cool. All right, so on the break, let’s say you and I shoot down a couple of these. (laughing) Hey, if you want it. All right, stick around. I’m losing some weight on the show, and Amanda is laughing,