I’m not interested in teaching you guys
how to lose weight fast I’m interested in helping you to achieve long-term
health hello everyone welcome to Mind Blowing Health and Wellness with
Violet I’m Violet I’m a psychologist the reason I make these videos is I want
you to understand that your physical health and your mental health come
together to create your overall feeling of wellness if this is an idea that’s
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videos unfortunately we focus on losing weight
because it’s what we see we are embarrassed about our bodies were
embarrassed about not being able to control how much we eat or not being
able to control our weight not be able to live the life that we want to live
and look the way that we want to let we’re embarrassed and when someone even
suggest the idea of limiting our sugar intake
we reactively say that I can’t not eat and we don’t realize that that statement
by itself is an important statement because that statement all by itself
means you are addicted to sugar I need to understand that piece of information
if I’m gonna do anything towards my own physical health the fact is when we
focus on weight loss when we focus on fat loss what we’re really saying is
what the world sees is more important than my health because I’m focusing on
what people see of me rather than on trying to understand metabolically
what’s happening to me unfortunately that attitude has led a lot of us to
engage behaviors that are dangerous for our own health we will engage diets that
focus on eating poor quality food or not enough food or engage diets that help us
to eat things that are even unhealthy for us like diet pills or a single
source of energy like cabbage only or you know egg only like one specific
intake of food rather than focusing on being healthy so in the long run that
actually hurts my health your healthy weight is supposed to be an indication
of your health and when we actually allow ourselves to stop and think about
that for a moment we realize that it’s not about what the world sees it’s about
where am I actually with regard to my health
and so interestingly when we take our children to the doctor and the doctor
looks at their weight and then looks at the chart what the doctor is trying to
figure out is are you feeding this child well and is the weight of the child
indicating that there could be anything wrong it’s completely about the child’s
health not about how she’s gonna look in her clothes not about how he might be
judged by other people it’s strictly a matter of is the child at a weight
that’s healthy because that’s an indication that the child is healthy it
absolutely has nothing to do with vanity we understand that for our children but
yet for ourselves we struggle when we focus on our health we end up focusing
on the food quality that we’re eating we end up focusing on the amount of
exercise and the quality of exercise that we’re getting we end up focusing on
the socializing so am I getting am i doing the things that help me feel good
with friends with hobbies we also end up focusing on the amount of sleep that
we’re getting when we focus on health we focus on all the different aspects of
the things that are going to help us to feel better and emotionally feel better
we don’t just focus on what we weigh but interestingly enough when we do focus on
our health and make sure that our food exercise sleep and socialization is on
the right path we end up settling into that good weight making sure that you
eat nutrient-dense quality food that fuels your body that’s not processed so
Whole Foods if you do that that’s the first step to making sure that the food
you’re eating is about fuel about health rather than it being about self-soothing
or fun or loneliness or whatever other reason that’s not about fuel that you
could give yourself to eat food wellness warriors we need to keep it in mind that
our long-term health and wellness will result in our being at our healthy
weight our weight is a reflection of our health when we do what our bodies need
then we will be emotionally stable we will be healthy won’t be flexible we
will be strong we will be growing the body that we will
be happy to live in ten years from now seven years from now right we need to
grow that body starting today we do what helps us to feel good what we do what
helps us to be strong we do what helps us to be healthy we’re growing that body
our healthy weight is a reflection of our health and wellness I really hope
that this video helped you to understand what to do to be at a healthy weight and
to be healthier in general I want to thank you for watching Mind Blowing
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