Hey I’m Paul, and welcome to a
30-minute spinning session with the GCN team. Let’s go through who’s here
today. At the front row we’ve got Jessie, Matt, Lucy. Bringing up the rear in the
back is Dan, Emily, and Simon. This thirty-minute journey is going to
test us all, all our fitness, our strength. It’s going to have some fast
and slow efforts. We’re going to be using all the hand positions. In and out the
saddle working hard, with plenty of recoveries throughout. Let’s get
warmed up. We’ve got another 60 seconds before the
fun begins. You guys ready? Look at these faces! Okay, hand position
one. Let’s spin. Nice, easy, 100 RPM. Keep a little bit of resistance on.
Make sure you’re firing up those legs, ready for today. You look so comfortable on the bikes,
guys. Like pros. Okay 15 seconds. It’s going to start getting a little bit
harder. Hand position two. And then 2.5. Hands out slightly wider. Okay, we’re going to go into a standing
climb. A little bit punchier. Okay guys, seated climb, slightly lower
resistance. Add a bit more resistance. Okay slow down the legs. Find that beat,
find that rhythm. We’re going to go to standing climb very soon. Hand position
2.5. Effort level creeping up. Get ready. Stand up, position three. Ready
and up we go. Look tall, look strong. Make sure that resistance is on.
Get ready to sit down. 2.5 and down. Good. Keep climbing. Stand up tall. Cadence 65, 67 RPM.
If you’ve got more resistance, try and add some more. Two,
one, up we go. Good. So position three. Hands on the ends of
the bars. Power through the pedal is increased, cadence stays the same. In and
out the saddle, guys. From position three to 2.5. Ready, down. Resistance- add some more if you can. The effort level is creeping up. Our work
rate is creeping up. We’re heating up. Two minutes to top. Get
ready. Up we go. Good. Relax those shoulders. Loosen that grip.
Two, one, down. Good. Position 2.5. Keep climbing. Just soften
the pedals a little bit, sit up. Breathe. Take a drink on board if
you need to. Ninety seconds to go. Keep with that rhythm,
keep with that beat. Great start everybody. Hand position 2.5,
ready to go to three. Standing climb. You have to prepare to
stand. Have you got enough resistance? I’m adding a little bit more. Sixty
seconds. Oh, it’s getting a little bit steeper. Heart rate I can feel increasing.
Ready to stand in two, one, up we go. We’re nearly at the top. Adapting to that resistance,
I’m adding a little bit more. Three, two, one. Sit down, keep working. Four, three, two, one- up. You’re nearly
there, come on, get to the top of this climb. Let’s get it done. Hold on. Two, one, then down.
Good. Hand position two. Increase that RPM. Have a drink.
Spin the legs. Hundred plus, 103 RPM. Okay listen for that beat. Good. So hand position two, or 2.5. Work rate
about seven and a half. We’ll just let the heart rate come down, a
little bit of recovery on the flat road.been quite an aggressive start.
You’re coping really well. We’re going to get out the saddle and
stretch our legs very soon, but just sit down and enjoy this flat
piece of road. The peloton is active. Ready to pounce.
Okay, we’re going to go out the saddle. Hand position 2.5. Imagine we’re still on
the flat road, just stretching out our legs a little bit. So we still need to add
a touch more resistance, but keep that cadence.
I’m going to add a bit more. Two, one, and up. Keep it controlled. Stay with it. Good. Two, one, down. Keep pedaling. Good. Relax guys.
This is a little bit of recovery time. Heart rate is keeping. Working about seven
out of ten. Cadence over 100. If you are one of those competers, about
103. Ninety seconds. Get ready to stand up. Get ready.
Prepare yourselves. Three, two, one, up. Good job everyone. We’re going to be
sitting down. Three, two, one. Keep pedaling strong.
One hundred RPM. Relax the upper body,
light on those hands. Take the drinks on board.
You’ve got 20 seconds. Give the upper body a little bit of a
shake, a little bit of a loosing off. Eight seconds. Hand position 2.5. Take a
little bit of resistance off. Good. Okay, you’ve got 90 seconds. We’re
still on that flat road. We’re going to put in a burst. We’re going
to go twenty seconds on, twenty seconds off. Get ready to go.
In 10. Flat road effort. Twenty on 20 off, and then 20 back on again.
Two, one, go! Seated! Seated! Seated! Good. On the flat road, hand position two or
2.5. Gonna ease up in four, three, two, one. Soft pedal. Keep
working. Keep working. Get ready though. We’re going to put another acceleration.
Last 20 seconds. Add a bit more resistance if you’d like. Keep that cadence high, 95.
Three, two, another flat effort. Let’s go! A little break away. Keep with
them guys, come on. Ten seconds. Hand position 2.5. Add some resistance.
Good. Straight back into a climb. There it is. Slow it down, keep that beat.
We’re going to straight into a standing climb so add the resistance, squeeze on
tight. Up we go, position three. Slow and strong, from fast to slow. Let’s
challenge that body. Look where we’re going. Look what’s ahead.
Six-minute, 40 climb. Hand position three. Good. Good job. Everyone’s on the beat.
Nice and strong. Hey we’re going to be in
and out the saddle. Hand position three and 2.5.
Nothing more, nothing less. Working on that leg strength. Preparing
ourselves for cycling outside. Ready for the summer months. Good. Find
that beat. You start to adapt pretty quick. Effort level eight out of ten. So
I’m going to add a bit more resistance. Make sure I’m there. Ask yourself, how are
you feeling? Am I working hard enough? Could I work harder? If you answered yes,
add some more. If you’re working too hard take it back a bit. Let the music keep you
focused. Sitting down in three, two, one, keep climbing strong.
Don’t ease up. Look ahead, look at what’s ahead of you. Good cycling guys. Thinking about every
single pedal stroke. Not just from the legs down but thinking about what you’re
doing on the upper body. Keep that chest strong. Core switched on. Nice
neutral spine. Five minutes to the top. You’re doing great. You’re doing
really well. Stay with it. It’s getting steeper! Ready to stand? Two,
one, and up. Good. Nice. Looking good, looking strong as a team.
We’re going to take it in turns. To take the front. The rest we’re going to
sit down. So we’re going to have the front row and the back row as two teams. I don’t
know who’s fitter. The front row or the back row. I’m not too sure. Yeah,
definitely the back row. Back row, sit down.
Front row stay up. Good. Good. You’re working hard. I think it’s
getting too easy. Is that a smile in the group? I’m not too sure. Chaps in the back
and ladies in the back, get ready, 10 seconds.going to switch
it over. Four, three, two, one. Up you go at the back. Good. You guys
keep working. Keep that tension on. Back into a seated climb. At the back
we’re hand position three. Looking forward, keeping the shoulders
relaxed. Another 20 seconds then you’re going to switch again. Awesome work.
Great teamwork all the way through this. Let’s stay focused. We’re coming up to
halfway through this session. I need you to dig in for me. Five seconds,
you’re going to switch. Three, two, one, and switch up. Good work guys. Fifteen seconds till you switch again. Relax the upper body. Add a bit more
resistance. It’s getting steeper. You guys are pulling away. Three, two,
one, switch. Good. Nice transition to position three. You guys still working on
the climb. Awesome. Work rate getting up there, eight out of ten. Good work at the
back. Relax the upper body. Everyone sitting down in two, one, down.
Seated climb, position 2.5. Awesome job. Stay with me guys, stay with me. We’re
going to go front row and back row again, but it’s going to be a little more
dynamic. Less time. Up and down. It’s a long climb. It’s dragging a bit.
Let’s stay with it. Front row with me. Five, four,
three, two, up. Good. Four, three, two, and switch. Good. Stay with it guys. Four, three,
two, one, and up. Good. Four, three, two, one, down. Good. Four, three, two, one, up. Two, one,
down. Two, one, switch. Two, one, switch. Two, one, switch, Two, and sit
down everyone. Good. Recover. Good. Well done. Take a drink on board.
Hand position two. Just under 90 RPM. Just under 90 RPM.
Hand position number two. Let’s stay with it guys, stay focused this
last bit. Ten minutes to go. A little bit more. Looking good, looking
fresh. Hand position 2.5. It’s like, technical. Hey guys, you ready?
Let’s go up, standing flat. Hand position three. Find that beat. Two,
one, up. Adjust that resistance. Get into that rhythm. Nice and fluid. Stay
tall. Come on. Try not to wobble around too much. If you find you’re doing that,
you’re not adding enough. So you just tweak it. There’s so many
minor adjustments you can make. Good job. Come on. I feel we deserve some more. I’m going to
add some. This is eight to nine out of ten. Come on. Who’s with me on this one?
No slacking, no flagging from this team. How are you guys getting on? Come on let’s
work together. Three, two, one. Position 2.5. Good. Keep
those knees in, keep that body strong. Two, one.relax. Hand position two. Take a
drink if you need one. Two and a half minutes to go. Hand
position 2.5. Resistance on. Be ready. Two, one, and up. Good. We ready? We’re going to
build this up. Relax. Ready? I’m adding more resistance as I go.
Position three. We’re nearly at the end of this one guys. Stay with me. Keep with
that strong beat. We’re going to sit down but keep working hard. Two, one, down. Go.
Ride strong. Challenge yourselves. Add some more if you can. Five, four, three, two, one, up. Four, three, two, one, down. Get ready.
Eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one, up. Four, three, two, one, down. Five, four,
three, two, up. Three, two, one. Keep working.four,
three, two, up. Four, three, two, one. Good. Keep going. Ten seconds. Easy.
Hand position two. Take a little bit of resistance off. Well done. Grab a drink.
Great job. Relax. We’re not finished. We’ve got a climb to finish. Then we’re
done. So I need another four minutes forty-five of your time. Take a drink. The
cadence is going to drop. Your intensity is going to rise.
Sixty-four RPM. It’s a steep one. Hand position 2.5. Give me a little bit more. More
commitment. More effort. More strength. More power. Four minutes. Imagine the steepest climb you’ve ever
seen. In Italy, France, the UK. Wherever it is, visualize it. Close your
eyes. Think about it. Maybe add a bit more resistance. Hand position 2.5. Think of
that feeling when you get to the top of that climb and you put in all that hard
work, and it pays off. Think of the rewards. That’s what we do now. Add some
more. You’re in charge of how hard you work. You should be an eight and a half,
nine out of ten. I’m rewarding myself with a little bit more resistance. Hand
position three. Be ready, and up we go. Relax the upper body. We’ve adapted to
that tension. I’m adding a bit more. Four, three, two, one. Keep climbing. Four, three, two, one.
Acceleration to the top. Two, one, down. Good. Climb. Strong. Fix that body.working from the hips down. Activating through those glutes. Two
minutes to go. That’s it. Ready, team one. Keep the cadence. Going
to take a little attack. A little acceleration to drop team two. Be
ready. Make sure that resistance is high. Keep with that strong beat. I’m going to
work with team one. Three, two, one, up. Team two be ready. We’re
working hard but we can work harder. Come on team. Let’s go. Let’s put in in.
We’re losing, team two. Team two put in a bit of a burst.
Come on team one. We’re attacking. Let’s attack. Team two we’re coming up
close. Get ready team two. Two, one, go. They’re overtaking us but
we’re going to stay on their wheels. Come on. Fifty seconds. Well done back
row. Keep going. Stay with it. Come on. Dan, Simon, and
Emily. Keep going. Take it home. Front row, are you ready? Let’s join to
the finish. And up. Come on. Everyone together. Last few pedal strokes.
Start as a team, finish as a team. Working hard. Nice warm down coming up.
Here’s the top of that climb. Look at it. There’s the finish. Eight seconds. Feel
those legs on fire. Three, two, one. Good. Hand position one.
Recovery. Well done. Sit up tall. Grab a drink. Keep some resistance on.
Don’t overspin it. Keep that cadence. Nice and loose. Ninety-seven to 100 RPM. Last 90 seconds. Just spinning it out.
Celebrating the fat you just worked off that last 30 minutes. Look how much
benefits you’re going to gain from it. Cardiovascularly. Burning loads of
calories. Just feeling all around great. Ready for the day. Sixty seconds of easy
spinning. Hand position one. Hey, last bit guys. Smile. I hope you enjoyed that last thirty minutes. Spinning with the GCN team. I
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