– I’m Shane Farmer, this
is Dark Horse Rowing and I am also the parent of
a toddler which is why today we’re covering inexpensive
ways you can set up some home gym equipment as well
as easy workouts to be able to do so that as a parent
you can maintain some level of fitness with all of the
craziness that is your life. (“Rules by Ascence”) So today I wanted to run through basically how I’ve set up
Dark Horse HQ with some really low budget equipment. You’ll find that most of
the things I have in here are not gonna cost an arm
and a leg and most are used that I found on either
Craig’s List or Facebook or that I built myself, or Amazon. And then also how as a parent,
I like to find little ways of trying to stay fit throughout the day because it’s not always
possible to get in a full hour long workout especially
if you’re staying home with your kids or on weekends, it’s very hard. So I just wanna cover some
of the things that I do that I feel help me stay
a little bit more fit with a family, especially a young family, and how that might be able
to translate into your life. So as I’m going through the video, if there’s anything that’s
actually purchasable, that I’ve bought, I’ll
go ahead and link to it in the description, but
otherwise most of the things that I have are just gonna
require some ingenuity and a little bit of craftiness. Searching Facebook marketplace,
Craig’s List, asking friends or being able to build it,
is probably gonna go a long way towards most of this equipment. First things first, I’m well
aware of the space constraints that I have here in my garage
and I would encourage you to spend some time thinking
about you constraints as well. Not only do I have the
gym that you’re seeing and that you guys always see on camera, but I also have my laundry
room, and a work bench and work area because I love wood working, it’s a big hobby of mine on the side. So I worked with those
confines making sure I didn’t over build to start. A big thing I learned in my last garage was not to over build too soon. I ran into that problem
because I got really excited. I enjoy wood working, I
enjoy creating things, so I just built ton of
storage, everywhere, and I overbuilt and what it
caused was that I never wanted nor did my wife or my
kid ever want to be out in the garage because it
felt cramped and there was always crap in the way. So, keep that in mind because
if you are smart about it, you’ll set up a space
that you and your family want to be in and that
works with the equipment that you can fit and that
works well in your space as opposed to trying to
just jam pack things in in which case you tend to avoid it because it’s so hard to access. So here, I’ve taken my time. I was very patient and I
haven’t been overly aggressive in building things, in fact
just today, in between shots, I went and picked up
that guy, that big box. Because I needed a big
box to store foam rollers and bands and whatnot and
frankly I’ve been looking for a big old trunk for forever and this was the perfect solution. So, we’ve been here for four months, and in my mind for two months
I’ve been wanting a trunk but I was patient enough to
decide whether or not it was the right solution for the garage. My first suggestion for
inexpensive, family friendly, parenting, workout
equipment, exercise bands. This pack, right here with
a couple other accessories, cost 38 dollars on Amazon. That’s a great start. Next, they’re colorful, kids love that. They also can’t break and they’re also not gonna hurt anything, also another plus. The other piece is they’re just versatile, you can use them for
anything, squats, pushups, restrictions, stretching,
whatever you need to have, there’s a good chance you
can find a way to use bands to supplement what otherwise would be expensive, heavy weight. My family and I lived in
Europe for three months this past summer, I worked
out almost exclusively for three months using this in
place of strength training. And I was totally happy with it, I interspersed it with some
running and aerobic work but these were fantastic. So, as far as equipment need number one, this ones great 38 bucks,
you really can’t go wrong. Suggestion number two, kettlebells, I am a huge fan of kettlebells. Also because they’re incredibly versatile. We’re starting to get into weight however, so cost is going to
naturally go up a little bit but all of the kettlebells
that you see here, I picked up on either
Facebook marketplace, or Craig’s List and I
haggled like crazy for them. I am a relatively frugal guy when it comes to picking
up fitness equipment. In my opinion, weight is weight
whether it’s new or used, you’re getting the same thing,
you still can move the weight so I just waited till I found
the right wage or the right kettlebell at the right
price, I jumped on it, and then I usually bartered a little bit and I got a great price on all of these. I highly recommend having
kettlebells because with a single kettlebell, you can
get in a full body workout in 20 minutes or less which
as a parent you know is really important, getting workouts in quickly, that’s the name of the game. Can you get it done
before your kid finds you and wants to play with you,
nothing wrong with that, but it means that workouts
can get a little tough. Next up, sandbags. Those of you that watch know
that I’m a big proponent of sandbags because you
can make inexpensive weight and because you can drop
it, throw it around, it doesn’t damage things
and it also forces your body to work and move in ways
that are more natural and prone to real life. So, those of you that have
followed the channel before, know that I’m a big fan
of the M-Pak because A, you can travel with it,
it’s a backpack that has empty bladders inside, right now
I’ve got this filled with water up to 60 pounds! You can also fill the bladders
with sand if you’d like and if you want it to be more permanent and for that purpose,
it means you can create a sandbag, and travel at the same time. You can stuff your laptop, your clothes inside this,
wear it as a backpack and then when you get to the destination, you got a sandbag with you. So, you can use this for squats. You can use it for pressing. You can use it for carries, you can throw it on your back and run with it, I tend
to do that one a lot. But the upside to sand bags are they’re fun to play with. You can drop ’em on the
ground, they don’t damage anything which means that kids
can hang around with them, they can try to pull them, and move them but guess what, probably
not gonna be able to and you can just constantly
adjust the weight. Now you can go as far as
you want on the spectrum for price here, some
people will just pick up literal sandbags from Home Depot, not a huge fan of those
because they often leak, they’re constantly draining sand, and so if you’re throwing
them you can get sand in your eyes, not a fun experience. You go the M-Pak route which has a cap, you can only get up to
60 pounds say in a bag, or you can go full canvas,
meant to be a strength bag, bag. Which you know can get fairly
expensive but it’s totally up to you what range you
wanna use but sand or water are great implements to
create strength and fitness in a pinch. Lacrosse balls, these things
are about as versatile as they come and you can get
them in any like shape, size, color, whatever you want really! These things are pretty inexpensive. On Amazon you can get like
a two pack of basic lacrosse balls for I think eight dollars. Or you can get as fancy as
you want like if you wanted to use one of these or like
mobility purposes or responding, like response work where you’re
bouncing it on the ground and having to you know, respond
to the ball and what it’s doing, I think lacrosse
balls are a fantastic tool, kids love ’em ’cause they’re
balls, you can throw ’em! How easy is that? But on top of that you can use
them for mobility purposes, and you can use them for
a lot of coordination, hand eye purposes, you can
use them for response time. I am just a huge fan of
work that can get done with these things and I think
a lot of people avoid them because they think they’re
so simple that they can’t possibly be useful but
often the most simple tool is the most useful one. From this point on, the
equipment is going to get larger in size, not
necessarily larger in cost. But, if space is a concern
for you then please go ahead and skip forward to when I get
talking about how to maintain your fitness with a family and
how to get in short workouts or include your family in your workouts, just levels of ways that
you can maintain fitness while being a family person. Now this is my new
favorite family friendly piece of workout equipment. It’s a giant 300 pound tyre and a sledge hammer. Total cost? 95 dollars between the two. 60 dollars for the tire, and about 30 for the sledge hammer. Now, these tires can often be free. Especially if you’re in a
rural area and there are places that work on large trucks or tractors, they have to pay to dispose of them and if you have a trailer
or a truck large enough to go pick them up, guess what? Drive by, they will be
happy that you are taking the tire off their hands. But, if you’re like me
and you don’t have a truck or a trailer that is
large enough to handle it, I have an SUV but there is
no way that this is gonna fit in that SUV, nor do I wanna
figure out how to load 300 pounds in one swoop
into the back of an SUV, you get creative. I found a guy on Craig’s List
who was willing to deliver them 60 dollars out the
door, delivery included, dropped it off in my driveway,
that’s a happy day for me! Run over to Home Depot, got a 10 pounds sledge hammer, pick out whatever weights you want! These things are amazing,
you can flip them, you can slam them with a sledge
hammer, you can push them, you can pull them, you can
jump on them like a box! Kids can drape all over this thing, it’s not gonna harm it and
for the most part it’s just a wonderful, versatile,
piece of equipment, but you do need the space
to be able to handle it. Finally, it’s the box. Now of course I’m a little proud of this, I built it the other week, I talked about it in a previous video but I wanted to bring it up
again because it truly is an economical piece of equipment. For about 25 dollars, I picked
up this sheet of plywood, I had Home Depot make
all of the cuts for me before I even left. Meaning that with the stack of wood here, I could’ve fit it into the
back of a two door sports coop if I wanted to. And after that it was
just screwing it together and the only thing I really
had to do which was a bit out of the ordinary, is use a
jig saw to cut out the holes. Other than that it was a
lot of screwing and sanding but really at the end of
the day it was three hours and about 25 dollars and my time. My kid can crawl on this, I can flip it, I can jump on it, I can lay on it as a bench, you can do whatever you
need with this thing. It can just become a
glorified seat in your garage but guess what? It only cost ya 20 bucks
and a few hours of labor. So in my book, this is a
great great acquisition for your potential family gym! Remember, you don’t need
all of this equipment and the things you
should be thinking about first and foremost, the space you have, your budget, your experience level, and start small, pick up
one thing, work out with it for a while and figure
out what you feel like should be joining your arsenal of tools. And just build slowly, build economically and you’ll get to a point
where it all works together with a nice homeostasis. So what about getting into fitness? ‘Cause really, that’s a
big part of the discussion. When do I actually have time to work out, I have a toddler. I have a five year old,
I have a 10 year old. When am I ever going to
get my workouts in because I’m constantly running around. Well I have a few tactics
that are useful ways of sliding in just a little bit of fitness when you can, where you can, that helps to A, invite fitness into your life and B, introduce your family to it and introducing fitness to your kids so that it becomes a bit of
a family habit if you will. The first is called greasing the groove. This is a tactic that I’ve
used for a long time that helps with movements
that may challenge you, that’s where it originally came from. But transfers really well into parenting. The idea of greasing the
groove is that you pick an activity that you do
infrequently throughout the day. Putting on your shoes, walking
through the front door, opening the refrigerator. And you assign a particular
movement and rep scheme to that singular action. Let’s say it’s walking
through the front door. Maybe now every time that
I open the front door, I have to do 20 air squats. That way, every time I’m
going in and out of the door I’m doing 20 air squats
and getting a little bit of movement in, maybe every
time I put on my shoes, I have to do a max set of pushups. You just choose one thing,
one action, and one movement, tie them together and
whenever you do the action, you do the movement. We call that greasing the groove and it’s a way of just inserting
a little bit of fitness into your life on a regular
basis that isn’t tied to some bigger workout and
you may not in your mind have ever thought, I
consider that a workout, but it is, you’re getting fitness in, you’re being physically
active and in fact I may argue that you’re being more
active the way the human body was meant to be active by
just dropping into a set of pushups in the middle of
nowhere or doing some air squats just because you walked
through the front door. I would argue that that
may be even more human than going to the gym itself. The next is setting up partner
workouts in a style I call I go, you go! This is best done when you
have a significant other that you wanna involve
in a workout as well. The beauty of this format is
that it allows you to both workout while simultaneously
attending to your child, very important. So the way this works is
that you pick some number of movements and a rep scheme. Let’s say that it is
10 reps of air squats, push ups and sit ups, okay? Then you choose your time frame. Choose something that is
not going to go so long that your kid begins to get
restless and wants to go do something else that
way you can make sure that you complete it in the time. So let’s say 20 minutes in this instance. I would complete 10 sets
of push ups, air squats, and sit ups while my
partner watches our child and then we swap. Our goal is to get as
many rounds as possible in 20 minutes while one of
us is constantly playing with our child and the
other one is getting in movement scheme, all the
better if your kid wants to get involved with the one working out, that just adds some weight to the picture. And that brings me to my
next suggestion which is use your child as weight! Kids love to be involved
in what you’re doing. And if you need weight,
you want your kid involved, you wanna teach them about fitness, this is a great way to do it! Throw ’em over your shoulder,
do squats with them, run with them, press them overhead, toss them in the air,
that’s all weight lifting! Guys that’s dynamic weight lifting. So many people are like well
if I’m playing with my kid it’s not working out,
that’s a load of crap! You’re doing something fit and active, that’s the purpose of fitness is to be able to do those things. So if you’re accomplishing that, if you’re killing two
birds with one stone, by throwing a kid in the air, you’re both getting fit and
having fun with your child, there’s nothing to lose in that situation. And finally, depending on
your kids age or enthusiasm, involve them in your workouts! There is nothing better
than parent-lead fitness. Show your kids that fitness
is not a chore to go and do but simply a part of every day life that you can walk out into the garage, do 100 air squats and then maybe that’s your workout for the day. Or you grab your kid, throw him over your
shoulder and run up a hill. Guess what, your kid is forming a memory of you being outside, playing with them and
that goes so much further than you being just
sedentary, staying inside and worrying about only being
able to get your fitness in at a gym, sometimes a
garage gym, a family gym, a home gym, even just bands in the closet can be far more effective
towards making fitness a family matter and making
it a part of your kids life which in my opinion, if you’re doing that, A, you’re a Dark Horse and B, you’re my hero because we need more of you
out there who are introducing your kids to fitness in a
healthy, easily accessible, and non-stressful way. Now normally, I have this
big, canned send off asking you to subscribe but today, I wanna end this video with a question. What did you learn from today’s video? What are you going to implement
about what we talked about and create action tomorrow, that’s gonna make your life better? How do you be a Dark Horse? What you leave in the comments below is going to inspire others, it’s going to show others ideas that they may not have thought of
that I didn’t talk about, and it’s going to commit
you to taking solid action in your own life and
that’s what this is about. Being a Dark Horse in your own life, because I love ya and because
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