(lively music) – Hi guys, welcome back to – The YouTube Family! – Today we’re going to be doing the family fitness challenge. – But before we get started, this video is sponsored by Beachbody. – And today we’re gonna focus on the program called Double Time. Beachbody is also the creator of other awesome workouts like P90X, Insanity, T25, The 21 Day Fix. But today we’re gonna make a
challenge out of Double Time. So Double Time is great because it keeps the family together, it helps us establish some goals, and quite frankly, it’s
gonna help us stay motivated and working towards those goals. So this product is really cool. With Beachbody on demand,
you can download it to your tablet, to your
phone, to your Roku, your smart TVs, anywhere you have WiFi, you can actually perform this exercise. It’s really fun. – Okay, before we get into this challenge, you guys get to be the deciding vote of which team did the best. So our teams are Dad and Audrey. We got me and Jordan. – [Jordan] Yeah! – She’s over there. And we have the boys, Jake and Tye. They’re going to team up. So we’re going to do some of the workouts that come on the Beachbody Double Time, and then we have a few
other extra challenges that are gonna be kind of hard. So we’re going to do those after. But before we get into these challenges, I just want to introduce
you to our Shakeology. This is gonna be our treat, our prize after our workout. So these are the Shakeology
shakes by Beachbody, and these are really yummy. So these energy shakes help you reduce those junk food cravings,
which I have a lot of. And they give you the
healthy energy that you need so you can complete your workout and keep you going throughout the day. And what’s really cool
is that they’ve also come out with a shake that
is made just for kids. And this is strawberry banana. So afterwards, we’re
going to try these out. Okay, so for the first
round, it’s going to be Jordan and I versus Jake and Tye. – Woo! – After one of us poops out, we’re gonna have Dad and Audrey step in. Let’s go. (happy music) – [Dad] Okay, here’s the H squat. – Okay. – [Dad] Ready for the H squat? – This is gonna be painful cuz squats are. – [Dad] Go! Okay, who’s doing the,
who has better form? Jake and Tye? (laughing) Jordan and Mom? – Jake! – [Dad] This is one of the first
times that we’ve done this, so we haven’t quite mastered the form yet. – I think that the girls are
winning because Jake’s gone. – Yeah! – So these challenges are actually quite fun to do and funny to watch your partner. It’s better than working out alone. – Yeah. – Okay, so Jake and Tye have jumped out of this round. It’s gonna be Audrey and
I against Jordan and Mom. We’re gonna do the lunge T pass. – Oh boy. – You ready? And go. – Me. Now you. – Oh we’re doing it,
– Me. – we haven’t messed up once! – Aah! – I have – Oh yeah! – [Mom] Boys are in. – We gotta squat. We gotta get our skips. – [Mom] Alright, boys. – Let’s go see the action. – [Tye] My side. – [Mom] Alright. – Getting in there. – [Mom] Look at that form. – [Jordan] Wow, look at this. – They’re doing it better. – They’re doing it like
chopsticks so that you go in like, I guess chopsticks? I don’t know. So they have to go like
pass it to one another. (laughing) Let’s check up on the other team. How’s you guys’ form doing? – [Dad] We’re good. – [Mom] Let’s see your ball blocker. (laughing) Do you like that one? That one looks fun. – No. – This one is fun. – [Mom] Because you get to push at people. – Ah! – [Dad] Alright, so this is what they’re doing up on the screen. Okay, so they’re laying there. They put their legs up. And then they go off to the side. That’s what you’re supposed to do. Now let’s see what we’re doing. Okay. – Go to the other side, Tye. And then go back. – Go back. – [Dad] There’s Jordan and Tye. Mom and Audrey. Logan’s
– Ah, this is so hard! – [Dad] helping in the middle. Okay, so this is is a sumo pushup. That’s what they’re supposed to be doing. I can only imagine
what’s gonna happen here. You ready? (laughing) – Row, row, row your boat. – [Dad] Okay. Sumo pushup. Go! (grunts) – [Dad] Oh. Up Audrey! You gotta go up! Up, up up, up, up, up! Audrey’s stuck. Okay, let’s see you guys do it. Tye’s strong. Woh, look at Tye go! – And I get in sumo pose. – What? – They’re doing it Audrey, come on. – I pick him back up. – Come on. He goes back down. – [Dad] Good job, Tye Tye. Alright, Mom and Audrey are – Her legs just slip right off. – [Dad] Struggling. (laughing) Okay, this is called the twist and 10. This is how it’s supposed to be done. Okay, and this is how we’re doing it. Who’s doing it best? Doing a little twist,
little give each other 10. – Yeah. – [Dad] Jake and Mom, twist and 10. Oh, Jake. Mom gave Jake a high five. – [Mom] Alright, next one. – [Dad] Okay, here’s squats. TH squats. Face each other and do a
squat with your hands out. – [Jordan] You need to make
silly faces as you go down. Let’s do it. – [Dad] Okay, let’s see who
can make the silliest face. – The T, and then the H. T. H. – [Dad] Okay, here we go. And go. – T! H! – [Dad] Silly face. Silly face. Silly face. – Ours is actually different. Our is, you wanna fight? Come on! (laughing) You wanna fight? (laughing) – [Dad] Who’s doing it the best? (grunting) Crazy face, Jordan. – Okay, so that workout was really fun and now it’s time to do some
other fitness challenges. So the way this one works
is that we have a pole. We’re gonna go head to
head to pull each other. Whoever can pull the other
person up into standing position. Ah! Wins. So Jacob would have won. – [Mom] One, two, three, go. (grunting) (screams) Okay, Audrey and me. – It’s a tie! It’s a tie. – [Mom] Tie. – [Dad] Okay, it’s Mom versus
Audrey on the stick pole. Go. (laughing) – I can’t get it – [Jordan] I wanna go against Audrey. – Holy moly, I’m stronger
than my daughter. – [Mom] Ready, set go! (screams) – You got me. – Okay, so next up is wall sits. Whoever can wall sit the
longest wins this challenge. – [Dad] So legs at a 90, arms
out, those are the rules. Three, two, one, go. Alright, here we go. – Ow! – [Dad] Who can make it the longest? Who’s gonna go out first? – Probably me. (screams) – [Dad] Come on. – It hurts so bad. – [Dad] Push through the
pain. Push through the pain. Even Logan’s participating in this one. Push through the pain. Oh Jake’s out. Mom’s out. (laughing) Oh, now there’s only three. – You messed me up. – [Dad] Only three. Who’s it gonna be? – [Jake] How’s my butt out the way? – [Dad] Looks like Tye
could go all day long. – I’m done. – [Dad] Oh, Audrey’s out. – That’s not even like these. – [Dad] Jordan. – [Mom] He’s doing it. – [Dad] Here we go, it’s
down to Jordan and Tye. (laughing) – Stop hitting me guys. (screams) – [Dad] Legs are burning. (grunt) Push through the pain, Tye. Jordan looks all calm. Oh Jordan’s down, Tye won! – Next up is pushups. – Alright, so this round
is going to be pushups. Old fashioned pushups. The person who can do it
the most, the longest, wins. You ready? – And it can be knees or no
knees, it doesn’t matter. (happy music) – [Mom] Okay. – Alright, who won? – [Mom] Okay, let’s hear your number, Tye. What’s your magic number? – 24 – I had 10 but my form was the best. – I don’t know if this is
accurate, but I got like 38. I think it was 10 or 20 without the knees, and then the other was with knees. – Lost track. (laughing) – [Mom] You don’t know how many you did? – [Jordan] I can’t remember. – I just did them. – [Mom] What? Take a guess, how many? – 14. – Four. – [Mom] You did four? (laughing) Alrighty, so Jordan, you’re
our winner of pushups. – Yeah! – [Mom] Woo! Okay, are you guys ready
for the next challenge? – Yes, let’s do it. – [Mom] This is gonna be the hardest, the biggest, the baddest challenge ever. – Ooh. – [Mom] Okay, so everybody
get your partner. – Mom’s my partner. – [Mom] Okay. – Dad. – [Mom] We’re going to
have to carry your partner all the way upstairs to have our shake. – You’re carrying me, Dad. – You’re carrying me, come on. – [Mom] Okay. No, like a baby. Has to be done like a baby. – Like a baby?
– Like a baby? – [Mom] Carry your partner like a baby. – First person up there gets
their first choice of drink. (laughing) – [Jordan] Come on, Mom, let’s go. (laughing) (barking) (heavy breathing) – [Dad] Where’s Mom and Jordan? (grunts) – Logan was chasing us. – I had the heaviest
baby, no offense, Jordy. (laughing) – Woo. – Okay, so now that we’ve raced up here, we get to try the shakes. So we’re gonna try
these Shakeology shakes, which are so yummy. They come in chocolate,
vanilla, and strawberry. Super good, packed full of protein, gives you energy, get through
everything for the day. Help you get rid of the junk food. You can use this in place of like your breakfast, lunch, whatever. Then, the kids are gonna
try the Daily Sunshine. Now this was formulated for kids. This has, it’s a three
in one smoothie blend. So it has your fruit and veggies. It has your healthy fats. And it has your plant based proteins. Okay, so Audrey’s gonna
go ahead and mix up hers. And I’m going to go ahead and mix up mine. So she added one scoop of the
Daily Sunshine shake blend into her mug, which is awesome. Now she’s just gonna add
eight ounces of water, so that’s a half a water bottle. And then she’s gonna
shake it and blend it. – Here we go. – It looks good too. Okay, that’s good. – Okay, so that’s what
it looks like so far. I’m gonna put this on, and then shake it. Shakey, shakey. Shakey, shakey. (shaking) – Okay, so I’m going to
mix up my chocolate shake. And this just helps stir and mix it. It goes into the top of the water bottle. And it helps mix it and
blend it all really well. – Okay, Beachbody On Demand also has a lot of cool things on their website as well. One of the things that’s
really neat for the kids is they have this Double
Time calendar, here. And what it does is it allows them to be able to get different stars. And once they get so many
stars, we as the parents can decide what kind of
rewards we want to give them. For example, we could
let them play on their tablets, or maybe they get
some game time on the computer, whatever it may be, because I know that’s what Jake really likes. And so, it gives them the opportunity to get different stars. One for fitness, so as long
as we know that they’ve done their fitness side,
and then the other piece there is if they’ve done their Shakeology or their Daily Sunshine drink. And Jake will be drinking
a Daily Sunshine drink because that’s for kids. Beachbody On Demand also
has cooking segments and nutrition tips on their website. So go check that out. You can get your free trial
of Beachbody On Demand by clicking the link in the
description box down below. Okay, I think Mom’s got the drinks done. – Time to try these shakes. – Yeah. – It smells good. – [Dad] Tell me what it smells like, Jake. – Smells like strawberry bananas. – [Dad] Well it should. – Hm. It tastes good! – [Dad] Does it? Does it pass the picky picky eaters. – [Mom] Cuz our kids are picky eaters. – Yeah, it’s good. – [Mom] Okay, let’s see
what the girls think. – [Dad] Okay, so which
one are you guys drinking? – The Daily Sunshine,
strawberry banana smoothie. – [Dad] Alright. And what’s your taste, taste like. – Strawberry banana. (laughing) – Wow, that actually does
taste like strawberry banana. – [Dad] Yeah? – That tastes good. – I need some ice cubes in mine. Make it cold. – [Dad] So you can add different things. You can add ice cubes
in it, if you wanted to. Make it almost like a slushie. – [Mom] You can use milk too. – Yes. That would taste really good. – [Dad] So thumb’s up, thumb’s down? – Thumb’s up, I’m gonna
keep drinking this. – Okay, so now it’s mine and Dad’s turn. We’re going to try the Shakeology shake. So Dad’s actually going
to try the chocolate, and I’ve got the strawberry. – Alright. – I’ve already tried these,
because I’ve drank these a lot, because they’re
actually really good, so. – It is good. – My favorite way of making
these is actually with milk. – [Jordan] Milk. – Milk. But if you’re on the
go and you want water, you can use water. – I think it would be really cool if you ground up some ice
and put it in there. – Yeah, ice would be good too. Alright you guys, we’re
gonna finish our shakes, but we want to thank
you guys for watching. If you have other challenges
you want to see us do, go ahead and comment those down below. And let us know who won
this challenge, which team was the best or which person was the best. We’ll put two polls up there. You can vote your favorite
who did the challenge best, and your favorite team. Alright guys, we’ll see you next time. – Bye. – Like – Oh, we all gotta go the same direction. – [Jake] I’m just gonna – Logan, get out of my face. I need more space. (screams) (laughing) – I can’t because Logan’s
trying to kiss me. – It’s gonna be me
versus Tye for this one. – Logan! – [Dad] Even Logan’s getting involved. (screams) (laughing) (lively music)