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okay so Patrick finds video videos and articles online that he finds
interesting and we kind of go over them so to help you to understand first of
all the kind of misleading information that you can find out there but also
sometimes really good quality information lately it’s well anyway so I
don’t know what’s gonna be coming at me today again it’s a surprise yes
so today we’re talking but it’s an article I found called like don’t
believe all the fad diet the fad diet type losing fat boils down to these
seven basics so basically like for them whether it’s paleo keto Mediterranean
it’s all like the same fad like it’s a temporary thing like there are seven
basics that you we’re gonna talk about seven things that we need to do to lose
weight and yeah so so basically there so first first first first yeah yeah yeah
it’s gonna be good that’s for sure okay eat in a healthy calorie deficit well
okay if I’m trying to lose weight and I decide to eat in a healthy calorie
deficit so there’s two things that’s gonna come out here that I think is
interesting one what’s a healthy calorie deficit that makes me believe that the
authors are trying to imply don’t bring your calories down too far right so a
healthy calorie deficit yeah okay so that’s the first thing I’m gonna say is
that okay what does that mean I’m bringing my calories down enough to lose
weight but not enough that I’m starving make sense sense okay so I bring my
calories down enough to lose weight but not enough that I’m starving
which would mean that I’m gonna whatever I bring it down I’m gonna now eat at
that level and try to lose weight that means that I’m gonna lose weight in a
manner that’s gonna take me how much time let’s say six months later maybe
I’ve lost a pound a month two pounds a month
mm-hmm I would even get you be too much to pass a month
much later I’ve lost two pounds a month so that would be 12 pounds now what’s
the chances that I’m doing a diet and all I want to lose is 12 pounds but if
that’s your story yay you’ve accomplished your goal you
stopped your diet you keep eating this way forever you’re good but for the
majority of people you want to lose more than 12 pounds so here’s the problem
that I have by bringing my my calories down to a reasonable amount and I’ve
lost I’m giving you a whole two pounds a month that I’m now at 12 pounds down six
months later what do we know about my metabolism my metabolism has
restabilized to account for the amount of food that I’m eating now because my
metabolism has restabilized what that now means is that I will no longer be
losing I’m staying here now at this level so if I want to lose more weight
what happens I have to bring my calories down again so now all of a sudden their
first rule doesn’t work anymore yeah right because in now I’ve made it
down a reasonable amount if I want to lose anymore I have to go down even more
than that to a point I’m no longer I’m no longer in a reasonably yeah so that
just the whole fact that the calorie deficit diet doesn’t work because you’ve
diminished the amount of food you’re in taking to lose the weight but then once
you’ve lost whatever you’re gonna lose in six months you’re stuck there
now there’s another point I want to make what’s the chances that you’re gonna
stay at that level a food intake because I brought my food intake down see the
thing and I’m not sure anyways I’m gonna say what I want to save on keto the
thing that I love about keto for most people trying to lose weight you never
change the amount of food like so calorie that your body’s using because
what you do is by bringing your carbohydrate number down your calorie so
the calorie intake of carbohydrates go down but you raised the fat intake at
those first few weeks that’s what you do you bring down the carbs you raise the
fat a little bit to keep the amount of food you’re actually eating so the
amount of energy coming in the same and then when your body starts tapping this
that’s when you let go of the extra fat so what’s happening my calorie usage
never changed Britten’s the only difference is instead of it coming from
external some of it’s coming from internal so I’m eating some and my
body’s taking some from the bank and my energy levels so my metabolism doesn’t
actually change any and you’re never stored like so instead of storing extra
eating carbs like you’re eliminating what you don’t need exactly so so yeah
so calorie deficit and we have examples like you’re use often talk about the
keto savage didn’t you do like a challenge with six seven thousand
calories per day for a month six thousand didn’t gain any weight I think
some changes like workout habits and so 6,000 calories pretty that’s like crazy
Oh second basic actually you’ll see that like it’s not all bad
this article like it’s good this one is good but I feel like there’s a little
mistake in what they’re they’re saying so focus on healthy fats and lean
proteins okay so you know what that’s an interesting one and I will I will say
that Thomas de Waller made a comment about lean proteins that hmm I I could
see why you would do that so here’s the thing
Thomas de la la’ pointed out that when you purchase lean protein so grass-fed
beef is leaner than your regular grocery store and and so and he was pointing out
this very interesting fact that I thought was kind of cool when you buy
any kind of meat that has fat in the meat we kind of know that that means the
animal didn’t eat healthy because if it ate healthy it would be lean okay so his
his his theory was buy the lean cuts of meat add the fat back okay so you at you
talked to with olive oil top it with butter Tom okay so this was his idea
I so I could see why they would say that and I’m not gonna disagree with that one
I think that if you can afford to buy that grass-fed beef
grass-fed pork you know grass and and farm like far
like free range like not free range but free roaming foul right so birds and and
and have the better quality meat and then add the fat back okay go for it
however for the average everyday person that’s gonna be expensive especially if
you’re eating a full family of how many that might be too expensive to do in
that case I think I do agree always always try to use the better quality
oils hmm the meat the meat doesn’t have to lean
now sorry the coin if they’re if their point
is lean meat because lean meat is what you should be having and not having a
normal amount of fat I disagree with that because even when you buy a lean
cut of beef or pork or whatever there is still a bit of fat on it and I think you
should eat that fat okay answer that question yeah okay so third basic yeah
don’t totally give up carbs mmm okay so like Jim said forty percent of your diet
should come from carbs that we don’t have forty percent of your energy coming
from carbs because that’s like how much person how much hundred of your daily
intake 200 grams give me like two hundred grams that’s
that’s way too much but I do agree with them don’t give up all your carbs if you
like eating carbs so I’m sitting peppering this in with a
grain of salt right because what I figured out for myself I can actually go
days with having like the minimum minimal amount of carbs because I’ve
actually come quite happy eating meat with some fat and I’m fine so I can go
days doing a bit more of a carnivore style thing than a a Keitel thing but at
the same time I like carbohydrates like I like salad alright actually I think
the thing that I love the most that I really have a hard time not having once
in a while is a salad good salad but I also like broccoli I also like you know
cauliflowers sometimes depending on how he makes it I I like certain things so
you know there are some green vegetables there’s some leafy greens that I like so
I wouldn’t completely walk away I like nuts you’re right I do like cheese so I
like dairy what I’m saying is I can see where I would tell people you don’t have
to give up carbohydrates the thing that I want to point out here is that the
ketogenic lifestyle is not about not having carbs carnivore is about not
having carbs so if you do a carnivore life so of course you’re not gonna have
carbs but then that’s a choice you’re making if you’re doing a ketogenic
lifestyle all you’re doing is keeping your total grams of carbs at 20 grams or
less per day you know I’ve said this a million times if you want to have 20
grams of fruit and that’s all you’re gonna have although I don’t agree with
the amount of fructose that you would have in that situation if you’re doing
that once in a blue moon it’s not a big deal once in a blue moon the same way
that if you went out once in a blue moon and had some alcohol it’s not a big deal
if you’re doing it all the time you need to ask yourself what’s happening there
yeah and just I know we already like talked about that but like in quotes are
but our body need needs carbs to survive it’s fuel for our body our body under
grain so so that’s absolutely a fallacy our body can produce carbohydrates it’s
the one of the macronutrients that we actually can make so we actually do not
need to eat it it’s the one we need to eat protein because they’re essential
minute amino acids that we cannot produce we need to eat fats because
there are essential fatty acids that we cannot produce we do not need to eat
carbs our body can produce all the carbs we need I think I’m just going to stop
there cuz I rent it on that again the next two I think are more related to
moving like to to be more active so the next one the next basic is to be active
outside the gym so go for walks go for and we can’t not disagree with that I
miss I show time so basically I’m not gonna disagree with that but I’m gonna
do agree with it for but for a different
reason so one thing that causes weight loss is what you eat if you eat
inappropriately your weight will rise if you eat appropriately and you’re at a
healthy weight your weight will maintain if you eat appropriately and you are
overweight your weight will come down what you eat determines how much you
weigh 85 percent the other 15% is movement hmm but the bigger and much
more important reason to move is general health the more you move your body the
better you feel the one thing that we do know is that when you don’t move your
body your muscles will atrophy and that’s a really bad situation to be in
because then you can’t do what you want to do you’re not gonna be able to play
with your kids you’re not gonna be able to do any sports you love to do you’re
not even gonna be able to work appropriately so you do need to move
it’s important for us to move you know our bodies were meant to be in motion
but that’s not what’s gonna help us to be super super thin or super super
healthy in the sense of weight right so it’s what you eat yeah so don’t do it
too enhanced I would say the calorie deficit we just enhances yeah to improve
man deficit so you do it for health more than to have a bigger calorie deficit to
lose weight faster look the truth is is that when the more you move the more the
better your muscles function the better your muscles function yes of course the
more energy that you use but what happens when you use more energy your
base your body looks for more energy so the interesting thing is that it’s the
size of you that determines how much energy you need to ingest this is
something and but it also determines how much energy put out this is something
that I’m a lot of people don’t understand if you see like people say I
have a slow metabolism and they’re like you know really big that’s not true if
you are really big metabolism is faster than mine your body
is actively working trying to use the energy that’s there that’s not the
problem the problem is that you’re ingesting right to match what you’re
using and sometimes even more than what you’re using so it’s a mistake it’s a
fallacy that we have that we say that we that we believe that because I’m larger
my metabolism is slower actually it’s the opposite the larger you are the
faster metabolism is the sinner you are the slower metabolism is so yes exercise
and working can create more muscle which does help you to produce more energy but
then you’re also gonna want to eat more energy so this idea that we’re gonna
exercise away or no not really but you’ll be healthier maybe you be
stronger gonna be fitter you better do more your body will feel good you’ll
move easier all of that’s true right you’re gonna feel great and that’s why I
say yes move in the gym outside the gym you stole my next one because the next
one was more like in the gym like the this well I think I’m but 650 basics
lift weights but like I think we should do like something about like what’s
better for fat burning would it be like lift lifting weight or cardio I think
it’s always like this yeah but like to be yeah I’m telling you right now it’s
eat food everything else you’re doing is about your body being healthy but in
order to get to a good weight mister food you’re here yeah so the thing about
physical exercise though with weights and stuff that I will say that makes a
difference every person who has more muscle it has more longevity mm-hm
so and that’s again where it comes back to you want to move you want your body
to work long-term and it’s like people don’t seem to understand being skinny
that we’re not focused on the right thing you need muscle to be able to move
this body around properly and do what you want to be able to do in life and
that’s the mistake that we’re all making we’re so focused on being thin that you
see women admin I can’t even say women
anymore it used to be mostly women but it’s moving and man on the treadmill on
the elliptical trying to lose weight lose weight and you’re wasting time in
the gym that you could be pumping some like real weights and building muscle
cuz that’s what’s gonna help you to be healthy long term that’s what’s gonna
help you to live longer like study after study showing that more muscle equals
living longer right and being skinny isn’t the well apparently it’s a thing
but really if you’re trying to be healthy it shouldn’t be the thing right
having some nice muscle to help you to move this body around on the planet you
know what’s sad how many old people you go to you know the you go to the old
folks homes and you see these old people who can’t barely get themselves out of a
chair why because they never worked on their muscle all they focused on was
being thin well you had now you’re thin and you have no muscle right compared to
and it’s it’s you know when you have people who because of circumstance had
to work their entire life and didn’t ever get a chance to retire they move
around and guess what up until their dying days they’re still moving around
right but it’s reality because they have more muscle on them cuz they’re
constantly moving they’re constantly doing they’re constantly right it’s
important don’t give up muscle for skinny I can’t say that enough
don’t give up muscle for skinny in the long term you’re gonna regret it and
what about the next one is HIIT what about like high-intensity yeah you have
anything like we already covered like high-intensity interval training is
supposed to be really good for your cardiovascular health so like your heart
health and it’s supposed to also be good in the sense that it’s less impactful
like in a negative way on the body so joints and whatever because it’s like
high-intensity doesn’t necessarily have to be high impact so if you’re doing a
low impact but high intensity interval training that can be
very help healthy um again none of this has anything to do with weight loss
which is what I’m finding kind of frustrating about this is like well this
is the last three of them where they’re it has more to do with long-term health
longevity and like which is great and I love it but it’s not about weight loss
so they’re calling they’re calling these things fads so the diet is a fad but yet
the things you’re talking about has nothing to do with dieting so you know
mm-hmm but I do agree high intensity interval trainings from all of what I’ve
heard I said and heard anything negative about it so that’s what last one oh yeah
that’s one I think we all will agree like get enough sleep when you get
enough sleep your body has the opportunity to replenish and rebuild so
getting enough sleep the other thing about getting enough sleep is that when
you’re when you’re like when you sleep enough
I’m trying member how this goes no because I’m over there as part of a
conversation I had but when you sleep enough and your body has a chance to
completely get into all the different levels of sleep and come back through
there’s something in that that resets your your system apparently it’s also
about seeking the right hours apparently there’s a lot there’s even that like I
remember reading book that was talking about how if you don’t go to if you go
to sleep after 10:00 or 10:30 the chance that your body will be able to go
through all these processes that it needs to do in the course of the night
is not there so like there’s actually a time interval dependent on like were you
your circadian rhythms and okay so it’s a very apparently complicated process
but at the end of the day I remember being explained that for example people
who end up with sleep apnea and people who end up with all these issues part of
it is the time that you sleep and the length of time that you sleep so going
to bed at the right time but also sleeping long enough I don’t understand
all the complicated ins and outs of it but I do know that that’s something I’ve
heard has a very large impact your weight the other thing also about
like not anything after a certain hour like you shouldn’t eat up after like
eight or seven even seven like to give your body’s time to digest before going
to sleep and dis improve like this could improve your your weight / fat burning
losing I actually feel like that’s more of a myth than anything else but I don’t
have I don’t know for sure I can’t say one way or the other what I do know is
that theoretically if that’s a huge thing then I shouldn’t have lost any of
the way that I lost because I regularly have supper eight or later
8 p.m. or later so like but there might be some validity to it but I don’t know
what the actual like details of it are I’ve heard of a bunch of times but I
honestly pardon me there’s two parts because if you’re
eating a carbohydrate high meal you’re putting your body in a situation where
there’s a lot of carbs to have to process would that possibly interfere
with your ability to sleep well because your body is dealing with putting the
carbs away fighting the inflammation and all the other things that you just
introduced before going to bed luckily for me and for you we’re not eating high
carb meals before going into our evening so that’s one part of it now at the same
time like I said although I’ve heard that going to sleep at a certain time
and sleeping and all that stuff is supposed to help people to lose weight
again do I ever get to bed before eleven twelve o’clock and yet I still lost all
the weight but I still think it’s the right thing to do according to all the
research I think you’re always aiming to do what’s right for like the best
practice and so I kind of wonder how much better might I feel if I could get
to bed at 10:00 hmm right and actually get that that like sleep and wake up
that a little bit earlier and have more of that day time like cuz it’s the other
thing when you get when you go to bed earlier you get up earlier and you get
more of that daytime light so I’ve even heard people talking about the idea that
you should go outside and you can if the weather is good put your
feet in the grass and like ground do some grounding and all these other
things so again there’s a lot of stuff that I don’t fully understand yet but I
do agree with the whole idea that it’s important to get sleep for health and
from everything I’ve been told getting enough sleep should help you to be at a
healthier weight okay so we start yoga this week at 6:00 every morning in front
of the house it’s supposed to be healthier right so those are some
interests I mean some of them were some of them were positive yeah yeah I’ll
have to say that it’s not because it’s not because like sometime if you read an
article or see a video like they do say stuff that sounds like they’re against a
diet and against something where like actually all those those those basics
were like some kind of applicable subjects that may be one with the
calorie but like they’re not super incompatible with keto or with value or
with like those those basics made sense what I don’t understand is why they
called them fats and I think really what was happening is that they’re just
trying to get people to read the article oh maybe so they call it a fad so that
you’re gonna be like oh why is it a fad and then I go through things that are
pretty healthy to do them that people could be trying to should be trying to
do most of them most of them or things that you should be trying to do I think
the carb thing and the calorie thing were the two things I would say
absolutely not but other than that like they didn’t have anything in there that
was so crazy that you’re like you shouldn’t be doing that right and they
weren’t necessarily bashing any one particular diet so I don’t know why the
title was actually written the way that it was written almost I feel like it was
to incite people to read the article to see like why were they gonna say no but
then in in actuality they gave seven pretty okay thank you
so I would say that that article this week was middle of the room okay so I
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