Hi friends, I’m on Reaper. Welcome to finish we will chat Today, we will discuss about top facial exercise for potential patient facial exercise helps to reduce the monotonous facial expression of Parkinson feather as we all know due the Parkinson disease they lose facial expression and patient movement facial exercise Helps to improve patient speeds as well as improve in style so Today, we will share a couple of the facial exercise for the formation patient. I Hope demonstrate and show how to practice at home with exercise Each exercise you have to repeat for five times and each Exercising have to hold for five counts exercise number one Raise your eyebrows upwards. So your forehead is wrinkled like this I have risked my eyebrows even see and count one two, three, four five Get up repeating there. I have raised my eyebrows. One, two, three, four five relax Exercise number two you have to make angry expression So bring your eyebrows together hold this position for five counts. Okay like this One two three four five Again, I’m repeating Bring your eyebrows together You can see the angry expression and you can see the wrinkles between two eyebrows and now count one two three Four five. Okay repeat this exercise also four five times Exercise : 3 close your eyes tightly like this One two three four five relax in a bit One two three four five Repeat this exercise for five times The best exercise for Parkinson’s patient. open your eyes big and wide One two three four five Again you repeat open your eyes big and wide One two three, four five. repeat this exercise for five times fill your cheeks with air Open your mouth as wide as possible. You should be able to open your mouth Okay. Ah Again repeating Okay exercise number:7 you have to give a wide smile. Okay, so could you please tell me that when do you smile last time? Now start practicing to smile. Okay smile wide. Show your teeth. This is another best facial exercise. Okay? You just count in your mind five times and repeat this exercise for five times Another best exercise for the face of Parkinson patient? That is, you have to bring out your tongue. Okay like this Repeat this exercise for five times and count five Exercise no:9 Take your tongue out and move it to the right corner of your mouth. Hold for five counts. like this Same exercise they have to repeat to the opposite direction like this You have to rotate your tongue inside your mouth clockwise and anti-clockwise For five times like this Okay now anti-clockwise, oh Hope , You like this exercise and trust me, if you practice this exercise, it will improve the flexibility and quality of your facial muscles. Believe me. Exercise would not stop brain disease from progressing. But however, it will improve your balance. I believe this video will help you but you have to promise that you will practice this exercise at home. and We would like to know the comment from you. if you like this video then please press the like button and share with other Parkinson’s Patient, okay, and If you want to get more informative video Then you have to subscribe Paresh Neuro channel and press the bell icon