hello everyone this year with Facerobics
we’re going to start from Exercise Along With Me Series One exercises and then
work through all of the exercises throughout the year and all of the
exercises every two months the series will change and I’ll be giving you
updates to the existing exercises now I’m doing this because I didn’t want to
add another series this year because we really do have a lot of exercises that
everybody needs to master before we move on to another series and doing the
different series it really does make a difference because what is happening is
you’re doing one set of exercises and you’re doing them in varying repetition
levels and then when you finish that series and you start a new one it
changes up everything in your muscles and it gives your muscles a chance to
start changing things around so that they won’t plateau and plateauing is the
biggest problem with people exercising because people just do exactly the same
exercise all the time and that does not work that does not work on your face you
have to change the exercises to get the effect and to get the muscles
strengthened and lifted you also have to do a full face routine and there’s no
point just doing one exercise because that is just not going to work because
all of the muscles are interconnected so you will be exercising one set of
muscles while the other muscles are not being exercised so you will either
compact them together or make them fatigued and say so this is the reason
why we do a full face routine the other thing I’m going to be doing is I’m going
to be setting time stamps on the videos now and what that is is when you look at
the video and you look at the little video play bar there’s little yellow
dots on there and that gives you a time stamp so you go to the description box
and there’ll be all these little time stamps as to where you can click to so
you can get straight to the exercise because what happens is that you need to sometimes watch them over and over and I would rather that you just click on the time stamp and it takes you straight to the start of the exercise and then
you’ll be able to learn a lot faster okay so the first exercise in series 1
is the extreme forehead lifter this is an amazing exercise because what this
does is it exercises the scalp and the back of the head
now when you exercise a scalp what happens is it becomes very firm and very
strong and it lifts back your forehead and that is what you want because you
want it lifted from the top and as I was saying all the muscles are
interconnected so when you’re exercising this area or the back of your scalp it
lifts up the forehead because the muscles are connected and as these
tighten it’s going to pull it back so same with every part of your face so
this is what happens here it pulls back the forehead and it gives a lovely
smooth effect on the forehead now even though you have expression lines and you
can still lift your forehead and have those lines all they are our expression
lines okay so if your face is at rest with no wrinkles that’s the effect you
want to get so in the past we’ve used two fingers but as I’ve gone through all
the series have gone through all the exercises myself and as I do them I
changed them slightly and then with those changes I bring them to you and
this is the good thing about it is because I’m actually doing it as well
it’s not like I’m sitting here going oh well you got to guys got to do this and
you got it guys got to go do that and then I go have a facelift or something
it’s nothing like that I’m actually doing the exercises with
you every day I go through all the series I run through the whole program
myself so this is why I know that there’s so many different changes that
can happen with each individual exercise so with this exercise now I would ask
that you use three fingers so you can see the way that my fingers are
configured okay the other thing is that tuck your finger have you have your
fingers in that configuration the other thing is just lay your fingers all the
way along the forehead now when you do this exercise make sure that you’re
using the Press & Plant Technique the Press & Plant Technique is in the
information bar that’s just popped up now at the top right hand corner of the
screen and you can watch that later so using
the person plant technique press firmly drop your shoulders and that’s a really
important thing is to drop your shoulders then lift your brow now as you
do this what you want to do and have the feeling is your forehead is squeezing
together and in doing so this a little muscle up here this muscle up in this
area starts to move and then the muscle at the back they’re SEPA Tullis that
will start to move look carefully at the placement of my fingers now looking here
you can see that my finger is all the way along my hairline okay and I’m
pressing very very firmly as I do that I’m pressing firmly with my middle
finger and I’m pressing firmly with my ring finger……. lift and the only thing that you should feel
moving is a little bit in here just above your brow and you should start to
feel ever so slightly and subtly your scalp moving and that’s the effect that
you want to get okay so we’ll do it one more time watching very carefully where
I’m placing my fingers and how I’m placing my fingers pressing firmly drop
your shoulders and then lift it’s a very effective exercise and I ask
that you go back and watch this again and again to get the technique correct
because once you have your technique correct then you’ll be able to be much
more successful with your exercises the technique used in this exercise is the
pressing plant technique and you will learn how much pressure to put on your
forehead to stop the frontalis from moving the whole thing from moving up
and down because we don’t want that to happen
the only place that’s moving up and down is just here and also your scalp and
activating their super talus if you confused about this please make a
comment in the comment box below and I will do my best to answer it but try to
watch the video and that’s what you need to do you need to watch the video over
and over go back watch it again and be absolutely sure on how I am doing the
exercise the other thing you need to remember with the exercises when you’re
lifting your arms up like this that you need to drop your shoulders okay because
we tend to hunched up and hunched over and I do it myself that’s no doubt about
that I’d do it too so drop your shoulders and be in a comfortable
position when you are doing this exercise okay I hope that’s helped so
you I should be if you’ve started series one this will really help you and as I
said I’ll be doing series one for eight weeks for two months so that I can give
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