hello everyone its Peta from Facerobics today we’re going to be talking about the three part eye exercise in
exercise along with me series one this exercise is the first eye exercise in all
the series and the reason why I chose it to be done this way is for you to get
used to using your eye muscles when you first start facial exercises it’s really
difficult to isolate and understand how to get those muscles moving so this is
the reason why I did it this way when you’re doing this exercise I’ll just
grab Dorian and I’ll show you the muscles that you’re using also have a
look at the schematic it is in the description box below so you can
download it to know what muscles you’ll be using so with this exercise you are
not using the Orbicularis Occuli this Orbicularis Occuli is a very strong muscle
and it enables you to move your eyes and scrunch up your eyes also it’s attached
to the Frontalis and it’s attached to a lot of these muscles here that are
connected to your lip so this muscle helps to lift the corners of your lips
to help you smile but today we’re not going to be using this muscle today what
we’re going to be doing is we’re going to be using our eyelids and the muscles
around our eyelids on the inside so with this exercise all we’re going to be
doing is opening and closing the eyes so before we do the placement I’ll show you
how to open and close the eyes so when you do this exercise you just open and
close and you squeeze ever so gently and you might hear a slight vibration in
your ear and you can also see that I’m not
squeezing like this I’m not doing any of this all I’m doing is opening and
closing my eyes and I’m squeezing my eyelids and my eyelids are flat so what
I squeeze them my eyelids the corners don’t squeeze up they just stay flat and
it’s just a gentle squeeze of the eyelids so get used to doing that first the next thing is placing your hands to
isolate the Orbicularis Occuli hand placement and
finger placement is really important and central to Facerobics exercises
because you use your fingers to isolate the muscles to hold them back and to
stop them from creating wrinkles as you’re doing the repetitions so with
this exercise you use the knuckles of your hands and you tuck them comfortably
into the eye socket now part of the finger is covering this part of the eye
socket right in the corner here so part of this finger here is covering the eye
socket so you can see my fingers are going upwards so that is the direction
that your fingers need to be in when you do this placement so first off is into
the eye socket then curl your four fingers around your brow and then press
firmly and what you should be feeling is the skin and the muscle should be
pulling back into your eye sockets a little bit now don’t press so firmly
that you give yourself a headache or that you’re making massive red marks all
over your face press firmly where it’s comfortable enough to hold back from the
skin and muscles from moving as you do the exercise also place your fingers
just on this part of the brow so you can see how it’s just right on the very very
top of the brow it’s over the top they’re not back here
they’re not back here and you’d be surprised when I say to people place
your fingers over your brow people put them here so we’re putting them over our
brow and we’re placing our fingers over the line of the top of our eye so so
this being a three-part exercise what you need to do in the first part is look
straight ahead and you do the first part 50 times so do it with me close your
eyes and open them and as you close and open them all you should be feeling is a
very very gentle very gentle pulling just very gentle pulling not strong
pulling of that area not stretching of that area just a very gentle pulling
when you close your eyes you can see I’m not going like this I’m not doing any of
that I’m not doing any of that I’m just opening and closing my eyes and when I
close them I squeeze the middle bit that’s all it is
when you do the second part of this exercise again your hands are still in
position all you do is walk up now did you see that movement I didn’t go like
this I didn’t go like this all I did was look up and all you do is look up at a
45-degree angle and then close your eyes again this time you should be feeling
more of your your bottom eyelids moving upwards slightly as opposed to what it
was like when you were looking forward it was the top eyelid when you look it
up it’s the bottom eyelid that you’re feeling more so the next part of that
exercise when you finish 50 repetitions look down at a 45 degree angle and again
open and close and gently squeezing making sure that you are looking down at
45 degrees and no more not on a strong angle because if you look down at more
of a 45 degree angle you will cause stretching of this part of your eyelid
and it can cause damage so you need to make sure that you’re just looking 45
degrees and don’t don’t squeeze your eyelids too hard you can see how I’m
doing it the next part of this exercise is to look forward again is to look
straight ahead and close your eyelids and squeeze gently for 20 seconds and if you hear a bit of a vibration in
your ear that’s fine now you can see I’m not doing this I’m not squeezing my eyes
in this exercise at all when you’re doing a three-part exercise in any of
the exercise along with me series you only do 50 repetitions you don’t go to
the next level and do a hundred repetitions of each you don’t go to the
third level and do a hundred and fifty repetitions of each you only do fifty
throughout all the levels so if there’s a three-part exercise and I say do 50
look straight ahead 50 up and 50 down that means all through the levels okay
don’t try doing any more than that because all we’re doing is getting our
eyes used to moving it’s really interesting because you’ll be very
surprised on how much we don’t actually move our eyes and when we actually start
moving our eyes what happens it starts exercising them and making them stronger
it’s a very good exercise for a beginner so that’s why it is in the first series
and I ask also that if you do get a bit confused about what I’m doing go back to
the video come back to the video here and watch it again and be very specific
about where I’m placing my fingers and what I’m doing with my eyes be very
specific about it now some people tell me that their eyebrows are too low or
they’re too high or their hands are too small your features are in proportion
with your hands so if you’ve got small hands you’ll have small features you’ll
have a smallish face and your hands will fit if you find that your fingers are a
bit short just try to move it comfortably into position and do the
best you can with it that’s all you need to do it’s very very easy to actually
adjust your hands and your fingers to the exercises now guys please do
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