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Jeremy and Kévin Kevin from Nice Kevin from Nice former gym member How old are you ? 29 But on Tinder 24! No I’m kidding Oh friends tonight in the gym with our friend Jeremy who is there little jingle for Jeremy [Jingle] POLIZZI POLIZZI who upset everyone Come on! POLIZZI who will win POLIZZI behind of Vandam! POLIZZI looks seems to me! POLIZZI Sandrine: Come on come on! That’s POLIZZI I’m soon soon 30 years old too I think Kevin is jealous
he didn’t have his little jingle Come on Kevin It’s yours ! Jingle: He’s there ! Jingle: in the first exercice the goal is to achieve the greatest number of muscle up here are the rules 2 points for the winner 1 point for the second and 0 points for the third both shoulders at the same time, 1 both at the same time
I do not know how to do if, if do tell yourself you can go left first come on 2! go pass the left shoulder first 2 come on it’s mine he did 2
I have to do 3 to win here we go or else draw And yeah guys it’s warming up I feel guys they are hot there they are hot they are hot 3 I won ! As if by chance! Kevin: Well done! Your turn Gloudy in the square wrists raised, wrists engaged it’s easier to pass Gloudy embarks on the challenge with us let’s go top! Okay the next time
I will be back Good try never done squats in my life To tell you all go go 1 2 3 4 5 33 The cow ! 34 35 (1 forgot +1 to add) 36 37 38 39 40 The guy ! Well done ! Kevin Horn It’s to you 40 to beat or not Of course 1 2 3 4 and it doesn’t go down, 5 32 I will beat him for sure 34 39 40 41 no ! NO ! NO NO ! NO ! Then he goes down less than you there is less amplitude But he gave everything he had This is Pro’s Youtube! we call back The record is 41 1 2 3 4 38 39 40! 41! 42! 43! 42 and a half we will say Well done ! we have our winner! He’s there ! Not bad not bad not bad! And in addition, he does not fall, he is a warrior.
Jeremy: Long live cycling The warrior Well done well done Get your legs back because we’re going to have a chair contest at the end Chairs competition? It’s horrible It’s horrible second mister is second guys in life i’ve never seen that so I don’t have the technique OK Kevin: I didn’t have the technique Go next good job guys And then we have the right to touch without the square? No Rope climbing competition whoever goes highest because we can’t climb to the top square as soon as the square ends the distance is frozen going it’s good it’s good going well done frankly square it is dead No it’s very good it’s very good it’s very hard to beat that He’s strong, huh? Frankly i think i don’t climb higher I’m not sure either
to climb higher Go i go Well done well done going he set the bar high anyway you say that but … going Ah 2nd try go how far it will go Ah that’s good ! ah he loses the square come on come on you got there there you do not crack! Yes ! Oh lalalalala on top No ! Oh the shit that I am I feel that behind the 2 gymnasts there I’m just going to look like a poop More time to go down than to go up what is this ? I think we would
had to set a time for
the descent too Release everything! ah la la la la la la! you can be proud of yourself I think you won it I’m going to go just to participate after that is evolution Jeremy: but of course we will evolve Kevin: in 2 weeks you will Jeremy: we will change oh I didn’t think I could do it thank you Good game Jeremy: your turn Good game 10 foot in one month it goes up wide the rest in the video part 2 now on the go under the video click on my head following the arrow then subscribe and tick this video
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