There’s really no conference like Exponential Medicine. Buona Sera, Buona Sera. Why do we come here each year? I believe is for the reaffirmation that we are alive during a
time where we can do anything. It’s almost like science
fiction coming true. Thank you for all of you for coming. This is gonna be an incredible four days. We’ve got the cutting edge. What’s happening in AI
Robotics, IT, 3D Printing. We’re all here to look
at what’s possible as we move into the future
of health and medicine. And it’s our responsibility as clever and exponential people to
figure this out quickly. That’s the reality of
what we’re doing here. We’re not just coming on stage talking about crazy, wacky ideas. These are innovations that exist today. So the question is, what is
it that you truly want to do? So we have to go from
preserving people like me in wheelchairs, to standing us up again and having cures for preservation to cure. You can’t practice healthcare
innovate in a silo. You can’t, I’m gonna just solve this problem based on one angle. We need to understand it
from the patient perspective. The pair, the physician,
the nurse, the caregiver. By looking at the
problem from a completely different angle, you start to see entirely new opportunities
to solve that problem. We all are going to have to
break out of this crazy trap, which is the idea of that the
doctor will take care of you. That’s just nuts. But without the diagnosis of a disease, it’s very difficult to get access to well. And well is what we all want to be. So quality of life I think is the key. For no matter how much time you have left. Sometimes as a patient you hope that people are thinking
about your disease and issues that you are struggling with. Prop 71, three billion dollars
for stem cell research, because of us, because we took a stand. It’s incredibly encouraging. I think it means that we
need everyone in this room, everyone listening to this live stream. All the people that you
all are gonna touch. To have this vision for
what the world can be, and to be rowing really
hard in that direction to help make that possible. You know, there’s
nowhere else in the world where you can come and
really get the amount of innovation to transfer
informational innovation that we get here at Exponential Medicine. Personal presentations are unbelievable. I mean wow! Just this constant stream of phenomenal brilliance. Incredibly accomplished folks
doing some amazing things. Have no clue what’s happening
sometimes out of their spheres, and they come
away with some new ideas. New connections, new
collaborations that really help catalyze and kick start
some amazing new initiatives. What we’re really talking about is challenging every
assumption that you’ve had about what’s possible with these kind of very rapidly advancing technologies. We’re all here trying to
make the impossible possible. People should come here if they wanna have more hope for humanity. We’re here at the beautiful hotel Del Cornado in San Diego. It’s like, what’s not to love about it? Then you got these extraordinary
human beings who are hanging around the fires and
having these conversations and banging drums on the beach
and listening to music. It’s just really, really powerful. You suddenly start to
hear in the corridors, yeah well you know, isn’t it interesting. That oh maybe I could. And that kind of maybe I could,
I think, is the real magic. There is no more noble use for technology. Than to bring peace to
the minds of mankind. You’re meeting people who can actually advance in your dreams. We’ve done so many things, but we’re not there yet. I’m not walking, there’s more to do. So I ask you all to take a stand for cure. Take a stand for research, and take a stand so one day everybody can. I thank you. Anybody with an interest in healthcare, who might have a technology
background or not, can come together here at
Exponential Medicine and help catalyze and reimagine the
future of health and medicine. This place is awesome.