Curtin University’s Interprofessional Health
and Wellness Centre is a state of the art clinical training facility. It offers a range of high quality health services
to the local community at an affordable price. Whether you are seeking relief from an acute
or chronic injury or illness, or simply trying to maintain a healthy body and mind, we can
help you achieve your specific healthcare goals. The Centre, based at the Bentley Campus, offers
you a variety of healthcare services. Including clinical psychology consultations
for adults and children, physiotherapy treatment, cardiac rehabilitation, stuttering services
and therapeutic massage. It also offers a nurse practitioner clinic
to support people living with heart failure. Specialised clinical services are available
for people with respiratory conditions and chronic wounds, and those wishing to maintain
healthy lifestyles. The innovative facility boasts the latest
in technology including innovative audio visual equipment and a $400,000 Virtual Environment
Radiotherapy Training System. Patients will be treated in revamped, versatile,
multi-purpose consulting rooms. Treatments are provided by highly trained
students under the supervision of a qualified professional healthcare supervisor. Many of our specialised clinics have been
running for over 40 years and have made a real difference to patients across Western Australia. If you would like to know more about our services,
give us a call today.