There are so many wonderful foods in the world! And sufficient, well-balanced nutrition is
essential for a healthy life. Without it, we can’t get all the
proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and trace elements our bodies require. But what about people who cannot get adequate
nourishment through their diet? Due to illness or old age, for example? Or after an accident? That’s when clinical nutrition therapy helps. We distinguish between enteral nutrition and
parenteral nutrition. Enteral means via the gastro-intestinal tract. It’s for patients whose digestive systems
still function, but who can’t eat enough or can’t chew. Enteral nutrition usually comes as a drink. The first enteral nutrition drinks were actually
developed for astronauts. Enteral nutrition can also be administered
through a stomach tube. Patients whose gastro-intestinal tracts do
not function receive parenteral nutrition. The gastro-intestinal tract is by-passed,
and a parenteral nutrition solution is delivered directly into the bloodstream. Parenteral nutrition comes in many different
forms. With the help of a special backpack, people
without functioning gastro-intestinal tracts can receive their parenteral nutrition even
when they’re out and about. This helps them stay independent. Fresenius Kabi is a world leader in clinical
nutrition therapy, with a wide range of enteral and parenteral nutrition products. For all of them, quality is always our top
priority. We are making sure that people who cannot
eat, or cannot eat enough, still get all the nutrients they need. Fresenius Kabi. Caring for Life.