Hi there! Are you ready to continue boosting your comprehension and understanding real spoken English? Then get a pen get a piece of paper and keep watching this video. I’m Christina and you’re watching Speak Better, Feel Great TV. The place to boost your English and boost your career. Today’s video continues our special interactive exercises that will help you feel more confident about understanding Americans. You ready? First, if you didn’t watch the comprehension exercises from Part 1 in Understanding Real Spoken
English, do it now. Then come back to do these exercises. Go on—it’s really important to do those exercises first. and If you’ve already completed those exercises, let’s start, so you can improve your comprehension now. AND also improve your pronunciation. really fantastic, I know. First, will do short expressions, and then we do complete sentences. After this video, you’ll be on your way to
understanding Americans the way they really talk and making it easier for them to understand you. piece of paper pencil go get them. Here we go I’ll say a short expession and you write what you hear. I’ll say each expression twice. Number 1 Number 2 and number 3 Number 4 Here are the expressions you heard: Number 1 Number 2 Number 3 and number 4 Now say each expression to yourself, or go back and listen again. Then, Put an asterisk in the place of the weak schwa sound, like this: for the expression “a lot of” You wrote: a lot of Now, put an asterik in the place of the weak schwas * lot * Pause the video while you do this for the other expressions and then come back and we’ll check. Here are the answers: How did you do? Now, we’re gonna increase the challenge a little bit. I’ll say 4 short but complete sentences. and you write the sentences that you hear. I’ll say each sentence twice. Here we go. Number 2 Number 3 and number 4 Here are the sentences you heard. Now, pause the video and put asteriks in the place of the weak schwa sounds, Just like in the last exercise. and then comeback to check. Here are the answers: Notice that even without the weak words, you can sometimes globally understand the message, Now sometimes you may think that you globally understand but you might not feel confident about it. That will come with practice. If you want to work specifically on your pronunciation of weak sounds, watch this video again. Pause it where you see the transcriptions with the asteriks and practice saying the sentences. Just replace the asteriks with that’s it for today. If you want to continue boosting your comprehension and your pronunciation, go to and sign up of the speak better feel great newsletter. I’ll send you a free short video every week, which is perfect for improving your comprehension. and improving your English during your lunch break! for example. I’m Christina, from Speak Better, Feel Great TV. See ya next time!