Hi, I’m Alex. It’s workout at work day today,
so OurBupa’s asked me to film some exercises to keep us fit and healthy at work. Exercise
one. In the morning and the afternoon, reach across and pull your arms backwards to make
sure you’re keeping your shoulder blades retracted for good posture. Exercise two. To keep your
upper limbs moving, reaching up to the ceiling, taking your arm across your body and then
placing it to the side. This can be done three times in the morning and three times in the
afternoon, once on the right and once on the left. Exercise three. It’s really important
not only to get your physical health but also your mental health at work. Take time out
during the day to turn away from your computer, close your eyes and think about relaxed breathing
and see if you can quieten your mind. Exercise four. A lot of work places have invested in
stand-up facilities to work at. SO why not take advantage of those. When you’re standing,
think about your posture and you can do exercises such as squats and rises to help lubricate
the lower limb joints and to keep the circulation moving. Exercise five. It’s really important
to keep hydrated during the day. Why not keep a small water bottle by your desk and take
regular sips. If you walk to the water fountain, this will help keep you active and remind
you to stay hydrated.