So Thai Boomerang gives 1 Squadron and
our Super Hornets a chance to come up to Korat and work with the Thai F16 pilots to
improve our integration and our air-to-air capability. Yes so Thai Boomerang is
not just about the aircrew as much as that’s the high profile visible thing
that we’re doing here there’s a lot more going on behind the
scenes with the likes of our logistics, administration teams, and quite
importantly our security forces that are up here working side-by-side with their
Thai counterparts protecting the capability that we have on the ground of
Korat. The language is an incredible one. We
operate in English, we only speak English while we’re flying, but watching how the
Thai pilots operate they’re speaking their second language while doing all
the same missions that we’re doing and it’s impressive. Integration however
between the Australians and the Thais is fantastic.
We fly very similarly, we have very similar personalities, and I guess
approaches to the way we solve the problems airborne. So as I said earlier
it’s not just about the flying it’s about building on the relationships that
we have between Australia and Thailand and that extends beyond here at the
base at Korat. So we’ve been involved with community engagement. We took a
bunch of the 1 Squadron team and the team that are here with 1 Squadron out to
one of the local schools. They put on some great performances, the kids were
dancing and singing. Just being able to I guess engage with more than just the
military side of what we do and actually contribute to the Thai community and
culture as well has been fantastic.