Exercise Referral is a
12-week programme which is available across Lincolnshire where adults can be referred in by
their medical professional suffering from various medical
conditions that would be made better through regular exercise. There’s quite a broad referral
criteria that we now work to. When we started it was just
simply obesity, diabetes, pulmonary conditions,
that type of thing. We now take referrals for
mental illness, post physio, post surgery such as hip
abnd knee replacements disorders such as chronic fatigue
syndrone, multiple sclerosis, and many more things like that.
Certain types of cancer rehabs, and things like that as well. There’s many, many benefits from
exercising itself, and on the surface, people only think
about will they lose weight, but inside our bodies, our body
is born to exercise. it’s born to move, and the
more sedentary we are, the more co-morbidities we will
actually be taking on board. Oh, my health has improved in
more ways than one. the biggest, obvious one to myself is
I feel better in myself. I’ve got all the patience
in the world now. My family say I’m more tolerant. I don’t get out of breath now, I look
forward to going to the gym, where before I started this scheme, if
somebody had mentioned a gym I’d have run a hundred miles. My
overall health is really improved. My health has improved a lot, a
hundred percent really because I can walk a bit further. I’m not as fatigued as I used to be. I sleep better and I’ve
started to eat better, and of course I can socialise with
people here so it makes me happier. Obviously I know the gym
has this stereotype of you know, like a fitness
boot-camp type thing. It’s literally not like that. It’s a friendly, relaxed atmosphere and to be honest,
everyone sticks around you know and reaches their goals. I found the 12-week period that
I first started on so good, so successful, that I went
on to sign up permantly I think the referral scheme is a
fantastic opportunity for people to come in and exercise, get fitter and
reap the benefits of an active lifestyle. I enjoy the actual activities
themselves and also meeting new people. We have a bit of a
laugh at the same time. and generally it’s a way
of socialising at the same time as keeping fit. It gives me the zest for life. I can enjoy time with my
family a lot more, I’m involved in playing with my
children a lot more because I have the energy. So yeah, all round, it’s just great. It’s very simple really. If you’re
thinking about making a change and going on to the referral scheme,
go to see your GP or your nurse and ask them to refer you. It’s a
very simple process. They’ll refer you to your
local leisure centre who will take it from there and guide
you step by step through it so just go for it and
speak to your GP.