hello friends thanks for liking pevious video on varicose veins those who have not watched this video they can watch it form the link given in description box in today’s video i have brought best exercises to get rid of varicose veins so watch this video till end as we have learned in previous video that walk and cycling are very good to cure varicose veins but along with this there are few selective and very effective exercises which can help in getting rid of it very fast so lets know how to do these exercises so lets start lie down on bed and raise your legs by putting three pillows under them keep your legs in this position for 10-15 min. so that blood flows towards heart due to gravity practice this exercise daily best results lie down on floor with foot against the wall now press the wall with toes hold for 10 sec. while pressing the wall and then release repeat this exercise for 8-10 reps. twice daily this exercise increase the strength of calf muscles and improves venous return towards heart and improves varicose varicose veins very fast lie down of floor easily bend one knee like shown and raise one leg to 45* angle now hold the leg for 5-10 sec. and bring it down slowly now repeat the same exercise with other leg this exercise also improves blood flow towards heart and clear stagnated blood fro varicose veins allowing fresh blood to come in lie down on floor easily now bend one knee towards chest hold for 5 sec. and then release now repeat this exercise another leg same way. bed the knee towards chest hold for 5 sec. and then release. repeat this exercise for 8-10 reps. twice daily when you are able to bend knee till 45* then start this exercise take a towel or resistance band to do this exercise properly now bend your leg till 90* hold for 10 sec. and maintain at 90* now bring down the leg slowly now repeat the same exercise with another leg when you maintain this posture it improves the venous return towards heart and maintain a healthy circulation in legs and helps in reliving varicose veins problem very effectively and fast stand straight in upright position you can stand along the wall if required now raise your heels above ground slowly and try to stand on toes you can take help of wall or chair in starting after reaching at maximum on toes maintain this position for 5 sec. and come down slowly do 8-10 reps. twice daily friends the exercises explained till now are very effective and beneficial in the problem of varicose veins and when you will do these exercises you will see magical changes in your problem of varicose just in 7-10 days you will feel you legs quite lighter than before and you will be benefited a lot hope you will make these exercise a part of your exercise plan so friends i hope you like this video if so then give us a like share this video and subscribe our channel by pressing HME on screen thanks for watching this video.