what surprise it is your boys I'll be back with another video and today we're doing another every time I die challenge so today we're gonna be doing every time I die I'm gonna be doing five push-ups I'm quite faster that's the reason I do five only for each jet I probably play a couple of games four games something in that area hopefully at least catch one W that'll be happy and of course every time I die I will go down the fourth take five push-ups go crazy on you guys and it has been requested a couple times as well so this is why I'm doing it if you guys do enjoy these kinds of videos make sure to smash that like button let see if you can hit two likes and of course make sure you guys you support critical since Mother's Kawachi a big shout out to everybody who is using my supportive credit code and let's jump into it if I die three times to the role and I'm like dead on the floor I might stop okay because I haven't taken push-ups in ages oh let's go for it my god baby how oh my god yes the first five push-ups comes early on which might be good if I get a long game going afterwards I don't know how the mic is gonna sound I don't know how the cameras gonna look I tried to make it the best look of course [Applause] easy not the worst experience in my life of course but three deaths in a row off the bat it's killing me slowly but sure so let's go for Al's go for a long game let's go for your W ok what are you guys thinking maybe I can't let's go long let's go mega mall actually mega mall its spot to go I feel it fill it in my wanes guys one game let's go let's do it I could have it easier go to minis let's jump into the next one I'm gonna switch my skin though because apparently the skin isn't doing anything to me I never wear in the skin ever in my life let's do it I'm nice I'll clock this guy I'll clock this guy mega mall mega mall it's about to go up well Isis you five more shall we I wasn't sure that was fire saying that ki oh I forgot to count but it was at least five is now six gay okay guys it's time for Lo and lodge and you guys will be ready to see some music annotation kallu this okay we got it will come people contesting actually I like that I feel so much safer and so much better fighting people and lonely and fighting people at mega malls tilted or whatever take the guyline tower so just push him I feel confident with the Gups I have but also been confident like last game that's freaking go dog even the reaction time of mine is so much better in longer now that that was any crazy good reaction time he headshotted me booted eagle mid-air – easy man I'll do one more game for the boys today last matchup today ok once again guys if you guys do like these type of videos if you have any suggestion to any type of video every time I die I leave them down below the comment section ok please and thank you if you do have a brilliant idea that I can't be straight off of you I'll give you credit for it of course please be a shopkin this was the time I shoulda known that I probably sides let's pop it because you can't stop it I thought I was gonna die there to be honest yeah take it like me not too shabby amass to be honest let's go oh I bought from me yay I got a kale I'll just keep going some people in here yeah there you go he had shot at me 230 meters I get headshotted by a guy with a deagle on a hoverboard mid-air and then a block him and get snaps in the back from 230 meters away if this is not the best game ever I don't know what she's talking about it huh okay last boot shop stole let's do it hopefully you guys did enjoy the video – if you guys did it make sure you guys leave a like subscribe to the channel as always and as always peace out guys have an incredible day you you