(light music) – I used to do a lot of
athletics in high school but that was 10 years ago. – I exercise a lot because I eat a lot and so I exercise so I
can eat whatever I want. – I am doing CrossFit about
five to six times a week and weightlifting one time a week. – I run about two miles once a week, maybe twice a week. – I don’t think I’m quite
as fit as an FBI agent. – I’m afraid of throwing up on camera. – I’d like to pass but I’d
like to be top of the class. I want to beat all these dudes. – To attain a passing score
on the physical fitness test, you must earn at least one
point in each four events and at least a cumulative
score of 12 points. Do we have to fight a
criminal while we do this too? (exciting music) – I think I was 30 for 30 and then the second half I slowed down. so that sucked. – I was trying to do a
sit-up a second but not quite so I’m a failure. – Puking might actually happen. – I had good momentum up top and then the last 20 seconds, my stomach just wanted to eat. (exciting music) – Thought halfway through, oh yeah, I’m just running and I was like, oh, if this was a serious situation, I better turn on the jets. – My legs are on fire. I was just imaging that he was a murderer. – That was the fastest I’ve ever run. Oh my God. Can’t believe I was five seconds off. – Oh, I failed. Fuck. (exciting music) – My goal was 60 and
after that I was like, you met your goal, you’re done. – I got 40 which is respectable. – Hung up on the failure. Can’t see the success. – If I had longer limbs, I’d be killing it right now. (exciting music) – My whole body hurts. It’s all fire and sweat. – I stopped probably twice. I started seeing stars and I didn’t want to push it so hard that I might pass out. – I got 11 minutes and six seconds which actually was faster than I expected because I was kind of gassed
out at the end of this. – I came in at 13:10 which disqualifies me because I got zero points. – I’m really glad to physically be able to get into FBI. – I’m surprised that I
was able to pass the test. – I got 13 points but I failed. – I’m pretty stoked that I was able to pass half of the test. – I think I would take my
physical fitness more seriously. I mean, this was fun. I feel like I got a good workout. – And I guess I’ll continue to not have a gym membership because it seems like
it’s working out for me. – I’m going to start challenging myself to set better goals and expectations, meet and surpass those so thanks FBI. – I got to work on my cardio, got to work on my speed. I feel like I could get there. – If anybody from the FBI is watching, I’ve never done drugs and I’m available to be hired. (light music)