things out on the floor but have no idea how to prepare for that this is going to be a very interesting test we are under way the athletes are being told right now work until I tell you to stop by their judges they don't know the movements that are ahead of them their judges will inform them at every station Matt Fraser is the overall leader looking for his third straight title of fittest man on earth he has a ninety two point lead on second place played for Kowski look at the way that this guy works he finally has that cushion that he's used to so I think right now we're gonna see Matt go when he does look at the way he's movement looking side to side he wants to know how hard everyone is going right next to him and he's got the right people to choose from now print fikowski we call him the professor because he's a pacing in a strategy master how do you strategize and pace when you have no idea we have to come on pickle it's gonna be very engine interesting to see just how hard he decides to push himself here hookans Homburg now I tell you what this guy has been extremely interesting throughout this entire 2018 Reebok CrossFit Games competition only one real bad fall in that paddle a bit didn't seem very calm they work worse you have way more endurance and conditioning that I've seen a bigger athlete out so I think it's gonna be fun to have to use for him to use Matt as that rabbit just kind of stay right on the shoulder the entire time they need to complete 35 calories on that skier the great Kenny and con Porter are the first two men on to the burpees again they just found out what they have to do they do not know the repetitions have his Pat Filner who is moving on to the burpees they need to touch that strap with every repetition Zarkon Porter and Craig Kenney there at the far end of the field they are your leaders they have to complete 30 repetitions now here's what's happening with all these athletes they are not close what they need to do or they're just hope go until I tell you to all you have it to use as a moniker for anything is the athlete next to you so if you see someone that's actually moving to the next position now you know you're coming in too close and now you know that you can really turn on the gas we saw fikowski there in the pit and the pink pants who really does not even have to jump on these burpees sorry Matt Fraser I know you don't like to talk about the heights on this one but that's simply not in your favor the male athletes were sequestered from any view of the field while the Willman competed so they were unaware of the parameters of this event to further enforce the unknown the women were taken out from one exit and the men were brought in from a different entrance also the reps and weights have chained for the men here in chaos thank you Mike so mat Fraser just needs to hold off the two guys right next to him and if you think about what what pukowski has usually when your toddler athlete burpees are your enemies now because he doesn't have to do any sort of a jump it's actually working in his favor the tempo of these two athletes is exactly the same the card order out of Australia is the first man to now the single arm overhead squats with a 50 pound dumbbell and they need to complete 45 wow that is great Kenny look at that with this that's not very good McGee suited for a pot he's got to be careful that with the rep CD that's coming up Lucas homework right now a head of that freezer good news robe whereas he tries to pick up points on the overall leader now Brent fikowski has left Matt Fraser behind as well and the punts were these other athletes like Bukowski coming up as he gets a look at Hope Burke and go okay I know exactly what I have to do next I saw a dumbbell out there but I didn't know what we need to do now you know that it's overhead squats forty-five repetitions and I'm Porter is your leader he is at the very top of your screen among that mass of humanity he is through 25 now 46 of those forty five repetitions back velder has had all kinds just bad breaks throughout this competition but he is still in contention for a spot on the podium fourth place overall now you saw him make that switch he is a smart competitor not just a resilient competitor have you seen with all those buns and bruises had but smart he doesn't know the number that he has to do but he made that switch again before he needed you so switch it early maybe he has to do 100 he doesn't know so if you switch it early not takes you long that's gonna play to your favor I'm Porter just about done with his overhead squats and he is finished and Porter will be the first man to move on to the next movement one-legged squats otherwise known as pistols he is now basically at the halfway point of this event and he needs to complete 40 of the repetitions alternating legs now for watch time he's standing up at the judge ahead judging coming over to make sure the judge is gonna be looking for Cole Sager is the other man on the one-legged squats and that poor man moving on to the third movement here in offense number nine there are four events today for the men they've already done one this is the second two more await them tonight inside the Coliseum Sunday the final day of competition no overall leader Matt Fraser who gets in to the one-legged squats just ahead of bread fikowski if a Kowski and hope burg the men right next to Matt Fraser wanna pick up points on Fraser they've gotta beat him by a pretty wide margin bread four counts he's 92 points back the better you do in an event the more points you receive look how fast Matt is going on those pistols very quick rapid-fire he's not coming up and taking a breather he's immediately the next squad that's how he's going to make up distance on coal and caught up at the up at the front of this fraser right now is tenth in the heat he's through 20 of those 41 legged squats khan porter is your overall leader in this heat in this event he is now done with the pistols in palm quarter at the left of your screen moving on to the posture brokers they will tell them now how many they have 25 repetitions on this box up and over and then they have to pull the slug to the finish line 42 inches on that block call Sager Cody Anderson and Alex Anderson and that are the green tank top in the pink shorts and now Pat fell into the blonde headed man in the sunglasses there's Matt frozen who is starting to move up the standings here in this event right now phrases at night so what just happened this is a very paul box for these athletes 42 inches so if you are not a talker athlete it's not gonna play to your favor and on top of that we just did a whole bunch of overhead squats pigeon so that's taken I love you to have to have that explosiveness to get up over that box now bread fikowski has moved to the box jump ropers fikowski comes in second place overall that's exactly where he finished last year of the 2017 Reebok CrossFit Games earning a silver medal [Applause] Pat Felder is making quick work of these box jump overs of velmer is fighting with Khan quarter for the lead in the event nice I love the way that when he comes off it to immediately turn around and go right back up is not a long pause at the bottom turn and go this is the fight for the lead Khan Porter on the left out of Australia at Pat velmer on the right out of Canada Felder third place overall the CrossFit Games the last two years and look at the difference in the tempo between these two athletes that's why Pat was able to make up the distance and it's going to keep himself and push himself up into that lead Felder has just three to go he's through 23 now of those 25 repetitions meanwhile mat Fraser is starting to fall back as he now sits in 14th in this heat that is great news for everybody chasing him now moving on to the slug 400 pounds and he has got to drag and give his feet into that blue pain at the end of the field so we balloon one of these guys legs out on the last three movements and this is an absolute cherry on top so Pat's has had to keep his head down keep that lean look at that drastically that's a lot of men if you look up at the top sacks and panacek again a very strongly you got use your body weight as much pop book drive with those legs Saxon panchik is on the Latsis older brothers competing on the field as well that's Scott panchik and he is fighting with Pat Beltre right now but Felder is way out in front and has that finish line Within Reach better a few steps to go and ten failure conquers the chaos when lanes of n9 look at this guy man huge event win for Patrick zelner as he will pick up 100 points and now it's a mad dash to the first line Saxon panchik is in Alex Anderson Lukas Hobart close Sager Matt Fraser fikowski badly we've seen this before Fraser gets in ahead of fikowski by about six tenths of a second no Austin Mitchell Stephenson more men coming across the finish line now Scott panchik is in the mat Fraser will hold on to his overall lead as he gets in ahead Brent fikowski but Lucas hokberg will be able to pick up points on Fraser [Applause] more men coming across the finish line Frederika gibbous branded look at James Newberry Elliot Simmons Rasmus Anderson is indeed Linder Layton and then Willie George this is a dream move Miller who won the opening event on Wednesday the criterium bike race Roy Gamboa Craik any new rank are are in Shaun Sweeney finishes 27th it's fast and furious now as Josh bridges one of the fan favorites here at the CrossFit Games in the cross one minute to go before we hit the 12-minute time cap there's only two men who are not three men make that more not on that slug Ethan Helbig a wookie just crossed the finish line [Applause] and that is siglo from Australia being pulled off an epic comeback at the regional competition that's a qualifying event to the classic games down in Australia to get himself here the Madison and he is in and now Ben Smith we won the 2015 CrossFit Games his younger brother Alec also in the field Logan Collins and this is where it's not fun to be a smaller guy that's 400 pounds and he's dragon Alex Smith Ben Smith's younger brother is the man in the top portion of your screen and they will not make it as the chaos comes to a close and Pat Felder takes the event and will pick up 100 points as he looks to work his way into a top three spot [Applause] second career event win for Pat donor and these guys came out on the floor not happy to get the idea what to expect look at these guys what the heck have we gotten ourselves into but we start right off they knew they had a skier they knew they could go for it all these guys on the floor very powerful with this move burpees were next a very common move nothing technical although if you're Brett Bukowski use your height here advantage but then all of a sudden Kahn Porter pulls himself out to the lead wasn't smashing the field on the overhead squat same thing hit the pins basically by himself then he got to the box jumps now get him if you were tall on the sefirot it pays to be tall if you weren't then you have to work moving hard as the mat had his work cut out for him the Pat builder today way see with this guy so calm so consistent on those box up overs no slowdown Obama and then once he got himself onto that slug he just held on paid attention to where everybody was and grind was grinding all the way through every single step didn't slow down a huge win for path builder and man I'm impressed more and more with this guy that builder keeps himself in contention for a spot on the podium as he picks up the win in 100 points Saxon panic Alex Anderson Lukas Homburg and Cole Sager rounding out the top five that Villandry you'll event winners with my carcinoma Pat that performance will put you on the precipice of the podium as we headed into another event here on Saturday the 2018 Reebok CrossFit Games you have a very calm easygoing demeanor how does that approach help you on the event where it's unknown and unknowable I think that it's kind of this sort of event is what CrossFit is all about right what they say and they want to prepare you for anything I mean there's a lot of anxiety in the back I think everybody pictures the worst-case scenario of their weakness is showing up in whatever but it was a fun event I think it's cool to win that and feel like you really I know how to read your body and do all the movements and no matter what they throw at you you're ready for it and speaking of worst-case scenario you've had an interesting week so far in the first event you had an issue with your bike yet to get a replacement and then on the obstacle course you fell off the cargo net how are you feeling right now after taking a tumble then having to get checked out by the medical team good enough to win this event so it's all I need you know I'm alright I mean I wish I could put together a smoother run and make my life easy for once but I mean if I have nothing else I've at least proven that I'm able to take the knocks and keep doing well so I'm happy to be that guy for now and now hopefully the rest of the weekend goes a little smoother we still have a few more events to go this weekend how is the body feeling overall after a grueling starts so far to the CrossFit Games everyone saw I like you everyone's butts are still sore for Wednesday like anybody who tells you otherwise is lying to your face but I mean at the end of the day we're all in the same boat and we've all got to do the same workouts and that's what it's all about is who can stick it out for the whole weekend and stay prepared to fight through an entire week there's a lot of points on the board available on Saturday and Sunday so if you pack up early it's you're not gonna do very well it's about keeping your head up and keep fighting through the weekend thanks Pat see you tonight thanks very much advil dur will not go away and he is knocking on the door as far as a spotter the top-three is concerned nine events are down two events are down on day number three and it was chaotic in chaos the 2018 Reebok CrossFit Games roll off