The problem is,
the Trump administration is allergic to facts. TV REPORTER:In a piece for
Washington Post,the White House challenged
the expected CBO score,
arguing “The American people
and Congress
should give this prediction
little weight.”
The COB doesn’t even capture
those individuals who say to
the federal government, “I don’t want the plan
that you think I need, I want the plan
that I know I need.” We really think
that the CBO estimate -should stick to their
budgetary numbers, -Right. and not try to forecast the
number of people on insurance. TV REPORTER:The White House
put out a 45 second spot
attacking the Congressional
Budget Office
for being inaccurate.The video, which was deleted,shows a misspelling of the word
Like, I feel like the whole
point of saying “inaccurate” is that you would spell it…
I mean… At the same time,
though, I feel like all of Trump’s spelling errors are sort of a metaphor
for his presidency. You know? Liberals are, like, “Aah!
He can’t even spell a word!” And most people are like,
“Yeah, who cares? We use emojis now, man.” Like, most people don’t care
about Trump’s spelling. What they do care about is whether they’ll have
health care next year. And instead of focusing
on the numbers, Trump’s team
says we should focus on what we… believe. Let me be clear–
President Trump and I believe the Senate health care bill
strengthens and secures Medicaid for the neediest in our society. We believe we’re gonna be able
to cover more individuals on this bill
than are currently covered. Now, I know that’s
counterintuitive to folks that have been
reading other headlines, but the goal is to get
every single American covered and have access to the kind
of coverage they want. Yes, we believe everyone’s
going to be covered. Some by insurance, some by the sheets that
the coroners place over them because they can’t
afford health care. Yeah. And, by the way,
if you can’t afford the sheet, the coroner’s just gonna
cover your eyes. “Don’t look. Don’t look.
Don’t look. Don’t look. -Look now.”
-“Aah!” “No, don’t look, don’t look.” Now, the CBO clearly doesn’t
believe in the power of dreams, uh, because, unlike
straight Tim Gunn over here, their numbers show that around
22 million fewer people will have insurance
under this plan. And they’ve come to that
prediction with data and statistical models, which are, by far, Trump’s
least favorite type of model. So, although Mitch McConnell
wants to push this through as fast as possible,
the CBO’s numbers, which are expected
later this week, will will definitely
slow him down. Yeah. What also doesn’t
help Mitch McConnell is that not all Republicans are on board with this faith-based approach
to reforming health care. Mitch McConnell,
the Senate majority leader, needs 50 votes
to get this thing passed. There are 52 Republicans
in the Senate. Two of those
are already hard no’s. Uh, Susan Collins of Maine and Rand Paul of Kentucky. If he loses another vote,
this bill dies. Does Senator…
Senate majority leader McConnell have the votes
to pass this revised bill? You know, I don’t think,
right now, he does. You know, on some level,
you-you have to be impressed that Mitch McConnell
and his friends have written a bill so bad that their own party hates it. The only question
is, when-when something is so deeply unpopular, how could you possibly
make it worse? REPORTER:Senator Ted Cruz
has authored an amendment
to the Senate GOP
health care bill.
My man. REPORTER 2:Cruz’s amendment
would allow insurers
to sell cheaper plans
with fewer benefits.
REPORTER 3:The nation’s largest
insurers released a letter,
calling the Cruz proposal
unworkable in any form,
and saying it would increase
premiums for those
with pre-existing conditionsand lead to widespread
terminations of coverage.
Ju-Just so you understand,
up to this point, insurers have been pretty quiet about the Republican
health care plan. But as soon as Ted Cruz
chimed in, they were all like, “This is
the worst possible idea. “We didn’t even read it,
we just saw “it was named after Ted Cruz,
and we had to speak up. “Like his face, it is unworkable “in any way, shape or form. “People will die. -People will die.”
-(cheering, applause) So, to sum up, the CBO says millions fewer
people would have insurance with the Senate
health care bill. Moderate Republicans hate it
for not covering enough people. Conservative Republicans hate it
for covering too many people. Insurance companies hate it,
Republican governors hate it. The American people hate it.
Yet somehow, it is still possible
the bill could pass without any hearings or debate. Or, at least,
that was the case… until the Republican
health care reform plan was stopped by irony. A vote on health care
was expected to take place this week,
but, now, a delay. Senate majority leader
Mitch McConnell sayshe will give
Senator John McCain time
to recover from a surgeryto remove a blood clot
from his eye.
With McCain gone, they simply
did not have the votes to even bring this bill
to the Senate floor. That’s right– this bill
is looking so bad right now that even Republican senators
are like, “I better get
all my procedures done now “before we pass this thing. Because, after we’re
done with it, who knows?”