Well, I went vegan a few years ago, after being vegetarian for years. And I was vegetarian because of animals, because I didn’t agree with killing animals or exploiting them. And I didn’t understand veganism, I thought they were all nuts and I thought it was too restrictive of a lifestyle. That’s really what my perception of it was. And then, a few years ago, I started meeting more vegans and activists and gained more interest in that side of things, and was always asked “Why are you not vegan?” I started to research that and learned about those things and the more I read, the more horrified I was by what was going on and the more I realised ‘that isn’t me’, I need to be vegan, I am vegan in my soul. So I transitioned to veganism. For me, veganism, is just about equality, it’s about recognising that just because something is different, doesn’t mean you should exploit it or use it, and it’s not it’s not… it doesn’t mean that you have more right to life than an animal does. Because I see that, I think humans were threatened by diversity you know, even with other people… People of different faith and people of different colours… Anything that just… that is too different from us. We feel threatened and we want to kind of crush it or destroy it. And I think, you know, humans are protected, we have laws in place for that and all humans look human, but animals are just a little bit too different. And I think that’s the only reason why people think it’s okay to exploit them, but I personally don’t believe diversity is a good enough reason for exploitation. I think they can teach us about ourselves, and I think life is precious and… that, yeah, as I say, their lives aren’t worth less than us. I mean, I might value my mom’s life more than a cow but that doesn’t mean that the cow’s life is worth less, it doesn’t mean… I mean, fortunately I don’t have to choose between them. They can both co-exist and I think to me veganism is about co-existing peacefully. And I also think, like, people often say to me “Why do you care so much about animals? Why can’t you care more about people?” and it’s like, this is for people as well, you don’t even have to be an animal lover. Because veganism, it benefits the planet so much we have all the facts that the animal agriculture industry is destroying the planet, it’s the… has the greatest adverse effect on the planet and also choosing a vegan diet, which we have we have available to us, that can have the greatest impact. That’s part… As an individual, you can have the greatest impact on on reducing climate change and reducing global warming through a plant-based diet. So, yeah, as I say I think it’s a people t hing as well. And erm… There’s simple steps you can take, so I encourage everyone to try ‘The Vegan Society’s 7 day vegan challenge’. Plate up for the Planet and do it with your friends, you know, get people involved, really dive in and learn about it and support each other. It will be fun. The best advise I got when I went vegan was to focus on crowding out animal products from your diet. So don’t think of it as restrictive or deprivation because it’s absolutely not that. It’s about adding in new vegan foods. You know, there’s lots of meat substitutes and there’s cheese alternatives, there’s chocolate alternatives, there’s everything. So focus on adding in new plant based products before you lose… you know, before you take everything out. And you’ll find that it is a very abundant, joyful lifestyle and it’s not about sacrifice. I would also say, get your friends involved and join communities, join a vegan group or even something like following vegan people or vegan businesses online, so it becomes your norm, because I think a big problem about being vegan is you feel like the odd one out. You feel like an alien. And nobody wants to feel like, they’re the outcast or they’re not involved in the fun. Especially as food is such a sharing thing, so yeah, get friends together and maybe have a vegan potluck. Use it as a chance to experiment and that’ll make it a lot more fun and a lot more normal and you won’t feel like such a weirdo.