– Hey guys, Robby here from CSFB Nutrition at Crossfit South Bend. Today we are gonna talk
about how a nutrition coach can help you establish and
maintain healthy habits. So one of the key things that
I always mention to people when it comes to nutrition coaching is that knowledge is not enough. If I had told you everything
you needed to know about proper nutrition, for 99%
of people that would not be enough for them to
actually go out and do it. So a huge part of what
a nutrition coach does is actually help you make
those things that you know you should do, an actual habit. One of the ways we do that
is with a food journal. So we help you establish
certain habits, like going to bed by 10 p.m, or eating
a vegetable at every meal. And again, it’s not enough
to know these, you have to demonstrate them repeatedly,
you have to get that habit and consistency. One of the things that science
has pretty conclusively shown is that if you were
trying to establish a habit, it takes a minimum of 67 days. So none of our nutrition
coaching programs are less than three months for
precisely this reason, because we wanna help
you establish a habit and then keep it for
the rest of your life. So that’s gonna take a lot
of practice and consistency, its not gonna happen if you
just do it for one or two weeks. In addition to that, we can
help you figure out what to do when these habits get off track. Let’s say you’ve been
consistent for three weeks, but then you go out and you
travel or you’ve got a stressful situation going on, or
there’s a special occasion. What do you do then? How do you get back on the
wagon, and how do practice and re-practice getting back
on the wagon multiple times. Again, it’s not gonna
happen if you just know what to do or you’ve done this once or twice. It has to happen
consistently and repeatedly, just like with training in a
gym, this is what a coach is there for, we are there to
help you establish that habit initially but then gain that
consistency and build on it, so that you’re always challenging
yourself and establishing new healthy habits once those initial ones have been established. Hopefully now you’ve got
a good sense of how a nutrition coach can help you
establish healthy habits. Thanks so much for tuning
in, we’ll see you next time.