hey guys how's it going to boycott leo here bringing you back another video this is my stamina necromancer pvp build now this is a heavy armor build I worked really hard on this I hope you guys do enjoy I showed you guys the fully buff statue at the beginning I will be showing you fully buff stat sheets for front and back bartender this I will put that down in the comments obviously so let's go ahead and hop right in first I were running is truth if you don't know what truth does when you set off balance gives you weapon damage really really good no cooldown necromancer has the easy off balance but I'll get to that in just a little bit we are running a mall nerd hone with weapons spell damage and channel in the front back while ruining Black Rose prism dual wilt if you don't know if this does gives you a major protection with play cloak really you want to use this when you know burst is coming super super good I don't have it perfected if you do you'll just have more stammer cover in the back bar if you don't like me the bill works perfectly fine without it – ahem earning bow Lords reason why is because the damage is a little bit lower on this build if you don't want to run bow looks or you don't have it feel free to throw it Blood spawn and run another weapon damage enchant on the jewelry and run the warrior mundus because you'll have plenty of sustain with blood spawn we are running too well fitted pieces as well truth on the body so like I said earlier this is a heavy armor build with triglyphs here another well fit piece here you do need a heavy head and shoulders of your monster home of your choosing this is why the third says bone pirate running this on the waste hands and jewelry if you know what bone pyre does when you have a drink you get max dam and stand recovery really really good set really balanced I like it a lot another try cliff here on the legs like I said here we're running two weapon damages once dam recovery if you don't have Val orcs throwing another weapon damage enchant too easy run this infuse if you like the max dam on this build is fine even without this being robust but I like my max dam pretty high so that's why I kept a robust just what the character she looks like this is everything I'm buffed like I said you guys use our do you think fully buffed stand recovery is really really high on this build reason being is because I am a what elf so that's why the Sam recovery is looking sixty-four port and Sam obviously running the serpent like I said no battle orgs on warrior it's going humming to skills this is the ability that sets all balance as you see every third cast of disability will say all enemies hit off balance most the time it doesn't take the third hit I've noticed I'm pretty sure it stacks with other necromancer abilities could be wrong but as far as I'm concerned it usually doesn't take three the heal all this is really really nice as well and it hits decently hard nothing to you know you know that is gonna rock the bank but it's still pretty good we're running rally yes we're running rally and heavy out when we get to the back bar I'll show you how this is possible reverse life's blast bones dizzy swing you dis is a flex pot right here you can rent something else here if you want to use psifas your spammable but the size just doesn't hit hard enough to be a spammable for me so that's why I'm runnin dizzy also this is a stunt running Dom breaker here back bar running race against time now to me this was the biggest and best change of L's wire reason being is because it allowed Magica bills to have a snare removal all of them and it also gave Stan builds the use of heavy armor without having to use for momentum so your heels are really really nice and you're not just completely relying on troll King for heavy armor builds and such and you also have a snare removal you also get movement speed and critical damage and you just have speed pretty much all the time on this build we're running summoners are more obviously this is our major ward and resolve so you'll need this resolving vigor quick cloak this is why we're into Black Rose prison so you need disability rating slashes this is also a flex spot you can run detonating siphon here but like I said I don't like the corpse gameplay so I stuck with raining flashes ravenous Goliath we're running this morph because we're not we don't have anything to bash so we're not trying to make any bash bill this bill to me helps you survive a lot better when you're surrounded by enemies and you're getting Zerg down because it does do lifesteal so basically you're just unkillable with this up and you could do your full rotations and you have bowel orgs up while you have this so you have crazy crazy damage while in it as well now I said it earlier but in case you didn't hear I am a wood elf for this build what elf is the best because necromancer's really really struggle with sustain so you get this right here automatic 258 stand recovery necromancer's also get help with health so you don't have to worry about your health being too low at all even though your what elf and overall to me this was the best race especially for this build it's going hop into CP like I said guys not much to explain here just go ahead and pause the video if you need to see specifically how where I put what at only thing really important to mention is the tactician passive which is actually in this tree right here this is the other way to set off balance and that's also why we're wearing well-fitted pieces when you roll dodge you set enemy off-balance this is good especially for ranged opponent so you can't just you know get the Sipho one or really really like roll dodgy type people that you can't get the cyclone on and so tactician helps that off-balance there's also no cooldown on truth so with the scythe and with this passive you're pretty much setting off balance at all times but to get it you have to run 120 in this tree 73 here 48 here we'll get you what you want like I said just like this since we are running two well fitted pieces you can put more here if you'd like but 2500 crit resist seems to be fine for me so that's why I stuck with this and this is about it so that is the build guys I hope you guys did enjoy like I said I did work really hard on this build I took my time on those bills and I really really looked at what the necromancer had to offer and was able to do there will be gameplay after this there walls to be both fully buff stat sheets as I mentioned earlier so that will be shown in just a little bit like I said guys thanks for watching I appreciate you all this is the stamina necromancer build by the way if I didn't mention it last week I still am on the same like opinion with it I am still disappointed in the class but I'm still working with other builds seeing what else could possibly even work but right now this is what I found it'd be the absolute best and it working out really really 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