hello everyone I'm all for here very happy with this video to introduce to you to my latest creation our stamina Templar now stamina Templars have never owned one are never used and I've only just started using them for the past couple months and I must confess I've fallen in love with this class not that I will ever put down my magic a Templar have been playing for over well since day one still loved on classes still love that build my Conqueror build but lately I've been playing a lot more with this one he pumps out an incredible amount of damage its bursty it's survivable is God really good sustain and I'm gonna show you two versions of this build one for small scale or group play and another one for solo and but and no CP campaigns or battlegrounds so no CP environment but let me get started with race I think the best race for this build is orcs and not only do you get max done and max health bonuses but you get this Swift warrior passive which is very very good not only does it give you weapon damage but it also reduces the cost of spring by 12% increasing your movement speed as well by 10% while you sprint so this is right ideal for the play style that I did I have an idea for the builder I'm gonna show you in a moment so let let me first show you my humble character sheet now you you might look at it and think wow this is this is rubbish rubish stats but actually I'm wearing to proc sets and when both of them proc I can get my weapon damage up to 6k and they're not too unreliable proper Proc sets either they are sets the pro quite often in quite easily so you will find it's quite easy to get your weapon damage up to six K but anyway I'll show that in a moment my let's look at my start spools my Magica is very healthy it's great for race against time and it's great for cleansing my maximum health is just over 26 K in Serie Dell and my max stamina I know it's low for a stamina build but when you've got 6 K weapon damage you know that's the amount of weapon damage it just makes up for it so easily stamina recovery dirt just over 1200 1261 but you've got to add to it 240 stamina recovery thanks to restoring focus and I've got slotted repentance ok so that's gonna be one of your major sources of sustain now you're gonna be surrounded by bodies all the time because of the amount of damage that this bill pumps out so you will not struggle to sustain weapon critical weapon critical actually goes up by quite a bit on your front bar you've got forty seven point seven K and on your back bar fifty-seven point seven percent so amazing crit chance numbers we regards to spell and physical resist when I'm on my defensive bar on my back but now it's 25 K each but then you've got two and just over six K I think it's 6.5 K there you get from blood spawn so that takes you up to 30 over 32 K 31k each which is basically like wearing five heavy piece which is crazy because I'm only wearing five medium so yeah I am as stanky as in full heavy but I'm not wearing full heavy I'm wearing medium and then very healthy create resistance right there for my Mundus I've got the Serpent's stamina recovery bonus this because I've I've dropped what is it called dubious Cameron throw thrown because it's not working anymore it's been buffed quite a lot instead I'm using spring loaded infusion I'm going to show you later so yeah these are these are my stats for those of you who would not believe I can reach this kind of weapon damage I'm just gonna put a screen shot right up right now you can see 5423 weapon damage we continuous attack it goes up to 6 K now let me move on to the juicy bit let me start off with the baseline okay the set that I use in either CP or no CP environment and this is Valda returns now well Dara tense is one of the most underrated sets in the game it's very cheap it's very easy to obtain very very cheap to buy gives you a weapon damage physical resistance you might think that's not great but when you're wearing you know five piece medium armor you you will want to wear that actually no I'm getting it wrong I'm wearing yes five piece medium and two piece heavy and I'll show you in a moment because Valda returns only comes in heavy pieces of god the jewelry and then chest and legs so anyway when you're wearing five medium you want that extra physical resistance you could have had it you could have had healthy could have had stamina maybe those would have been a bit better but it's not bad at all but really it's the fifth bonus fifth piece bonus stuff is quite juicy to me when you deal damage you have a 10% chance to increase your weapon damage by four hundred for five seconds now that 10% chance applies to any form of damage and we have got so many dots going with this build apart from my jobs we've got dots going with blood-crazed on my bah-bah we've got poisons any form of damage okay the dot on your Dom breaker anything can as a 10% chance to proc this which is basically all the time honestly this will be up on cooldown the other set is briar heart now some people will think why aren't you using ravager well I'm not using ravager for a very very simple reason ravager is really hard to proc let me just show you right Ravager weapon create max health weapon damage when you do melee damage you have an 8% chance to increase your weapon damage by 622 for 10 seconds this effect can occur once every 10 seconds now you get more weapon damage after this one okay this is this is like alchemists on Prozac but the 8% chance is just no good because it only applies to melee damage now melee damage on this build is almost non-existent basically your light attack your heavy attack and your I don't know the initial hit of your door break it's very few things okay so jobs don't count it is melee but it's not it's not it doesn't proc ravaging burning light doesn't proc it it's so hard to come in when he proxies grey but it hardly ever procs your dots don't pro case so yes it's not reliable and when it the choice I am always for reliability Briah heart it gives you weapon critical max stamina weapon critical and then he says when you deal critical damage and you've got plenty of crit damage going on because I can get it up to fifty seven point seven percent alright so yeah I've got crit damage going on from from everywhere it could be my dots it could be my direct attacks it could be my my poisons anything really can proc can plot this and and again this one will be up almost on cooldown when you're going to in offensive it's and especially if you're hitting with your jobs more than one play come on this one will be up all the time increasing your weapon damage by 439 for ten seconds and not only that while that is active your critical strikes heal you for 595 health now you've got heal over time through your race every time you activate blood-crazed you get the heal over time from blood-crazed itself and then you he you get this heal over time for 15 seconds to you stack all of these off and then you pop a viga it you are a back to full health in no time so this is just phenomenal Briah fantastic poison I've got these random crown lethal poisons on my on my bat bar you can use whatever poison you want and then blood spawn blood spawn gives makes it tanky it gives you stamina recovery it gives you ultimate region which makes sure that you'll don't break a resolve all the time it's just phenomenal this it is it's just it's just brilliant so I've got two heavy piece my chest and my legs everything's impenetrable everything else is medium I've got Tristar enchants on my on my large pieces or head chest and legs traits I've got infused for my Malka small already penetration 20 percent penetration and now you might want to change these these two donkeys into something else on their axes or or malls or swords that there are better options I'm using these because I just borrowed them from my stamina saucer a PvE tune but yeah I'm gonna buy them that I've just not been bothered as a blade and I like the extra rating at about 57% it's amazing it really helps out and then I've got ah I've got robust on my jewelry with weapon damage all the way we regards to my consumables I've dropped dubious camera and thrown because it gave me rubbish starts particularly the health pool was too long and I moved to spring-loaded infusion great great great drink that basically works as a Tristar food or my potions you can use either a try rest of portion door I've got quite a large magical pool so I don't really need that really what I used the most is essence of immovability it's just it's just great it makes me immune to knock backs and disabling if that's all ok gives me a move ability for over 10 seconds gives me health give me stamina gives me stamina recovery yeah it's just just incredible really good gives me also a boost to my health recovery so yeah great great little pot that one now if you're interested in no CP environments no CP campaigns battlegrounds or solo play where you need more stamina recovery more sustain then the only thing that you've got to do is to swap briar heart for bomb pirate this will change your stats in this way you've got a lot more much stamina 37 and a half k a lot more stamina recovery over 1600 stamina recovery and you still have quite decent weapon damage okay thanks to again valdaire it ins so there you go my hands glow red 4429 weapon damage with a 40.3% create chance it's really really great so excellent stats indeed you will not run out of juice in CP environments and battlegrounds especially since you're gonna be surrounded by dead bodies all the time now let me move on with the skills first off and this is phenomenal when is Anna marks announced the change to these skills I was so excited because he works so well with this build I this is the first time ever and I play since day one this is the first time ever that I don't use a ball on a stamina character because I've always been keen on on on major expedition now now with race against time not only do I again major expedition but when I activate this ability I remove all snare any emos violations from me granting myself also immunity to all that stuff for two seconds this is phenomenal this is this is such a great skill and on top of that I also get minor force for 12 seconds which increases my crit damage by 10% and this one over 50% of its damage is crit damage it's just phenomenal it's just absolutely unbelievable great grace I mean see check and check out how fast I run and look at my my stamina bar I'm just not running out of juice it's just incredible so whoopee but I really hope they're never gonna nervous then I've got rally repentance for sustain both active as I repent bodies but also passively as I get mine fortitude endurance and intellect while I'm on well it's is slotted so magical stamina and health recovery bonus of 10% then we've got jobs what I love about the stamina version of jobs is that it gives you major savagery all you know for eight seconds so that saves me a slot it saves me using create pods it's just good it's just incredible it's the stamina more for this of this skill is phenomenal binding javelin my heart's done and and then don't break her or smiting phenomenal phenomenal skill on my back that bar of God restoring focus for major resolve and major ward and the one I'm in it just like the magic aversion it increases the spell and physical resistance it grants by 50% vigor extended ritual for cleansing blood-crazed I really like the heal over time if you want to slow down your opponent's use the other do them off and then power of the light I have it on my back because that's the first thing I apply I'm gonna show you the rotation in a moment you can really set yourself up for bursts with this one on your back bar and so every time it expires you reapply it and you reapply your blood-crazed and then temporal guard for my ultimate I use it only in sticky situation when I have to kind of teleport back to a position and and and and passively it just gives you many major minor protection reducing the damage I take by 8% so what you want to do is obviously fully buff up than power all of the light then blood-crazed you cancel swap okay like this so it's power love the light cancel swap and then you start jabbing start jabbing and then before it expire bull and use your don't break it or smarter it's just it's just incredible it's just absolutely incredible let me whatever got left yes champion points one inter siphoning 44 into sprinter 37 into Ward 75 into mooncalf 27 into health fee 49 into tenacity 37 into tumbling 26 into shattering blows 51 into master-at-arms 51 into starter 37 into precise strikes 49 piecing 56 into my tea 22 into medium armor focus 51 into iron clamp 22 into spell shield 55 into resistant 56 into hardy 56 into elemental defender and nothing there and that's that's about it so there you have it my war machine you can play it in if you want to one build one PvP builder plays in whatever circumstance in whatever situation there you have it guys I hope you enjoy it if you've got any questions leave a comment down below and I will reply within the day thank you very much see you have a good day bye