hey guys how's it going to boycott leo here bring you back another video this is basically my opinion based off a week of plain stamina necromancer I've actually done a lot a lot of leveling I wouldn't really sweaty with this I haven't gone to 9 a bunch of weapons skill line it's already 50 all my class abilities that I'm using currently I even have a build made for PvP I've PvP dive already flawless Maelstrom I've done dungeons I've done trials I've done open world and duels so I have a pretty good grasp and perspective of what the stamina necromancer is like this is gonna be completely opinion based you could placed an necromancer and have a completely different experience than I have but this is just what I you know my thoughts so far and it's gonna be completely raw I'm not gonna you know rerecord this or anything this is going to be based off solely you know how I feel so to be honest the necromancer is very disappointing for me at least a stamina one to be honest I have more fun playing stam sort than playing stam necromancer PvE UI stamps orcs better for me PvP wise same thing stamps orcs better and that's crazy considering how much I've you know consistently bash damn short for being a terrible class but I like to feel better than a stamina necromancer now I have already put a bill together for the Stamp necromancer I actually took my time with this build I've seen a lot of builds actually getting put out for necromancer's and to be honest I seem very rushed a lot of people don't even have like undaunted and stuff and they're just like putting out builds and shit and it's like no like I'm gonna take my time with the build and give you guys some a quality quality build to run on your necromancer it is already done I do have two gold the last few pieces so next week I will be releasing it it's also not AIDS at all so you don't have to worry about you know any stem necromancer out here running crazy setups that I you know contributed to putting in a Serie though it's really balanced build and it's nothing crazy crazy special but it's really really good and it's a little different than a typical build but um so yeah stam necromancer has been very disappointing for me when I was doing Maelstrom the whole bodies deal like getting your your dots off that you know all that kind of stuff you know we can go ahead and hop into the skills right now you know venom skull is decent it's it necromancer really really reminds me of a warden it's like a underpowered warden if I could be honest blast bones it does hit harder than shocks but it's so inconsistent the speed of the blast bones and the targeting system of it is really really sketchy it doesn't hit consistently when you need it to it also can be targeted and taken out there's also exploits that like can be used like on night blades with Reapers mark that can mark your blasts bones you can give them health and shit and it's all kind of messed up right now but the biggest problem with this is the speed to be honest the speed of this is just horrendous as I said venom school was pretty good but mmm I don't know how much I liked it this old right here is absolutely broken I'm not even gonna lie the colossus especially if you're like dueling someone you can't even see it it's really really broken right now and it's just not and it costs a lot so I personally I don't use it but I guess I could see the point in using this I think it's a good old but right now the animation is just so fucked up on it that it's like it's terrible to try to defend yourself against it skeletal Archer this guy is completely worthless on this pet is just not good in my opinion I didn't like the pet at all there's no room for it really on any build that I said I was trying to run either so that's my thoughts on that detonating siphon this is a really really strong dot but once again the whole dead bodies deal and like basically you have to throw up the blast bones it's kind of problematic for me also problem with detonating siphon as it has a radius and a range so when you're Xing and you go up in a tower you know I'm saying you basically have no access to this dot you know unless there are people around and I don't know it kind of seems like you know why you're if you're kiting in shit to the the tethers gonna come off of you so that's another thing that kind of you know just it's kind of screwy to me um bone-tired ravenous Goliath is just completely broken it reminds me kind of corrosive a little bit but like a weaker version of corrosive the reason why I call it weaker is because corrosive you're basically unkillable just like this but you also ignore all resistances while this you just heal yourself a lot so you're like unkillable basically um but yeah the safe I like this move but it's really an accurate I like the whole off balance deal – and the heal is pretty nice it also hits fairly quickly but the accuracy is a little screwy I'll say now this this is okay it's up for 19 seconds probably goes up to 20 when you hit level 4 obviously it's not mines isn't level 4 yet which is nice it's better than like a hurricane because it's not 15 seconds I am using this morphe the one that increases your you know your blast bones or reduces cost should I say and this is pretty good I like this for armor buff the neck rhotic potency this is like a basically like a repentance I chose the one that gives you old back I forgot what the other one does but this is pretty good but once again it's like there's not a bunch of dead bodies it's not that useful I just I didn't find it to be worth putting on really any bar of any skills of any weapon setup that I tried but maybe I'll change in the future and then these I don't think I'll be using these because these are more for Magica now this is the only skill line I don't really have a whole bunch of stuff in this is the purify this actually works really really well I actually like this a lot I think the better one would be the one that Redoute cleanses for I think and then I have I want to grab a couple of these the spirit mender is nice because this takes 10% damage away from you so it's you know essentially like a you know minor protection a little bit better actually this restoring tether I think I'm gonna unlock this as well just got to grind a few skill points right now but yeah the passives also on necromancer were a little underwhelming I think they got no access to major mending you know they didn't really get anything in terms of like passive wise so like you know I'm saying they got reduced costs which isn't you know nice critical strike chance is good you know but it's only an execute range physical and spell penetration I mean yeah it's nice for offense and increases damage with dots by 10% I mean unless you're a dot bill this isn't really gonna do much for you whenever an enemy you basically this is mag and Sam sustain but it's like once again like 200 come on out what the fuck is 200 mag and say I'm gonna do for you reduce the damage of dots this is actually pretty nice I can't lie this is probably one of their best passives and he only received I mean 2% per ability you're not gonna have a fuck ton of abilities on here so it's never going to be that high and just just increase your max health um let's see this is kind of nice 8% healing but it's still not even close to what major mending is let's see critical strike chance with all healing abilities increase 12 just 24/7 this is actually really really nice gives you better crit heals but once again still not as good as a major mending this is really good old gain but every 16 seconds I mean come on now that's not really I don't know I don't find that to be very good old Schmitt generation but you know whatever and then this is pretty good actually I can't lie so I guess this will probably be the best reason to run the Archer but once again Archer doesn't do enough damage I don't feel like so when it comes to weapons the setup I realized works the best is 2h in dual wields for me this is not subject to anybody else's play style this is completely just my preference in my play style I've played sword on board 2h I've played 2h dual wield I've played 2h and bow so far 2h dual wield seems to be the way to go to be the most effective it's not necessarily I won't call it the most fun but it is the most effective between medium and heavy I'm currently running heavy because stamina is just still so underpowered compared to Magica right now I'm having mag blaze especially mag blades hit really really hard this patch considering they're being used more I run heavy because medium just it's very fun very very fun a lot of burst potential but heavy does better in an open world obviously I will probably be coming out with the medium build here pretty soon but so far heavy seems to be working better for me so Dom breaker to me is still the best ultimate for the mainbar on a necromancer because it's low cost it hits hard you know obviously the flesh outro it just that takes a long time to get that so I'd still like that so this is a big thing that I wanted to talk about race against time right is this was probably one of the best changes to Elle's wire reason being is because I just am like as you can see right now I'm wearing heavy armor on my necromancer and I'm running rally on the back bar I'm gonna race against time as my snare removal and I have no problem with magical sustain nothing this completely opened up survivability for stamina builds it allows you to run heavy with rally which is just great the heels are awesome and running this as your snare removal gives you speed and gives you crit damage thus obviously increasing your damage overall and giving you a snare removal outside of for momentum also with the immobilization and snare or immobilization immunity it's a little better as well you don't have to like kill this move so much like I said I got a nonce at 9 the race I chose from my stem necromancer in the reason being is because that seems like I always have sustain issues with stam classes other than stamps orc and like what other class am I thinking of like Stamp lar because stamp flowers have like the rune and shit but what elf to me seemed to be the best option especially like I know a lot of people are looking to play to hm both Sam necromancer and I'll probably get into that some as well but um yeah I chose what else I think it's the best race and you know for me that's just what it was because no matter what even if you roll dodge you get a this physical spell penetration which is really really nice you also get speed bonus so even if you're running a sword and board or wherever you get that speed to me and open-world when I'm kiting when I'm you know trying to do my thing one VXR 2vx speed is very very important and since what elf can haul for that basically give you the minor expedition that a stamp sort gets I guess I can say it makes the transition to necromancer a little easier but uh yeah of course I love with alchemy all that good stuff so that's just a quick little brief overview of my opinion on the necromancer it is only week 1 I am very disappointed in the class as a whole though I'm not even gonna lie to you guys I don't really like the class much at all I've actually been considering like what else I plan to play on top of this obviously I'll be putting out videos and builds for this cuz I know people want to see it but I honestly haven't really enjoyed playing this much so maybe that'll change hopefully they change up the class here in the next couple updates and they start making things more viable and I guess putting better stuff on the necromancer because it seems very underpowered and weak to me the best comparison is like an underpowered warden but I've already said that so I don't want to keep rambling on this was just a commentary about my thoughts on it like I said build video next week so definitely tune into that I appreciate you guys for watching this is Kylie Oh later