Welcome to another episode of We Don’t Die where my goal is to give you evidence that although our bodies will disappear we survive physical death. I’m your host Sandra Champlain author of the best-selling book called We Don’t Die A Skeptic’s Discovery of Life After Death today I’m pleased to introduce you to my friend Sam Black. Sam is the executive director of grounded roots wellness incorporated a space dedicated to healing the mind body and soul Sam is a certified life coach a wellness coach a speaker a trainer and a psychic medium she has a passion for helping others find their inner James and empowering all of us to let our light shine her website is grounded roots wellness dot CA and all I need to say is Sam Black welcome to We Don’t Die Radio! Thank you so much for having me Sandra expected to be here with you today I’m happy to and the last time I saw you this is a just really happy story of how we got connected was at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck New York just before leaving and getting in my car I see this beautiful lady with this beautiful necklace and i went up to her and I commented about your necklace and which is the tree of life and you took it off your neck and you put it online and that was a great first start to a friendship so I want to thank you again for the necklace all you’re so welcome you know I really believe we’re always exactly where were supposed to be and I love amethyst light wear them a lot and so when I thought the look on your face when you’re looking at like oh it doesn’t belong to me anymore it’s like to go to you so I’m I was so happy to share that with you well I appreciate it no one has ever done anything like that before and it was really special and it is special always said thanks so let’s hear a little bit about you you live in Canada correct I do i do I live here in Niagara Falls Ontario and we’ve been back here for about a year-and-a-half we’ve been in Northern Ontario in North baby for that and part of what brought us here is that I worked before as a child protection worker and while i was working one evening unfortunately my coworker and i were hit by an impaired driver and as a result of that accident i wasn’t able to return to my career i received the brain injury and some other injuries and even though I kept asking them to find me back they they weren’t willing to do that and eventually you know I came to understand that pieces around memory and things like that really would have been a safety concerns i understood why they wouldn’t allow me to go back to work and although they kept pressuring me know just take disability do these things I really thought you know I understand that some things are impaired but I have so much more to give the world and I’m not ready just to stop living and so my husband and I came here with everything that I had and we used all of that total wellness center because I really believe that everyone has something inside a little spark of joy that they can share with others so we wanted to space where they can come in here as well just beautiful and when did that happen with the accident in the Wellness it happened you know there’s so many I don’t believe in coincidences I’m sure you’ve heard that before to you but you know there’s so many little things that happens when it happens that you know obviously leads there’s a much bigger purpose at work so what happened on February 1, 2016 2013 rather and that was my son 16th birthday and you know it’s so interesting the way things all played out you know what happened actually be a client i had helped that hit us you know people who responded on the scene it’s just interesting the way it all played out it just makes you really think obviously there’s another hand at play here yes I do believe that and that you’re just what you need to be right now exactly exactly so i’m just i’m here in beautiful Niagara Falls and you know this is such a spiritual community I don’t know whether we’re all drawn to the water or what it is but there are some beautiful folds around here so we’re really lucky to know that’s great that’s wonderful i’m well how about the shows about life after death and me and is well as everything else you’re up to you’re also a psychic medium sure and when did you start getting interested in the world of life after death well I don’t even know that we can use the world were interested it just really was a part of who I was as long as i can remember you know I can the pivotal moment for me i was about 45 years old at my grandparents cottage and they have a sunken living room and I was playing in front of the fireplace I’m and all of a sudden I heard one of my relatives say oh look Sammy’s playing with her invisible friends again and it triggered as soon as I heard that word invisible I was like invisible means they’re not real that means they can’t see them that means there’s something wrong with me I’m crazy and so at that moment it became they weren’t my friends anymore became really frightening to me and you know I really feel like we really attract what we put out there so of course I wasn’t seeing it in a kind way anymore it really frightens me for a long time however the psychic piece continued you know i would get messages through my dreams and my great-grandmother was getting ready to pass and I knew she was in the hospital I think was in the second grade says 18 years old and I can just remember sobbing and crying scene you know I don’t want her to die and move on some others not anything even wrong with her yeah she’s very sick right now and sure enough she had been put in the hospital and she was sick and then as well when she passed a few years later I just knew in my heart she was going so these messages still continue to come to me but I don’t know that I really understood how why then of course you hit the high school years and you know my friends loved that psychic piece You Know Who am I going to be where the boys can ask me to the dance all of those sorts of things but something really integral happened to me as well my first week of high school we were living in a triplex house and there was a lady who lived in the basement and she believed I was her daughter this lady had a lot of mental health concerns addictions and so i was i was quite framed her she would try and come into our apartment to take me back home with her and over the labor day weekend she committed suicide down in the basement of the home and so that first week of school i can remember coming home and I somehow forgot my keys and I had said to my friend well i might I know my bedroom window that when let’s just go around back and we’ll get in that way is to just be really careful for that lady as we approached her door i said i don’t think we need to worry about that lady I think I think that smell right there is that she’s died oh my and sure enough you know my mom got home I wouldn’t go in the house even though I knew I could get in I wouldn’t go in and I said you know Mom something died in the house like I I’m not going in my mom went and sure enough she was found in the basement and she continued to visit me all that year i’m trying to find her daughter and so at that moment in that 14 year-old mind I was you know I was lost I just felt so afraid but as the years went by and began to see the healing and you know Judy never really left me you know i could call her and she would be there although i wasn’t consciously wanted to call it still frightened me quite a bit but as years went on and I began to understand more I really saw that she was that part of my life for a reason and that she really was able to help me understand what all happens on the other side and that we do need healing and our loved ones come to us to help us heal how did you see here where they and dreams it was it like outside of your vision will when your mind’s eye no I often i do get visitations on through dreaming but with her it would be you know that half-awake half-asleep consciousness or things moving in my room or I would see see her shadow there and the one time I did hear her calling her daughter’s name not my name and I looked up and you know of course there wasn’t anything there but certainly she could definitely be felt around the home and we would have my mom would have friends over and they say you know i’d be more comfortable you come to my house like certainly there was something felt there but a big understanding up to what it was interesting did she ever signed her daughter you know I really believe she must have because i want to say by the time I was about 19 20 21 in about their I didn’t see her as much when I did see her actually I hadn’t for many years and when I did was after the fact that i told you about I really went into a deep depression and very concerned about the fact that you know why would I live through that horrible experience to not be able to give my gifts anymore and she really kept coming to me and I understood ok no I do have gifts still to give and that moment of finding her and understanding what happens i knew that i could never do that to someone so you know certainly suicide was something that crossed my mind while i was in the healing process i was extremely depressed and if it weren’t for her giving me that lesson who knows what would have happened from there I may not be here today to do what I’m able to do further Wow Sam incredible so what has you believe that life-after-death is real and they’re just gonna preface that by saying this might be a first show somebody’s ever heard of mine of this radio show I or could be your new episode number 139 which is awesome but there’s many of us and even as many stories I’ve heard I’m always looking for more stories of you know good credible reasons to believe in life after death and what would you have to say as to why you believe in life after death certainly with your person that lived in the house and we’re on your kid but what else do you have to say you know I have to say for so I love that in your book you have a skeptics discovery because I jokingly refer to myself as the skeptic medium oh cool you know I do like to test things and see if the real for myself and I really am big on the authenticity piece so i can remember when I was about 21 I was visiting home from university actually know what happened before university I was pregnant with my son no I was quite young about 20 years old and my mom wanted to go to the Spiritualist Church and I said you know I just really i’m not comfortable going i’m sure that they’re just there to try and take your money or something that she’s like you do this how can you think that I’m like I just I don’t know I don’t know that I believe it will just come with me and see what happens and I said okay so I’m telling you right now i’m going to go back for a second one they’ve got a really wow me like I want an actual evidence so of course we sit near the back and no one can tell I’m pregnant I’m not showing you know and so we’re sitting there and this lady steps up and asked to come to me and then bring forward I want to interrupt just for second not everybody knows what the differences between the Spiritualist Church in there another Church awesome ok so spiritualism is really joining that connection with spirit and providing evidence that our loved ones are with us after death yeah so I’m you know it really promotes kindness and all of the values that a lot of other faiths provide but it in addition adds that piece of validation that our loved ones are on the other side by providing evidence that they’re there so a typical service you know you would go in there’s often and as sharing of some sort of a message some people call that a sermon and you know it would have to do with something to do with kindness and growth and evolution and things like this followed by people giving demonstrations of evidence of loved ones on the other side so what happens as you’re sitting there in the congregation or in the in the seeds leading someone will ask if they can come to you and with with your permission they can deliver a message to you up from your loved ones from the other side so it’s really a neat opportunity and so there I am in that moment and this lady says to me you know may I come to you and so sure no again being skeptical but luxurious at the same time and she said to me you know we have a lady here and she’s quite a few generations away and her name is Sadie now an interesting backstory is that my grandmother had either an answer great and named Sadie and this lady had 18 children so they had to farm houses one for all the children to sleep in and one for everybody to live in Wow and that from a little weak girl I always had that off I want to be just like her when I grow up and have a great big family and that wasn’t something that was common knowledge but certainly my immediate family knew that so she brings forward Sadie and she says to me she wants you to think she wants to congratulate you on on your son next to be born you’re pregnant now congratulations again no one knew that I was pregnant at that time except my mom who was with me and she said you’re going to have a large family so when you’re told that you know this will be the end it won’t be you’ll have more children you’ll have a large family and then jokingly but not as large as mine wow you only need one house la who could know for me that was profound evidence how could anyone possibly understand too that detail what that meant right then she brought forward my great-great-grandmother to address my greatest fear so I was someone who feared death growing up but not really understanding why and the other thing was I feared fire and I had visions of burning and my mother had told me one time when I shared I was afraid that all that that’s kinda neat because your great-grandmother actually passed cashew world around and then died burning to death so it wasn’t something I talked about but it definitely was a fear that had always wait on me and she said to me you know this great great grandmother she wants you to know that although it’s frightening that’s not your fate it was just heard for that lifetime Wow nothing and I look and not gonna think anybody would know but certainly validation for me that there was life on the other side so certainly I have been providing messages to people and I was still young enough that I thought oh this is just really cool but I didn’t understand the profound impact it could have and in that moment I realized wow what a huge gift this is to be able to share these messages and validate for people that not only our loved ones on the other side but their honor others on the other side caring about how we feel what we’re doing and the things that were up to so it was really validating for me and did you go back to the church I did many other regularly and you know I’m now a member of the Scriptures church of Canada absolutely Oh congratulations thank you yeah I’m when did you start doing medium readings on other people just naturally and mediumship while affair with the psychic piece first because that really started first and kind of bridged into the mediumship so again that same year that Judy had killed herself in the basement my mom had the neighbor over to do a tarot reading I hadn’t seen at least I can’t recall ever having seen tarot cards before that moment and we got out of school early that day so when I walked in my mom wasn’t expecting me and she tried to hide them and I said oh you don’t have to do that I know what those are and she said no you don’t you haven’t seen these before and i said i do I know what they’re for and so what are they and i said i don’t know what they’re called but I know that there for sharing messages with you and telling you your future and she just she was ok what will be will be done soon and I said okay and the neighbor stopped and said no Sammy come here and I went over and she said would you give me a reading and I laid out the Celtic Cross and gave her reading and I can’t consciously tell you when I would have ever learned that spread that I did it and so she bought me my own cards at Christmas and I was giving readings ever since and then when i was about eighteen nineteen i started receiving messages when I picked up items and I worked in a bookstore and a girl had come in and she purchased the book and she handed me the book I saw her partner abusing her oh wow and I gave her the book and i said i’d love to see you again another day I didn’t know what to say to her and you know it didn’t leave me and she did come back in two weeks later and she bought another book and I said you know I don’t mean to be forward and I really hope I’m not imposing certainly you can tell me to be quiet but can are you currently being abused by your partner because your grandmother’s come to see me and she’s concerned about your well-being and she instantly started crying and she said yes i’m trying to find a way to leave Wow and that was really my first moment where you know i was just going to tell her about the vision that I had known that instantly I had a grandmother sharing with me that she had concerns and wanted her to leave and so that was technically I guess my first mediumship reading that I ever gave to anyone I’m but it definitely progressed from there so i started with really the psychometry of holding objects and delivering the message and it grew from there and certainly I developed it much much more after the accident than I had before but yes it’s being it’s been over 20 years that I’ve been delivering messages and mirrors can you give us another example of psychometry because I we haven’t talked about whatever but that’s holding an object that belongs to someone who is diseases yeah and you know tarot cards are actually a form of psychometry as well so psychology is really when holding an object and from that object we share that either visions or messages that were receiving so one time that when i was first really just I quit playing but certainly you know it’s not it’s not a game it’s something very real but i was first really discovering my mom candid me a ring that I had not seen before and she got that from i believe from my grandmother and my grandfather but it didn’t fit her so she didn’t wear it and she said okay we’ll play with this one and see what you got and I was instantly pulled back to my grandfather’s childhood home I could smell bacon cooking i described her of metal and cast-iron frying pan I told her about the dress that my great-grandmother with wearing so many little details that I I didn’t consciously have awareness of and validated it for her and at that time i used to do that with my eyes closed so I didn’t see the reaction of her and my cousin mother is doing this and when I opened up my eyes i saw my mother crying and I said I didn’t upset you did I and she said no she said you were describing my grandmother’s house and my my granny I didn’t know in my lifetime I she passed while my mother was pregnant with me but certainly I always help the connection to her because she you know we didn’t have where you could say whether your child to be a boy or girl but she knitted me a pink blanket while my mom was pregnant and she said this will be for your girl that you’re expecting and the second one will be for the little boy you have next so certainly you know she obviously had some gifts of her own but that was another common psychometry really with quite vivid for me that I can speak of in a in a personal experience your mom sounds pretty cool to being open to this yes you know she’s pretty open to it certainly you know we’re not real close now but certainly in my growing and developing time my teen years as far as this plant she was quite open with my dad was completely if is pretty completely shut off to it so I didn’t couldn’t really ever talk to him about it i would talk to her about it and you know certainly she introduced me to people over the last few years that were quite open and interested to hear what I had to say and encouraged me and you know that neighbor I spoke about earlier she did a lot with me as far as developing skill and understanding the ethics around giving a reading and all of those sorts of things so that continued for good I want to say 5-10 years that she continued to help me with that that’s really wonderful uh-huh yeah with really quite a gift to have that how about working with somebody grieving the loss i mean we’ve all experienced how hard it is and even if you do believe in life after death is still fit physically going to grieve do you have any examples of maybe a message that you brought through that really gave somebody hope and i’m sure you have tons of them but anything that comes to mind yeah well absolutely you know i am there’s so many examples and it really is a great honor to be able to deliver them but i just got back from North Bay Ontario did readings there this weekend and I had been introduced I’ve known this one lady for a few years now but very casual and so we had the opportunity to spend some time together a few months ago and you know i have to tell you Sandra I usually have this unwritten rule that I don’t tend to approach people with information you know I would never stopped me on the street and say excuse me can I give you a reading I just because so many people have different values around what they’re open to receiving yes I don’t tend to do that but this girl i kept being you know called to tell her some messages and so you know I kept trying to ignore it ignore it wasn’t going away and so finally she said you know I would love to receive messages just out of the blue she’s like I think what you do so coid love to receive messages i said i’m so glad you said that I please share some things with you and it turned out that her family was going through some medical issues as far as you know not understanding what issues were and how far the hereditary think would be and this message that came forward from her grandfather really help clear the air for some things for her as well you know there’s been times when I’ve done readings with people and their children that they’ve lost through miscarriage or early on in life have come through as one of their children and that is well as a very profound thing because with miscarriage people don’t acknowledge the grieving process the same way they do with someone who’s being with us on this plane a lot of time and so I find when those messages come through its so healing and really helps with that grieving process because often these people who have lost their children are really feeling stuck in that loss and really feeling alone but that validation that that is still your child I’m really is helpful to them with that grieving process what kind of a message could a child give who was a product of a miscarriage because they didn’t live on earth to know how would a parent know that that really was my child I mean number one the fact that you know mhm well you see the way that it will come about is they’ll be sharing how many children that person has so for an example i may say you know Sally I’m being told that you have four children and she’ll say no i only have three and that’s okay let me get some more information for you because a really big important thing we’re working with mediumship is to not change the message just to give it how we’re getting it you know and I’ll go back and I’ll say okay you know i’m being shown that you have two boys and there’s a space before your youngest girl you know is it possible that there’s a baby in between there that you lost because i’m being shown the boy and the girl and you know there is a child in between and they’ll say oh my gosh I didn’t tell anybody Wow and i’ll see you know just validate for them that that child is still safe often will show you know the child will be the link to either the parent or grandparent or loved one coming through I did have one situation where this lady she lost her husband and two months later miscarried their baby all and it had been 20 years later a long time later so certainly it wasn’t anything anybody was talking about anymore but she still felt that profound loss and so the baby came through I’m validating you know that she was there but that she was there in the arms of her father and her father helped her cross and that you know he was there taking care of her and then he was able to come through with the messages he had for his wife so I’m not that time I I believe she was either just remarried or just getting ready to remarry but having a lot of guilt around it so through the two of them they were able to help her really settle into her new life without feeling guilty and without feeling that loss but it wasn’t something she was able to properly grieve and she said you know I just calc worry stuck in the grieving process and I felt so angry for so long it had to just let it go but I didn’t really feel like it had been let go you can see how in that circumstance you know just having those tools step forward and help her she was able to move on with the rest of her life and really embrace life had to offer her yeah that’s a really beautiful thing you shared because it i’m all for believing in life after death and obviously that’s the name of the show but once you do it’s like well then what muster life before you know and you right there got to empower somebody and help them through their unresolved grief or whatever you want to call it and now get into new marriage new relationship knowing that her husband and unborn child were just fine absolutely and you know there are three really core messages that frequently come through you know and anger isn’t one of them I know a lot of people were you know or they angry with me not yet if I had anyone coming through who is demonstrating anger a big one is apology you know I’m sending love but letting me know in life they wouldn’t have said I love you they wouldn’t have hugged their loved one sometimes they they weren’t exactly the kind of person living right and they really preface that and they say but now I am giving love I am sorry for what I did which makes a huge powerful difference for people sure the other thing is apologizing and the other one is to validate that there are no longer in pain especially I see this often with traumatic passing or cancer you know the loved ones their up the whole focus is their last memory is seeing their loved one in pain and so the loved ones the biggest messages please let them know that I’m not in pain I’m okay and those messages can be so healing especially when we have attributed guilt or and things like that to the loss of a loved one it really can prevent us from moving forward so those messages are so here ensure they are Sam it when you get into mediumship mode is it other they always people always right there with you or do you have to do meditation or something before you work with someone you know in the earlier days certainly I did have to do a meditation and you know some times that work sometimes it didn’t I find now looks I’ve done a lot of work around boundaries so that when I’m not working I’m not working which is a big relief because a lot of people when they meet you they’ll be like oh are you reading me right now you know enough they know no like I’m not working right now right now I’m just I’m just Sam were here together in this moment not that I don’t sometimes pick up on things but I’m not actively doing it but when i do sit down to do a reading you know i do say a prayer first time I do offer gratitude and then i just opened to trust whatever is coming through so it’s not you know a big ritual that needs to happen now it’s just that it’s almost like opening the door you know sometimes we have a door closed and the rule is when the doors closed we don’t knock on that we let mom do which needs to do or whatever the case may be and then I opened the door and anybody who wants to come in can come through so I’m you know it I there’s not a huge ritual but certainly I do offer a prayer and I do offer gratitude because I i am so grateful to be chosen to share these messages with others are you don’t want to say are you accurate because it doesn’t sound right but are there times that maybe more information comes through have you had times that nobody’s come through for a person I had probably only once or twice where I didn’t feel anyone coming through for a client and it wasn’t really around a blockage for me to deliver it was around the blockage for they didn’t want to know and so in those circumstances I’m quite honest because you know I’ve unfortunately had those experiences where people just made things up and it doesn’t feel very good so justly believe in authenticity and so I’ll just say you know honestly I’m not really getting a message right now however i’m feeling as though there’s some sort of block can we talk about that part first and then try again and in the one case the lady said no I really don’t want to know my you know her daughter someday had paid for the reading for her and she would heighten shoes and so I said well why don’t we go through into a psychic reading instead and she said yeah I can do that I’m okay with that so we get that instead and in the other case once we worked through her blocks it was like the gates opened and here they all come and you know she’d been through quite a traumatic life so it was frightening for her first of all to you know open up like that but it definitely was a very healing session and she’s come back to me a couple of times since then so I’m so it’s been quite good as far as accuracy goes i do tend to get very positive reviews about accuracy and I really attribute that to just sharing what I’m receiving and not putting my own personal spin on because and especially when you’re shown pictures it’s very it’s very to just say what it is you’re seeing because to us what an image might be it’s totally different the person who’s supposed to be receiving the message and so you know the message gets lost in translation so it’s really important just to say what it is you’re getting and I really am firm on I don’t change a message i’m receiving but I’m happy to go back and try and get more information and certainly sometimes in readings they do talk in circles so you’ll get something and it’s not going to quite make sense but by the time they’re done their messages they go back to that thing and it all puts it all together so I just trusted spirit knows what they’re doing and I just share it the way it’s coming so you just like the vehicle like to tell us what was going through what you get absolutely no I’m not personally invested in any of these messages certainly I have empathy and compassion for children’s parties but you know it has nothing to do with me and so once i figured that out it’s not about being right or wrong or accurate it’s just about sharing and you know it really took a lot of those concerns around whether or not I was very accurate but certainly I am known as being fairly accurate and I’m I’m grateful for that but I attribute that all really just the spirit i just trust what they have to share with me Trust is good for all of us I think mhm anytime anywhere so are you with someone that people can contact and you do readings by telephone I know I want to talk about your wellness center as well yeah but it sort of is interested in getting a medium reading can they reach out to you for just that absolutely so I do readings by phone and certainly I have some clients here in Australia and the UK and different islands and things like that we can record coordinate time zones that’s never a problem that i also do readings in person one-on-one but they also do group reading so for example this friday at the grand theatre here Niagara Falls I’m joining three other mediums and we’re doing a big gallery reading and then on monday i’ll be doing a group in Regina so I’m certainly I do some traveling i do larger groups but I also do one-on-one reading so it just depends on what you’re needing that’s wonderful that’s wonderful let’s talk a little bit about grounded roots wellness what’s that and so grounded roots bonuses the healing space that my husband and I have created together and it’s really all about healing the mind the body and the soul and the reason why I feel that’s so important is because we need to heal pain on three levels we have to heal the physical body you know we also have to heal the mind and rewrite the limiting beliefs that are attached to the pain and then we also have to heal heal spiritually and energetically and that’s where the soul comes in so we have for the physical body we have float parts there where people can come and on foot posture so healing and wonderful my husband does DDP yoga and holistic nutrition to help take care of the body and then I do coaching and I do my psychic medium readings past-life regression all sorts of things like that to work with the mind and the soul to really get them healed and integrated and ready to go on with their life purpose what is a slope pod so for parts are really really cool so there’s essentially 10 inches of water and over 900 pounds of epsom salts so what happens when you lay in this water is you’re completely gravity-free it is wonderful for pain management you can imagine if someone has arthritis or fibromyalgia just being able to be buoyant and paint and gravity-free it also decompresses the spine and things like this so it’s wonderful for pain management and then also because it’s sensory deprivation you can choose to have the lights on or off music on or off all sorts of things like that so it totally desensitizes your body so for anyone who’s wanting to do a meditation or get creative it’s so wonderful for the mind I and it actually has increased brain function just by desensitizing the rest of your body and I know frequently all go in and I have to have my notepad close by because I come out with so much stuff and I just need to write it all down whether it’s for my writing or for a workshop and so it it’s fantastic for healing on so many different levels it’s your place like a retreat center or someplace where is I wanted to make the trip up to Niagara i get a hotel room and then go spend a day with you guys and have different you know yeah so til we earned a retreat center i do offer retreat that which are a lot of fun but no we we have a wellness center but certainly here in Niagara Falls there so many hotels to choose from and we also partner with a lot of local businesses so if you are wanting you know to come for the day and enjoy the float and of reading in the morning we could hook you up with grape and wine to earth for a wine tour in niagara-on-the-lake in the afternoon get you out for a beautiful dinner and then back to your hotel we’re happy to help coordinate all of that sounds like a great trip yes it’s wonderful you’ll have to come out sometime who I would love to i want to talk a little bit about healing mind and spirit and I’ve always loved to leave myself and others empowered as to living the rest of the day to day and and maybe some tips for just helping us through life I i know it’s easy to not be empowered is there anything in your how maybe you can draw in from your psychic sense maybe what needs to be shared here just maybe what you’re passionate about sharing about getting people back on track maybe a little of you know I’m asking a little bit of the bigger picture out so I’ve probably done coaching that you could after was absolutely so really a really big picture thing to understand that can bring you healing on so many levels is that pain and I’m hurt and things like that in our life really are connected with limiting belief so if we can work through understanding what those limiting beliefs are we can actually rewrite them to bring what we really want out of life so a lot of people that I see their finding that they’re stuck either with abundance and they’re not bringing what they really want into their life or they have an old trauma that wasn’t resolved for them and so really if we work together we can come up with some of the causes as to what is keeping them stuck and almost always it leads to a limiting belief and so I do a lot of work around the chakra system so one example would be for the second chakra we really find a lot of that not enough or that that lack of and also the lack of play and so when we find a blockage in around that area and to do that you know I work with the energy i also use a pendulum and test the chakras to see what’s open what’s flowing and you know we can then rewrite those limiting beliefs of positive belief statements and an understanding of when did that trauma first occur so I really would love for your listeners to understand that you know if things are troubling for you today and in this moment it’s really difficult the first thing is that none of you were put on this earth to suffer no one’s put here to suffer the second is that you have a beautiful spark inside you that just wants to shine and the third is that if there is something you’re stuck about you can find someone in your area you can contact me you can contact others and work through whatever that limiting belief is and it will start bringing what you really want in your life back to you and also that your loved ones are never farther always supporting you no matter how long we’ve been in spirit this nice simple kind of limiting beliefs give an example without using somebody’s name of maybe someone you tell absolutely absolutely and you know I don’t even need to use the name for this one because it comes through so often I’m not lovable I’m not lovable I’m not lovable is one that so many people carry around with them they don’t believe they’re worthy of love they don’t believe they can never have enough love and you know when we realize that that’s something we’re believing it doesn’t feel very good and that’s when we can work on rewriting that because every person on this planet has some good in them yes even somebody who makes tons of mistakes there’s something beautiful inside of them or they wouldn’t be here and so it’s just a matter of you know blowing on that Emperor and allowing that flame to burn again to show that you know there is something beautiful inside and for those people they tend to attract people who take advantage of fabulous people who are unkind to them perhaps they had some messages when they were a child but you know they were a burden to their family but being able to work on that limiting belief and turn it around to bring something positive into their life wow what a difference all of a sudden you know the it’s like the clean house you know this relationships not healthy I want more of this and less of that and they start making room in their life for people who will genuinely love them and if you can imagine that living a life with even five people who genuinely love you while you can accomplish a whole lot in your day so that’s one really big limiting belief that we see a lot of but certainly can be rewritten and really can’t profound difference on your life in the rewriting part do you actually have to take people back to when that instance happened because maybe mode of the memories not there of the first time yeah well you know what sometimes you sometimes people find it beneficial but no you don’t have to there’s actually a process called site k it was developed by rob williams and with that process you can actually communicate with the subconscious mind in as little as half an hour and rewrite that limiting belief some of my other clients really love positive affirmations a big homework to do i send people home with his mirror work you know looking in the mirror generally in your eyes and telling yourself you love yourself you know things like this can have a profound difference on that healing and certainly some people do really feel like they need to go back to the trauma and for some people to matter of past life regression because that trauma didn’t even happen in this lifetime so going back to the origin of when that problem first started for them and going back to that moment and just being able to view that scenario for using past life regression as an example seeing this situation but not being an active part of it can be so healing and it gives perspective as far as what the rules were other people that played that role in putting that limiting belief within your system so I’m it’s really amazing the different work we can do and certainly the mind and soul do so much work together to and they want us to be our best so when we’re ready to tackle women belief sure you can go back to the trauma but if you don’t feel you can do that you can use a process like site k or cognitive reflex conditioning that’s offered through healthy wealthy and wise there’s different processes that we can use that can really help rewrite and it makes a huge difference as to what we’re attracting in our life really great these things I don’t know about that i love hearing about the new and different and you’re somebody who’s very well trained and you’re very passionate about everything it takes to help someone have a empowered and good life so thank you for being that kind of person oh no problem thank you you know it’s it’s an honor to do that and certainly you know people say how do you like doing your job now do you do miss child welfare and I really miss the families i worked with this course site i feel so much more and able to help them with the role that I do now you know I’m because it’s really just about love and if we just come from that space of love and wanting to see that love another you know we we can do so many amazing things that’s niiiiice Sam it keeps coming up my mind to ask you so I got to always listen to my intuition I literally wear that where our loved ones but can you describe or has anything come through medium reading what life is like in the hereafter or heaven whatever you want to call it is it a joyous place I know my heart that it’s us living here on earth to have the tough time when we lose somebody but are they find they are fine and you know it’s so funny because growing up I can remember 30th thunderstorm or something you know my mom would say up and he’s playing bowling with the Angels again so in my mind following up i had this vision of you know where the care bears live in those little houses and you know and and that’s a lot of fun but that wasn’t my experience so when I was in that car accident i did have a moment where I wasn’t connected with my body anymore and all I can tell you is that it was dark but it was the most piece I’ve ever felt in my life so you would think that you know what we were going through this is a multiple rollover accident it was it was not a little accident but I was completely common at peace and I mean the aftershock certainly i wasn’t i did have some PTSD and things but in that moment all I felt was such other calmness and love and support to the point that after i went back home I just kept wanting to feel that again wow yeah so I just that is the closest I can get to explaining what it is and certainly when spirit comes to me to help deliver a message or they want to show love to their loved one it is all that calm loving energy coming forward and so I just I don’t feel it’s confined the way that we do with a physical body and the physical earth it’s more open energy space that feels like love that’s great beautiful any closing words or anything I haven’t asked you that I should have that you want to share i’m not sure that there’s anything you haven’t asked but certainly I’ve loved being here with you today and I can’t wait to connect with you again I’m hopefully we’ll have another classic Omega together but if not somewhere else because you know I’m i really believe we all come together for a reason for I just love meeting new people like yourself also do I thanks again for the necklace Sam what’s the best way people can get in touch with you so the best way to connect with me I’m really is on i’m on Facebook quite a bit of two pages one is grounded roots wellness inc and then the other I have is mice and black certified psychic medium and wellness page and on that one you we do a monday intuition every Monday where it put up a couple of cards and people choose which one they want and give them the reading at the end of the day everybody loves that one a lot also you can read some of the reviews their thing get a feel for what I’m all about the kind of readings I deliver and our website is www.seannal.com CA and we’re here in niagara falls ontario and we welcome anybody even pop in and say hello i love it i love it and as a reminder to anybody if you go to our website which is we don’t die radio.com click on episode 139 that’s how this show with Sam Black and I have the link to her Facebook pages and to her website right there to make longer all we like to make things easy yes we do and that going to the website is is a strategy because there are a hundred and thirty-eight other episodes to choose for outer and it and there’s always a picture of someone smiling face and a brief description of what the interview was about and I tell us and I’m sure you feel the same way is once you believe that life-after-death is really have a better access for thinking about your own life and what’s important and making the most out of it absolutely i know my friend Eric says we’re here on a three-day pass and I totally believe that we we don’t know what our timeline is here all we know is we’re here and we have the gift to connect with others every day so I just think we just have to get out there and do that as many times as we possibly can yeah that’s beautiful while Sam I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being on the show today and for our listener i thank you for spending this hour and many hours until exam before we started recording that I’ve gotten several emails that people been just listen to the show I do that with Netflix but to hear people even start their day off with one of these episodes you know we are here yes to talk about life after death but we are here to talk about life because I do believe that life is an education for the Soul and that our lives here on earth are very important so I really want to thank you for listening and we’ll see you soon