A few weeks ago, Saisystems Health had the honor to present at the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Quinnipiac University. The center is run by Dr. Fred McKinney, a friend and supporter of Saisystems Health, who hosted a panel both for students and faculty on healthcare in the United States and entrepreneurship opportunities within healthcare. I, as an entrepreneur with Saisystems Health, had the opportunity present on what we’re doing specifically at our firm and the growth opportunities that we see within the industry to me. To me, entrepreneurship is…risk. It’s when it was an individual sees an opportunity to service a need otherwise untapped and and creates a business to service that that need. It’s exciting. It’s risky it, you know, you could fail. I had a great question about our failures and I’ll never forget sharing that experience kind of over again reminds me of how tough it is to be an entrepreneur. So having that fortitude and knowing how to have that inner strength and knowing who to depend on, how business works and how management opportunities will be created while at the same time hearing from them how they thought the industry could be improved in terms of engaging with patients, getting consumers engaged in the process, bringing technology to the table, using data to help consumers make better decisions. For those of us that are outside of the healthcare industry, healthcare is somewhat of a black box. There are misaligned incentives; there are opportunities for better care. There are issues where there is adverse selection of patients based on the complexity industry and so really to improve the system, it requires everyone to really be aware of these influences and know how these will impact individual outcomes.