I’ve always loved gardening from childhood. I’ve always loved and cared about growing things. Trees, flowers, bulbs. There’s a certain
mystery about plants. I think that intrigues me. But my ability to garden and to maintain a garden has been negatively impacted by my arthritic knees in recent years. So I really appreciate being able to come to the Y. Good morning! Good morning. How are ya, girl? My husband and I were members of the Y for over 20 years, And it was after losing him and trying to give up my Y membership, that I wasn’t allowed to. I can blame the deteriorating knees and staff just wouldn’t hear of it. So they designed a program for me that was user friendly. This class is not the 60s. Let’s do some jump ropes! I liked the idea that we were given a regimen that would monitor our progress. We’re always told to do our exercises at our level. Alright, let’s go. Let’s go swimming. We’re surfing! We do many of our exercises to music. And we dance. Once the music gets going, it sort of prompts you. It’s an interesting sight. We are intimate friends. We see each other on such a regular basis that it becomes a support. And for many of the people who are by themselves, I think it’s vital. I think that the emphasis on keeping seniors the silver foxes that we are, moving, is good. And that includes the aqua aerobics. It includes the yoga. The senior Zumba, which I’m not up to. The Y has been a family affair for us for well over 20 years. When I started EnhancedFitness, I needed to use the chair to push up and sit down. But now I can sit down without using the support of the chair. So that’s progress!