Hi everyone~ Grandma actually suggested today’s content – which is her “going on a diet”. Grandma has been having problems with her knees. Her doctor suggested that she needs to lose a bit of weight to aid her knee problem. So Grandma is on a strict diet at the moment. But! According to the scales, she actually gained weight! So Grandma asked for my help in finding out why she wasn’t losing weight. So! I did an in-depth research into her daily life to find out what exactly she is doing wrong. This video is *not* about my Granmda’s excessive, unhealthy way of losing weight, Rather, please think of it as her first steps towards to improving her knee health. This hot weather has been so unpleasant lately, I hope you enjoy this video, and have a lovely day! If I’m going on a diet – I need to write a plan, right? In the 72 years that I’ve lived.. Nothing has gone according to my plans. Sh*t, I’ve gained so much weight! YURA: Do you know of any diet plans? I wouldn’t know cos I’ve never succeeded. I’ll have a light breakfast, and eat a good dinner. Eat dinner before 6PM. That’ll work, right? [1] Exercise 4AM
[2] Light breakfast I need to cut back on fruit. Even if my stomach’s about to explode, I always have fruit. I’ll say that I’m gonna eat *less* fruit. YURA: Why don’t you not eat it at all? No I can’t live that way. I need fruit. I don’t drink water, aye. YURA: Yeah Grandma, you really need to drink more water. [1] Exercise 4AM, [2] Light breakfast
[3] Exercise, [4] Less fruit, [5] Drink water Korean Grandma’s signature! The diet starts now! I’m going to exercise now! I’m going to walk a bit. Henry wants to go with me. HENRY: You dragged me along? Henry, I want to be skinny like you. Aw you’re protecting me. My mind and my body is feeeling fresh. I feel good. I feel like I’ve lost a lot of weight already! Exercise is so boring.
[It’s been 5 minutes!!] Is it because it’s too dark? It’ll be too boring if we just walk around the apartment block, we need to set a goal. The goal is to find a supermarket. It’s closed. What do we do? The shop’s closed. I have this feeling that I’ve lost 3kgs already. Walked so much. Do you have plums? [The goal was actually to buy plums *from a supermarket*] [Grandma got a free plum]
YURA: Was the plum good? Yeah, very sweet. I was supposed to be on a diet, dammit. I bought some fruit since we’re already here. It’s quite far from home so I couldn’t buy too much. I didn’t buy it for myself. Bought it for my family.
[Grandma eats 90% of fruit at home] So hot. I want some water. I’ve walked so damn much. So thirsty. There’s nothing around here. (to Yura) Hey, pass me a plum. YURA: What? Pass me a plum. Hey, Give me a plum. I’m too thirsty to keep going. [Plum monster has stopped walking completely]
Pass me one. A soft one. [Sound of picking a soft plum out of the bag] YURA: Come on Grandma.. (you’re supposed to be on a diet) It’s cos I’m thirsty. Yea gimme that one. YURA: This one? Yea, that one’s soft. You keep walking. Go, keep going. I’m thirsty so I’m going to have a plum. So refreshing. [The happiest moment of today] So refreshing. I think next time I do something like this, I need to bring a water bottle with me. I have no choice but to eat fruit, cos I’m thirsty. [Then why didn’t we buy water at the shop before?] Why is it so far? I think I would’ve lost 7kgs by the time I get home.
[What is the basis behind Grandma’s calculations??] Should I wash? YURA: Huh? You want to take a shower? No should I wash the plums? [Few moments later] YURA: Grandma, what are you eating?! Plums. YURA: You’re going to eat the peach as well? Diet starts tomorrow. YURA: Grandma~ [The plan was to exercise first thing in the morning] I’m going to exercise. [The plan was to do the “Sean Lee” exercise, popular among Koreans] I can’t do it. [Grandma is having tomatoes for breakfast] I’m not even going to put sugar on it. I’m determined. [Spoonful of curry] I’m going to reduce my carb intake. I’m on the right track, right? There’s no rice (no carbs). YURA: Potatoes are carbs. Man, I don’t know. I’m just going to cut rice. (On the phone) Go in the fall. Let’s go when it’s a bit cooler, in the fall. [Grandma’s definitely cut rice from her diet] What day is it today? Everything’s better when you start it on the Monday. Everything just falls into place. I’m going to start my diet from tomorrow. It’s abnormal to start your diet in the weekend. I’m gonna start from tomorrow. Don’t nag me. [I didn’t say anything..] [The plan was to eat fruit only once a day, at dinner time] What? YURA: You were going to eat less fruit. [Ignored] You were going to change your clothes, So I was going to have one behind your back. You’re so scary. Morning Korean dramas makes me feel angry, so you gotta have fruit to calm myself down. [You can hear the news in the background] I was just going to have one. [Grandma suggested this content….]
I can’t even eat, with this camera bloody following me around. So sick of it. This is like a documentary, bloody following my every move. “YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO BE ON A DIET, WHAT ARE YOU EATING?” So sick of it. “WHY YOU OPENING YOUR FRIDGE DOOR??” Don’t even know where she is, but she appears everytime I open the fridge. [Never saw Grandma drinking water]
I can’t even take water out of the fridge because she keeps appearing in my face. Fine, I won’t eat. [Yura has gone to change clothes] People must think Yura has succeeded in dieting herself. [I have nothing to say on that matter..] Yeah even I think this is pretty funny. I just keep eating after saying I’m going on a diet. [Grandma has returned home after running errands] My friend harvested some 참외 (Korean watermelon) It’s sweet. [I didn’t say anything]
I’m going to exercise after eating this. Don’t worry. I’ll lose weight. [I can’t even rest, need to keep filming cos she keeps eating!] You’re filming again? Dammit I thought you were in your room so I was going to eat this behind your back. You got great ears. Dammit. Dammit I’m going crazy. YURA: Grandma, What’s this rat’s tail? YURA: And where did you even get these grapes? Your auntie gave me one. YURA: How many different types of fruit are you having in one day?? It’s ripened very well, so sweet. It’s okay to eat before 6PM. I swear, I thought it was 5:50PM. Go Henry, take the camera off from your sister. Filming again? You’re getting good at catching me. [Everytime I come out of my room, Grandma was munching on something] [I didn’t say anything..]
I don’t care what you say, I’m eating. Is the clock right? YURA: Grandma, What? YURA: Drink some water. Why? Water? Why? I’m full. Water will make me full. YURA: It was in your plan to drink more water! Water makes me full!! I didn’t even have much to eat but I’m so full. I don’t think I can lose weight. YURA: You’re eating again? [Silence] How the hell did you know I opened the fridge? I can’t live without fruit. [23 hours after she started her diet, it’s over]
Meh I don’t know. I’m just gonna keep eating. Peach don’t make you gain weight. Don’t nag me. So refreshing. How can I resist seasonal fruit? So refreshing and so good. You have one too. If you don’t have it, I will. Hey Henry, How does your sister keep appearing whenever I open the fridge? You think it’s funny too right? [Good luck Grandma