Hi, everyone. I am health fairy, Doctor Chang kil yoo. In the last video, I explained about the first principle of diet therapy for rheumatoid arthritis and other autoimmune diseases. I will repeat it again shortly today, and then explain the second principle. no 1. eat natural food that is closest to its natural state. And do not eat artificial, fast or processed food. Today, I’m going to tell you about the second principle. Number two – “Record a meal diary” Keep the record of every meal every day. Why do you need to keep the record of what you eat? As you are writing every meal every day, you can understand the reaction of the food towards your body. Once you keep recording, if you get sick the next day, then you’d know which food caused the pain. That’s why it is important. If you don’t keep the record, you don’t even know which food make you sick. If you don’t write your food diary, there is no way you can learn which food causes the change in your body. Men are creatures of oblivion. So keeping the record is important. no.2. “Record a meal diary” Thank you for watching my video. This has been health fairy Dr. chang kil Yoo