Height: 165cm, Starting weight: 68.1kg Today I’m eating corn, potatoes, sweet potato, plums and apples Hi everyone, it’s Oh Gong Sam 🙂 Did you all have a nice week? Since it was Chuseok, I went back home! As I’ve mentioned on my Instagram, dieting while I’m at home..will be on pause I love spending time with my family on holidays and also eating good food, but I can’t do anything about gaining a little weight *cry* But let’s not get stressed out too much, because what’s important is coming back to dieting afterwards 🙂 Oh! And it’s nearly 200 days since I’ve started this diet! So I decided to do a health check up, but I’m going to do it next month due to some circumstances Thank you so much for all your supportive and loving comments on last week’s video, it really motivated me to keep going! It wasn’t perfect, but I still can’t believe it’s nearly been 200 days since I started this diet…time really flies Now, it’s not really a diet, but my own eating habits. I think that even 2000 days will be very doable Of course there will be times I will eat normal food, but I will base my diet on whole, plant foods to maintain healthy! The time is 2:07pm, and I’ve brought some corn to eat It’s 4:21pm and while I was editing, I found myself eating bread in this video, I felt so hungry, so I’m going to have some frozen bananas instead of bread hehe It’s 5:06pm and I will be having some sweet potatoes and a potato RunDay finished-! After working out, I’m going to go see a movie with my brother! Buying snacks at the convenience store! Watched ‘Exit’ Nobody’s in the cinema right now hehe 49kg I’m going to have sweet potatoes, corn and apples It’s 1:45pm and I’ve brought corn and a potato to eat while editing The time is 2:46pm and I’m going to eat some more corn~ 48.9kg Today I have green grapes, apples, nectarines, corn, sweet potato, potato and a plum Now, or even when I dieted to lose weight, I never planned my cheating days Before I got completely used to this diet, I ate normal food at least once a week, but I didn’t pre-plan cheating days! Not setting a cheating day and eating what you want sometimes really decreases the stress, I found myself to binge out if I planned my cheating days Cheating days can either be good or bad for dieting, but for me I decided that unplanned cheating days fit me the best! When you’re unmotivated, I recommend eating more fruits and greens while also continuing to exercise a little I heard from a young age that you tend to lose more water weight of softer fat than you do ‘firmer’ fat, And adults told me that I had more ‘firmer’ fat, so it would be difficult to lose weight..but rumours are just rumours! It doesn’t matter if you have soft or firm fat! So don’t worry too much 🙂 It’s 1:55pm and I’m going to eat some corn I have a corn and a sweet potato to eat This is my outfit for the day! Still obsessed with Buzz LightYear and Captain America hehe It’s a corn pen! At a Cafe to have apple and Hibiscus juice Too pretty to eat…how do I even drink this? There’s a whole apple in here..I have no idea how to drink this heh It was nice because I could taste the sweetness of the apple and also the taste of hibiscus but.. I don’t think I’ll order this again..planning to try something else next time! Getting distracted from working hehe Finally starting to be productive …nope, cannot focus until the apple is finished hehe There’s some people curious about my clothes and accessories, And for the products I have information on, I will put them in the description box below! Ate everything except the stalk…why did I eat the seeds as well..? 48.8kg Today I have green grapes, sweet potato, corn and apples Shopping for some things at a grocery store near my house! Some mushrooms, Green veggies and chilli peppers Also getting..expensive capsicums Doesn’t it look so nice? I haven’t eaten that much because I got a pedicure today, so I’m so hungry! So on my way home, I stopped by a grocery store to get some things I’m going to eat mushrooms, green veggies, chilli and capsicums with my brown rice The time is 5:38pm, and my bottom hurts from sitting down and working too much, So I’m going to have potatoes and a sweet potato 49.2kg I’m going to eat brown rice with veggies again! I have brown rice with greens, capsicum, chilli, mushrooms and seaweed Some of you have asked if it’s okay to eat corn that’s been steamed with sugar, but I recommend not eating seasoned food If it’s too difficult to cut out seasoning, you can start from only having little bits of it! And there were also some questions wondering about the diet causing problems on my period, but I haven’t experienced any! I actually saw improvements, I don’t get stomach cramps anymore! I think I got more hungry this week because of my period hehe I get affected by my period a lot, I seem to crave so much food…probably why I ate so much last week But remember not to get stressed and quit! Just try to eat whole plant foods instead to eating normal food The time is 1:40pm and I’m going to eat some corn The 2 pieces of corn was not enough, so I’m going to have some sweet potatoes This is my outfit for the day! On my way to study, the weather is so nice Buying bananas to eat when I get hungry later Here to eat more delicious food with a friend! We have Ang butter croissant and coffee Look how delicious this looks! Can you tell how yummy it was from looking at my face? Hehe I didn’t plan to eat bread, but it really brought happiness into my day lol *Excited dancing* *Excited dancing part 2* Planning to not cut the bread and eat it in big pieces! “You have the big piece” The kindness and love of the friend that gives you the bigger piece