Height: 165cm, Starting weight: 68.1kg Today I have watermelon, nectarines, green grapes and plums Hello everyone 🙂 It’s Oh Gong Sam, did you all have a nice week? I thought I had completely escaped from binge eating by starting this diet, but this week, there was a day where I binge ate Eating without thinking and repetitively eating for no reason to escape reality, Seeing this through this week, I’m reminded of myself from 9 months ago. This week I wasn’t able to eat healthy like usual But I thought it would be important to show this side of myself to everyone! But I’m okay now, I have recovered! 🙂 Rice with enoki mushrooms! I have mushroom brown rice with perilla leaves, cucumbers, capsicum and seaweed It’s 4:21pm and I’m going to eat 3 corn I just steamed them The time is 2:35pm..? (Brain fart moment..pst it’s 7:35 hehe) By bottom hurts so much from editing and sitting down, so I brought 3 potatoes to eat I know it’s past 6pm, but days where I’m editing, I always seem to fail at intermittent fasting 47.4kg Today I have watermelon and some plums The time is 2:01pm and I have brown rice with perilla leaves, cucumbers, capsicum and seaweed It’s 4pm and I have finally finished editing! So I’m going to have 3 corn Whilst putting in the English subtitles, it’s already past 6pm..oh well, I’m going to have potatoes and corn 40 minutes of RunDay finished! Days where you want to go somewhere further Happiness for a dollar After you go downhill, there’s always an uphill Similar speed to people walking I exercised but why… Trying one more time, knowing it’s going to stay the same 47.8kg Hello everyone, The time is 9:32am Yesterday after biking, I was just so hungry, so I decided to try to not eat until 12 But after 2 hours, I couldn’t help myself.. So I’m going to have 2 bananas right now I know I’m not keeping to the intermittent fasting rule but…I’m hungry hehe Usually I stick to the rules well unless I’m editing! I biked for about an hour yesterday, But you know on your butt, where the seat touches when you bike It was hurting so much And this morning when I sat down to work, my bottom was hurting so much So I was like…what is this..? But then I realised it was because I biked a little It was really fun biking, especially since I haven’t biked in a while But after 30 minutes, I realised I was going to slower than people who were walking.. My neck kinda hurts..maybe I’m getting a cold I think it’s because I only got 3 hours of sleep, that I didn’t lose any weight. Sleep is important for dieting everyone! The number on the scale is merely only a number. Don’t worry too much about if the number goes up after exercising! Banana cleared-! Today I’m going to eat corn and potatoes! The time is 2:21 and I’m going to have green grapes and 2 plums Hello everyone~ the time is 5:04pm, and I’m going to have 2 potatoes before going to my academy Oh! And there were some of you curious about what lip product I use 🙂 This is a makeup pouch, with all ju st my lip products I carry this around with me usually, There’s not much here except for hand cream and lip makeup..hehe I have a wide range of different brands…of similar coloured lip products This is a lipstick that my Dad bought me, the labeling has peeled off because I’ve used it so much It’s Chanel in number 152, Rouge Allure It’s the lipstick I probably wore this day, where I was wearing a white outfit I don’t always wear the same product everyday so I’m not completely sure, but I think it’s this lipstick This is one of my favorites, it’s Nars Dolce Vita It’s perfect for a more feminine and mature look So on days where I want a..calm and sophisticated aura, I use Nars Dolce Vita And this is a product I always carry with me, but it’s really old It’s the CODE GLOKOLOR Jelly ball lip tint in number 5 I usually use this as a base and put this on top This is Peripera Ink tint in Soul Attack I really like the more vivid and bold colors I think this is really good as a base lip, I kind of draw a overlip shape Focus camera! And that’s it, for the recently most used lip products! I tend to grab this first whenever I’m going out somewhere Even though I don’t carry around a cushion pact, I always bring my lip products You seem more like yourself where you’re holding a potato rather than makeup.. Oh and that’s right! I found out these red potatoes were sold out when I read the comments! What you do mean…sold out…I’m so sad Unusual dance moves whilst reading nice comments I should save my potatoes and eat them slowly since they’re sold out Just a second~ Ice cream–no, no.. frozen bananas! Ah..too cold.. With these, don’t chew into them, but roll it around in your mouth Erm…? *Brainfreeze* Don’t chew Slowly melt in your mouth~ Last bite-! Using many face muscles to eat a banana Melting in mouth… It’s too cold..just a second It was just too cold, So I feel like I should have something hot The bigger picture=To eat corn I can feel my insides getting warm hehe Clear-! I’m going to head like this today Last day present Finished my academy! 5 months went by so fast Celebratory dinner! Well done to everyone 🙂 Last dinner with friends that I studied with for 5 months Lot’s of excited clapping I love chicken lol I also love spicy rice cake “I feel like you look really similar to someone” Me..? “There’s someone for sure!” Someone told me I look similar to SuperJunior KyuHyun (omg hahaha) Thank you to that subscriber that pointed this out hehe “Now that you say it, I can kind of see it” “I feel like it’s the eyes” “When you laugh” I exploded this day, I ate without rest.. Eating too much with the excuse of eating out with others..oops 49.3kg Today I have watermelon, green grapes, nectarine and plums Sme of you have questioned me on how I can lose weight by eating fruit, when they are high in sugar. But sugar in fruits (fructose) is completely different from processed sugar, so it acts differently And if you think about the sugar in junk food, fruits are much more low in sugar! Fruits also have lots of water in them, so you tend to lose weight faster. But you also get hungrier faster compared to other food I saw some comments on how if you take food with you everywhere and all the time, you might get criticized But for me, I think it’s an important way to let everyone know you are eating healthy It might also encourage people around you to start healthier lifestyles! Feeling happy with a swollen face from all that drinking yesterday “Explain what’s what” This is Hotel white bread Scone, corn and mayo, Olive ciabatta and Ang butter bread! Dance of pure happiness They heated these up for us! Saying hi with Ang butter bread Hotel White bread~ Moist and soft plain white bread Getting ready to eat with hands I could eat bread forever~ Olive Ciabatta I really like olives The olive flavor was really strong! Plain scone Very satisfied with the scone hehe Ang Butter bread Wow… A magical experience Corn and Mayo Everyone, I definitely gain weight after cheating days, I gain as much as I eat, especially since I have a low metabolic rate After cheating this day, there was definitely a big difference of eating and exercising and not exercising Random bread ranking: For me, the Ang Butter bread was 1st, for my friend, she liked the corn and mayo bread the best You guys should know..there is no end to coffee and bread Addicted to Ang Butter “There’s really no use..today, I brought something to give you” “This is peach,” “And this is shine muscat, do you know what it is?” “I brought a little because I didn’t have much at home” Thank you, but why…today’s my cheating day lol “That’s why I told you there’s no use” Peaches and Shine muscat that I usually don’t eat because it’s expensive Thank you so much, she even cut the peaches up for me *cry* But she still doesn’t know what my Youtube channel is hehe Round 2 of cheating day Round 3 of cheating day (Serious) Should I put the noodles in now? Cheese egg omelet! Kimchi stew is the best.. The reason why both of us are able to eat this much…is because the amount of weight we’ve lost put together is..40kg 🙂 I thought she was naturally thin, but turns out my friend lost 20kg, and currently maintaining it Both of us watch what we usually eat, but when we come together, there seems to be no end to eating..hehe Weirdly, we like the same foods, we eat similar amounts and the weight we’ve lost is the same too, so we’re cheating day soul mates So in conclusion, let’s not have cheating days together too often, it’s too dangerous hehe Home exercises Since I ate, I should workout I haven’t worked out at home in a while, I’ve been mostly doing cardio and not much strength training I’ll link my workout routine in the description box below! 🙂 The body is very truthful, so I saw a really big difference when not exercising Thinking and reflecting on all the food I ate today hehe 100 squats! Working out with Tiffany I don’t realise it when I’m doing it, but the next day I’m really sore when I do this Unusual..dancing..? Are you laughing by any chance? Because I am hahaha what even is this lol 40 minutes of RunDay also finished! I thought I would have definitely gained weight but… 48.8kg An internet fruit company as sent me apples, and sweet potatoes! These sweet potatoes are really thin and long! I’m going to keep these apples in the fridge for a few day, they say it tastes better Thank you so much for the apples and sweet potatoes!