Hi it’s Solmee. Today’s 17th of Sept, Tuesday. It’s night time. I’ve been so busy that I have no time to turn my camera on. I finally get to do that now. My weight this morning was 60.9kg. I reached 50kg range last week but I had so much that I wanted to eat so I gained some weight. And I got so stressed at work today It was so hard. I’ve never been so stressed like this before. That sudden stress led me to an urge to work out and get sweaty. So I’m gonna start a random work out now. I don’t release the stress by food. I release it with exercise. Isn’t that a great mindset? It’s a huge improvement. Before, I would have been just binge eating. I would’ve been like “Should I eat this? Should I eat that? NO, I’m on a diet. Ah, I’ll just eat it” But today, I wanted to release this stress by exercising. I find it weird. I’m sure you are thinking the same. Anyway, I’ll go and work hard. I got changed to exercising clothes. I was looking at some workout videos on Youtube. Do you guys remember Juwon Home Training? I tried their arm work out as well. This Ppiyak’s fit short term diet exercise. It’s 1hour 20min long. I’m gonna try this. I don’t know if I can do the whole 1:20 hr but I’ll try ti today. I feel like I feel like I have to twist my waist sexy

(Juwon does it very sexy in the video) That’s it for the warm up. It’s time to do the real work out. Ah, it’s so fast paced. I can’t keep up with it. I’m already struggling. I have weak knees so following all the squat moves will damage my knees. So I changed it to something that’s not as harsh. It’s only been 27 minutes. My knees are weak so I can’t do squat properly But a lot of their moves are adjusted lunges and squats. My knees hurt now. I’m gonna stop here and move on to something else before it hurts tomorrow. I won’t do anything that I have to stand up. I tried this arm workout where I can sit down. I’m gonna do this (There’s a link in the description box so please check it out!) The more I do it, the more I like the way they explain things. They made it easier to understand Make sure you try it too. Let’s do this. It looks easy but this is harder for me. Oh, I’m going crazy… it’s so hard but I still gotta do it. Interestingly, the more you do it, the easier it gets. It’s hard now but when I first started, it was so, so, so hard but now, it’s just hard. Though it’s only been about 40min, I feel great after moving and sweating. I got so stressed and angry and now I feel better after the exercise. It’s interesting. I worked hard. Let’s go take a shower. My weight was 60.4 kg this morning. I checked and my belly looked flatter. I think working out makes my body look slimmer than it weighs. I’m gonna exercise again before I go to bed. It’s 3:30 right now. I felt like sashimi last night. I’m thinking about getting today I decided to go and eat. I’m gonna do a quick skincare and leave. This is Veggie Water Toning Mist that I showed in the last video and I’ve been loving it. I use it as a toner. It’s great to spray before makeup. And it leaves really beautiful glow. I keep it on the desk and spray it constantly. And I pair it with this thing for night care. And I pair it with this thing for night care. You only need tiny bit and this thing is great too. I pair these two together as my ‘night care’ I love this mist so much. I’m gonna repurchase it when Innisfree has 1+1 deal. Next up is Dr.Jart Control A Moisturizer. I bought it because everyone raves about it. I’ve been using it for just over a week now so I can’t really comment on it yet. I just use it cause it’s supposed to be good. Dr.Jart always works well on my skin. There’s something great for a pimple. This is so great. It’s Dr.Jart Control A pink powder. You gonna dip it on with a Q tip and leave it on top of the pimple and go to bed. Let’s put some sunscreen on. Let’s go have sashimi I’m good at eating alone. I can even to go a buffet alone. But I’ve never done that at a bbq place or drinking place. This is my first time going to a seafood restaurant alone. Sunscreen is on. I’ll quickly get changed and head out. I even added sujebi in to my maeuntang. I really enjoyed the meal. Since I had savory food, I wanted to have macaron or dacquoise Or ice tea or yogurt smoothie on the way back home But I didn’t get it in the end. I’m home now. I’ll have some rest and go back to work. After that, I’m gonna work out again tonight. I’ll go do my work. I’ll check back when I do the exercise. I worked really, really hard. My mum asked me to accompany her to feed the cats so I’m gonna go out with her And come back after a short walk This can always wait for my mum at the same spot. It’s so cool Let’s go feed the cats together. It’s here again. It’s Gao. My mum named it Gao This kitten has stomatitis too so it needs medicine as well. We got back after feeding the cat. I wanted to have a nap but because I ate too much sashimi and maeuntang, I just stepped on a scale and it was 61kg. I’m gonna do spinning for 30 min. Long time no body check. It might now show very well on camera But I think my belly looks a lot flatter. Let’s go work out. I just did it for 30 min. I got back in to my room. I’m gonna stand up and do simple exercises while watching Netflix. It’s finished. I think I did it for 40 minutes but I didn’t sweat at all. When I first started spinning, I got so sweaty after 15 min. I guess you have to work harder and harder as you go. I don’t want to make it harder but diet is really a rough journey. I thought about joining a gym but I should stop spending all my money there. I’m sure I won’t go. So I’ll just focus on doing more home training. Today’s Sunday, 22nd of Sept. I went to Ashley on Friday and ate a lot. I filmed a vlog on Friday And yesterday, I just ate little bit of lunch at home and had little bit of tteokbokki for dinner. I just got up just now so I haven’t eaten anything yet. I need to eat now. It’s not a lunch. It’s lunch/dinner I’m gonna have this bellflower and pear juice that my mum told me to drink and think about the menu. I feel like Kimchi Bokkeumbap. Maybe with spam. I think I’m gonna have Kimchi Bokkeumbap which I haven’t had in a while. I usually don’t crave rice. But this week, I’ve already had rice menu 2 -3 times. I think I ate too much. I decided to have Kimchi bokkeumbap for lunch. I haven’t had it in ages. I’m gonna add lots of oil Fry some kimchi and make fried rice. It’s ok. It’s just one meal. I’m gonna work out today too. Let’s go and make it. I was thinking about adding spam but I’m gonna put this spicy chicken breast sausage instead. This is so good. I only added little bit of rice but the chicken breast is 160G. That’s why it looks so huge. I will get so full after finishing this. Doesn’t this look delicious? I’m gonna watch this and eat it. I worked out hard, and took a shower. This is the first time finishing the whole 30 min exercise video. At first, 30 min felt too long but in the end, I’ve finished everything. It was so hard to work out for 30 min but I feel so proud after finishing it. I’ve almost reached the average weight so I think I have to start working out now. Though I can’t be bothered, I will work out hard next week as well. That’s it for today’s video. I’ll see you again on my next one. Bye.