Hello. This is Solmee Today is September 1 and I’ll start filming diet vlogs again My weight today is 61.1kg. I’ve been eating quite a lot and I gained a little bit So, I’ll try hard this month to lose weight. I’m 61kg now and my goal is to lose 6kg this month. Then I have to lose 1.5kg every week I think that’s possible but probably now. My goal is 55kg for now But I think I can reach 57kg with the goal I want to go down to 50kg range from 60kg and keep that safe, so rather than making it slow I think it’s better to stick to a diet first and go slow next time So, my goal of this month is to lose 6kg It’s 1:30 pm and I’m starving. I have to go to eat something I’ll eat this today for the first time I bought a lot of convenience foods that are for diet at Seoul Store and this one really looks great The packages look like this and all I have to do it put it in the microwave I microwaved it. I’ve never tried it before, so I’m really curious It smells so good. It’s fried kimchi, grilled short rib patties and some fried rice. Is it rolled omelet? Frozen rice usually tastes dry, but this is very moist and fluffy I’ll eat it with fried kimchi. Hmm this food is really nice There are 6 types and the average calories are 350 Then I’ll watch Netflix and enjoy the meal as usual. See you later It’s 7:30 pm And I’ll edit the vlogs I filmed in Europe. After I had lunch, I edited Solmee Closet videos I did this and that and just goofed around. I’m going back to work now I have to film tomorrow for Solmee Closet, so I’ll skip dinner today Skipping dinner will help me to lose swelling I don’t skip meals before filming, but I think it’s okay to have lunch and just skip dinner My Europe vlog didn’t turn out that well, so I feel very lazy to edit it But I think it’s a bummer.. so I’ll try my best There’s something funny about it. I spent 2 weeks traveling in Europe and I looked very slim on the first day but my face got chubby at the end Oh, it’s sad to see me getting fat.. but it’s okay. I can lose weight again. I’m done editing I’ll start exercising now. . I’m wearing leggings. I’m ready to workout. I’ll search Thankyou BUBU’s video on YouTube I’ll watch that and exercise. If I start standing up, I like to keep that position And if I start sitting down, I like to keep that too. I don’t like to stand up and sit Thankyou BUBU’s dance diet video isn’t that intense in the beginning They do it while standing. The video is only 10-minutes long, so I’ll do this one today My clothes were uncomfortable, so I changed and did some exercise more I didn’t want to follow some and some were hard on my body, so I just stopped I’ll just cycle now. I’ll do it for 30 minutes today And that’s it for today. I don’t want it to be too tough on the first day Cycle 34 minutes And this is all for the exercising today I just took a shower, so I’ll spray a mist. This is Innisfree Veggie Water Toning Mist It’s like toner and this is very light I’ve been using it before and after makeup But it’s too hot. My fan is quite noisy, so I won’t turn it on. My face could look reddish Just think it’s because it’s hot here Then the last item is Ph.Drop Filaggrin Cream I reduced the steps of skincare, but it’s okay since this product is super good It’s a brand in a dermatology department of a university hospital and some other hospitals buy it too The fact that it is made by doctors creates a feeling of trust, right? And it’s truly good Its nickname is admiration cream because it makes admirably firm skin barrier That nickname is cute It looks very thick because it’s sherbet type. It spreads out so smoothly on skin And what I love the most about it is how it moisturizes the skin They say it improves the skin barrier, but that’s not what we can see overnight But I can immediately feel that it really nourishes the skin My skin gets so soft and smooth the next morning This cream works so well on me, but it might not on you, right? So you can request samples on its website. You can try that first And buy it if it works well on you. It’s really good that we can try samples first If you want to try it, I recommend you to request the sample kit first So this is all for my simple night care Hello. I’m on my way to film something. I was really busy in the morning, so I just had 2 kiwi The filming will end at 5 pm, so I’ll eat something really nice after that The shooting is over and I spent a lot of time to think what to eat. I decided to go to Hongik Tonkatsu I want to eat tonkatsu and udon, but I’ll check the menu first I ordered stir-fried Seafood udon and king-sized pork cutlet I’m so hungry that I can’t see anything This is the only food I’ll eat today, so I’m gonna eat a lot although I ate so well yesterday, so I’ll eat something light today My lunch will be chicken breast, gold kiwi, 1 egg and something like orange That will be my lunch. This is Health&Beauty chicken breast I love it because it tastes so good These are fruits and egg. This chicken breast is delivered with the sauce on Chicken breasts with sauce are really good when you grill them on frying pan So I’ll use the frying pan instead of microwave Health&Beauty chicken breast is like a drumstick. It’s so good I had lunch at 4 and worked until now. It’s 8 pm I woke up really late today, so I’ll have this chicken breast corn dog for dinner The sausage inside is really good. I’m editing the videos I filmed yesterday I need to work while I’m eating. I’m on my period and I don’t feel good I won’t exercise today It’s almost 2 pm and I just woke up. I woke up late these days I need to work, so I don’t think I have enough time to eat But I will be too hungry to work without eating anything So this is one of my diet foods that I piled up in my cupboard This is Grocery Seoul honey sweet pumpkin porridge. I love sweet pumpkin I can heat it up, but I think this will be fine I really love sweet pumpkin porridge and this is what I eat when I’m sick It’s as good as Bonjuk brand. This is very tasty but it’s quite high in sugar But I think this is fine. I’ll eat it first, and I’ll have chicken breast or something later This is really really good. It’s so good. I was like a sick chicken because of menses And I had so many things to do. I had to sit at the computer all day I also have so many things to do today. I have to go to dentist later because of my braces It’s almost 6 pm and I visited the dentist already I’ll have dinner now. I’ll eat rice today. I’ll eat white rice with mackerel. This will be my simple home-cooked foods I was so happy to eat fish and rice since I didn’t eat them for long It’s so good. I love grilled fish just like mackerel And now I’m craving snacks especially the sweet potato one I want to eat that so much. I can’t eat snacks So I’ll have them for now and watch Netflix I want to have some rest. I think you probably know it since I often eat this But I think this is something I didn’t show you yet It looks like this It’s very nutty just like roasted and ground grains It’s 2:30 and I’ve not been up long. It’s raining outside. There are a lot of showers When it stops, I think fall will be in the air It’s actually cold already Anyway, I’ll have these for lunch. I’ll eat these two and both are great This Pocket Dosirak has only meat and high-protein foods And there’s another one with rice which was too small for me So I prefer this one with meats only Above all, this one tastes so good I’ll eat have this steak with extra cheese and yogurt I microwaved it. I think this will be really good It’s insane. It’s too good. It’s too tasty Wow. It’s really good. This is crazy It’s spicy cheongyang red pepper steak and I love spicy foods This is the best. Look This is what I think every time I eat. This is good I want to eat one more pack but I won’t. Too much of anything is bad It’s already 11 pm. I kept working without having dinner Because I’m going to eat makchang(entrails) tomorrow and I will eat a lot My weight didn’t change probably because I am on my period and didn’t exercise that much But I can see that I lost fat around my waist It’s Sunday, September 8. I ate entrails a lot on Friday But that was my lunch and I didn’t eat anything else like rice Then on Saturday and yesterday and today, I had diet foods as usual I just ate simply such as chicken breast and home-cooked foods And I didn’t exercise. I was on my period And I just didn’t want to exercise. I said my goal is 55kg But I think that impractical. 58kg will be fine Next week will be different. I’ll be realistic now and I’ll exercise at least twice a week But I think my face got slimmer compared to last week Sunday Don’t you think so? Am I imagining? My face got definitely slimmer Next week is Chuseok holiday, so I don’t know what will happen But I’ll do my best and bring another vlog This is all for this week’s vlog And I’ll see you again on the next video Then bye