It’s not long before my goal! I’ll have a quick breakfast this morning. Mix together the mugwort flavored protein powder and yogurt.. I have to get up late, eat fast, and go to work. Looks like a simple breakfast, but carbohydrate protein fat went into the net. I’ve been eating breakfast regularly since I started dieting. I can’t work if I don’t eat breakfast I ordered a chocolate bar with a lot of protein. It’s a protein bar that the subscriber recommended. We had a one-plus-one sale online, so we bought it. People say it’s so delicious. These days, I spent all my allowance on diets shopping.ㅜㅜ Dieting costs a lot of money. I came to the mart to shop. These days, American green grapes are so delicious that I often eat them. I buy bananas that I love so much. Dieter’s Essential “Heinz Nosuga ketchup” Mini paprika is delicious, but it’s too expensive. Just window shopping… I bought a giant paprika at a discount. I also bought lettuce to make salad. I can’t live without baked eggs. I didn’t buy a few, but it’s already over thirty thousand won. ㅠㅠ I’ll cook with the ingredients I just bought for dinner tonight. Lettuce salad,Greek yogurt,Chicken breast sausage,Green grape I think I’m eating a lot of things. Haha. ^^ But it’s a diet full of all the nutrients. Chicken breast sausage doesn’t taste good. But it’s delicious if you dip it in ketchup. I recommend “Heinz No suga ketchup”! It’s good for dieting because there’s no sugar in it. I want to eat a variety of foods. It’s like eating the same food every day. ^^;; I tried to take a break from exercise because my knee hurts, but I’m going. I’ve been doing it for 70 minutes. When I get home, I’m gonna do squats, but my knee hurts. It’s hard to hold a position ㅠㅠ I know why athletes don’t want to get hurt I want to exercise every day. I’ll do some muscle workouts to make sure my knees aren’t stressed out. Make sure to massage your Foam Roller after exercising. I just love it. I’ve recently posted English subtitles on my V-log.^^* When my husband was young, his dream was to become an English teacher. But now he is helping me with the translator. ^^;;; Shameful English pronunciation haha I wake up late and don’t have time for breakfast. I’ll pack these up and have breakfast at the company. I think I’m taking a lot of things. ^^;;; But I want to eat everything. I’m going to work with my food But what’s parking! omg!!! Even if it’s a busy day, look up at the sky for a short while and heal. Everyone, I’m at work. The other teachers didn’t come to work, so I turned on the camera. This is my classroom. I live in a large classroom like a playground with 12 kids. I have fun with my children in a big classroom and burn calories. Then I’ll get ready to work with the snacks I packed earlier. Go for it! Caramel attracts me during working hours. I ended up eating it. ㅠㅠ I had a birthday party for my kids today. I’m screwed. Diet. I came home from work. As soon as I got home, I changed into my sportswear. because I thought I wouldn’t want to exercise if I rested after work. I’m going to get over my fatigue. Dieting is too hard for the worker. I support people who go on a diet while working. But I try and shout “I can.” I ate a lot of lunch, so I’ll have a little dinner today. I’ll have yogurt, cereal, and baked eggs. I want to eat bananas, but I won’t. Eating fruits in the evening makes me gain weight. I don’t eat anything after 6 p.m. These days, every time I eat a meal, I check my nutritional profile. Do you think I’ve lost some weight? I lost 5kg, but I don’t think I lost much. But the clothes that I couldn’t wear were starting to fit in. I go to exercise imagining a model figure. Get slim, thighs. 55 Minutes Clear Come back home and practice the plank. It’s so hard to imitate the movements. But I don’t think it’s good to learn from your husband. ^^ My husband goes into the room with a big head. Haha. Starting this week, I’m doing yoga to improve my strength. My friend is a yoga teacher, and she says that Ashtanga yoga is good for her strength. It’s hard to weigh 57.0 kilograms. I’m at a cafe with my husband. I’ve been craving cake. My husband who eats clean. Coffee is delicious, cake is delicious, and happy. My husband says I ate more than he did. What a cheap.I told him to eat everything. ^^ But one more time…hh I edited YouTube at the cafe and wrote a diet diary. Dinner’s a Subway sandwich I’m going to order chicken sandwich. Vegetables are always a lot. protein-rich chicken sandwich My husband’s on a diet he doesn’t want because of me. ^^;; Fall has come to us. Refreshing while watching commoncosmos. Thank you for watching the video today.