Hi I’m Dr. Adrienne Mulligan of Camp Verde
Veterinary Clinic in Arizona and I’m here today to talk to you about a rather touchy
subject when animals private organs get into trouble on behalf of expertvillage.com. There
are a few fairly common things that happens to dogs back in the rear of them. One is for
a male dog to extrude his penis. This is a sheet this is not actually a dogs penis this
is a covering and a hair dog which this dog is not. Now a hair dog is at risk of extruding
his penis and getting hairs. You seethe penis does come out and then hairs could get wrapped
around that penis not allowing it to go back in and if it does that it would actually cut
of the blood supply and the penis would become large and dark and dried out also very engorge
with blood and fluid. This is something that needs to be corrected pretty quickly or it
could require surgery. One of the things that you have to keep in mind is number one to
clean it. Get in moist. Get it wet. This are tissues that want to moist and you don’t want
to let it get dried out and you could clean it up like that and get the hairs away from
it a little bit. If you still could not make this engorge penis go back in one little trick
is to dump a lot of sugar on it. Sugar will draw it would have a drawing effect and draw
the Adina the fluid, the blood, not blood but the fluid part of the blood out of the
penis and help it to shrink so you could slide it in. then you might need to use some KY
jelly to help it to do that and water that need to help move back in. the same applies
with a dog that might have a prolong rectum. A dog will have straining with diarrhea can
sometimes prolapse there rectum. A female could also prolapse there vaginal area and
those tissues again needs to stay moist and saline solution or water. Saline is better
and just your typical saline like you would use for contact lens you could use to moisten
those areas and keep them moist until you could get them to the veterinarian and if
they are engorge and very thicken sugar could go there to. Sugar is will draw the Adina
from the tissues so they would be a little easier to be put back into place.