Here’s something else that
makes a lot of people happy– Chris Hemsworth. Doesn’t he? I saw he’s coming out with
his own health and fitness app where other people– like, he
offers people specific diet and exercise programs. So this is a
commercial for his app. From the moment we’re
made, we’re not finished. But know this– you don’t have
to make yourself by yourself. So that inspired someone
else I know to come out with their own fitness app. I’m not one to brag. But I would say that I have a
certain ease around the women. I think in terms of
just handsomeness, and a face the camera loves,
I feel really blessed. I wouldn’t say I’m average. I’m far above average. Excellent cameo. Great fun. You got a blowout? Yeah, I got it. You had, like, a round brush
and a blowout for that. Very funny, Ellen. Mm-hm.