Hi, I’m Loren Lockman. In this short video,
I’m going to be talking a little bit about Candida Albicans and how you can eliminate that issue,
if you’re dealing with it Candida’s become a very common problem today,
and it’s so common because antibiotics, birth control pills for women, many other
pharmaceutical drugs, and even some of the things that people both eat and believe are healthy to eat
are exarcebating the problem with Candida How does this happen? Well, Candida Albicans is a
yeast that occurs naturally in virtually everybody it’s in the 99.9% of the population,
all we carry this yeast. When our gut flora, the bacteria in the digestive
tract, are healthy they prevent the yeast from taking over. But what happens is we
consume any of the medications or maybe somebody’s food, and referring to what happens
is we kill off the beneficial bacteria in the body that prevent the yeast from taking over,
and the yeast now grow unchecked by anything that prevents them from flourishing and so in order to eliminate candida what we
need to do is find the way to kill up yeast without harming the benefitial bacteria.
There’re other things you can do, medicine has some answers for you, there’re some very
very potent drugs that you can take. Unfortunately, what they tend to do is kill not
only the yeast but the beneficial organisms in your body as well. And you may be not aware
of this but not only can we not be healthy, we can’t even be alive without the beneficial
organisms that live in our bodies So we may want to be careful about doing
something that actually begins to kill off those beneficial organisms.
There is another way The last 14 years I’ve been supervising
water-only fasts, of anywhere from 1 to 9 weeks and what happens with fasts with Candida is the
yeast which feed on the food, the sugar that we’re either consuming or producing as a result
of consumed food they feed on the sugar before we get the chance to, they flourish when
we’re eating, almost regardless ovbiously if we were eating a lot processed sugar or a lot of
complex carbohydrates in the presence of real fibre we’re winding up giving a tons of food.
This is further exacerbated in standard american diet or many alternative diets that still contains
an excessive amount of fat the average american is consuming roughly 30%
of their calories from fat, and when this fat is in the blood stream the body has a harder time
processing the sugar, the sugar is available to the yeast longer and that means the use of a
better chance of being able to feed on it
and use it for the own benefit rather than allowing those nutrients to benefit us,
our bodies run on sugar, but not processed sugar that creates problems for us So, when we fast what happens is the yeast inmediately
begins to starve, because they have no food there’s nothing to feed them because there’s
nothing coming in, but don’t those beneficial bacteria starves too. Well, fortunately the beneficial
organisms in our body benefit us precisely because they live on dead and dying tissue,
they’re essentially nature’s garbage man in our bodies helping us to eliminate the
very things that we don’t want So, when we’re fasting the yeast is starving
because is not being fed, the bacteria continues to get everything they need to flourish and
we wind up taking this inbalance of yeast to bacteria and being able to shift it.
Now, what I’ve found over the last 14 years of fasting more than 2000 people and many of them
with Candida problems, and in fact, I’ve suffered from a severe Candida, sistemic Candida
infection myself 25 years ago What I find is that tipically it takes at least 21
days of only consuming water in order to be able to eliminate the Candida. And before you say:
” Ok, great, I’m gonna start drinking water and
not gonna consume anything else” You need to understand that is not safe to do
it on your own. It’s important to understand what it is and what is not ok.
And fasting on your own is not a good idea, going 21 days without food is not a good idea
unless you got proper experience in supervision, ok? When you’re at the fasting center like the
Tanglewood Wellness Center, or one of the other ones we check your vital signs every single day to
make sure that you are safe, that you are ok Now, it’s important to understand that if you have
Candida Albicans, and you want to eliminate it fasting you’re probably not gonna feel great while
you’re going through the process, in fact, we have a young woman here that had a raging Candida
problem and she just completed the fast, the 21 days, and she felt pretty toxic the entire time.
Imagine how you would feel if your blood stream is full of yeast as those yeasts begin to dye off,
you’ll have all these dead organisms floating around your blood stream until your body can process
them out of your system you don’t feel very good and so she felt very toxic and very tired,
and in fact, exhausted. and this is a typical response, 7, 10, 14 days later she’s a
completely different person because she’s been able to, again, shift that
balance by killing off most of the yeasts, and you don’t have to kill them all. Remember,
they’re always in the body, all we need to do is recreate the original balance as long as
the bacteria has the upper hand they’re going to be able to keep the yeast from
taking over, so all we need to do is bring this
to here and we are ok and then, because… imagine before everything
you’re eating is feeding the yeast rather than feeding yourself, you’re not gonna
feel and function very well you’re not going to get what you need from
your food, and in fact, even essentially
you’ve got them still on your body still where they make alcohol. What happens
when you combine the yeast with sugar? you wind up with alcohol. So, when you’ve
got a candida problem you’re constantly producing small amount of alcohol right in your
body, and it’s hard to feel and function very well if you have alcohol constantly entering
in your blood stream So 21 days fasting is the minimum for most people
with candida, if you can do more than that it would be wise to be more. But remember, this is
something that needs to be supervised to be safe and lots of the time just to be effective, because
people don’t even know on their own
what is and what’s not ok And then it’s important to have proper refeeding
at the end of that, because if you don’t do that properly, you can wind up taking that candida
problem and recreat it instantly Having done all this work to cleanse your body,
you’d probably want to make your best choices as you can continue to enjoy and incredible
high level of health, which you can do If we can help you in that regard and in any
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