Elevate Fitness and Wellness is made up of myself, Kelly Hoying, and my husband, Mike Hoying, and our partners are Dan and Natalie Kanney. We are a HIIT training facility, which means High Intensity Interval Training, which basically means we do circuit training every day of the week. Obviously being a fitness and wellness center, we are trying to promote fitness and wellness. We want to just get individuals into working out again, so we want it to be a fun and fast environment as well as just an active healthy lifestyle. So our banners and our water bottles really help us to promote that image for Elevate Fitness and Wellness. The main reasons that we like working with Totally Promotional is because their staff is super helpful and super friendly. Any time I have questions I feel comfortable talking with their staff and asking them any questions that we need. Two, they made it easy for us to order products, so we gave them just a small vision of what we wanted and they were able to create that into something that was awesome, that was eye-catching, and that people really responded well to. They got us our designs and our mock-ups back very quickly, we gave them the green light to go ahead, and then we got our products very quickly after that. We were able to present them and to showcase them and get people in our doors.