My name is Kathleen Zelman. I am a registered dietician and I have been
a registered dietician for over 30 years and I’ve always been a huge fan of eggs. Here is the secret to great weight management. Don’t throw out those yolks. So many people think that they are really
doing themselves a favor by just having egg whites, but in the yolk, you have 40% of the
protein, the B12, the choline and lots of other nutrients. You need the yolk, it’s good for you. The
USDA recently took a hard look at the numbers we are using for eggs because the chicken
feed has changed and therefore the amount of cholesterol and vitamins and minerals within
an egg has also changed. So we are thrilled to report, there are only
185 milligrams of cholesterol and there 64% more vitamin D. So eggs are even more nutritious
than they were before. Eggs have been demonized because they contain
cholesterol. There was this association that dietary cholesterol
would raise blood cholesterol, well we’ve learned through numerous studies, that it’s
really the saturated fat that has the impact on blood cholesterol. There really is no difference between a brown
or a white egg. It’s the shell of the egg. One is not any more nutritious than the other. Eggs are perfectly safe as long as you store
them properly. When you get home from the grocery store you
want to keep them in the carton, don’t put them on the door, cause it’s not as cold. Keep them in the refrigerator, they stay high
quality for 3-4 weeks after the date that’s marked on the carton. The protein that’s in eggs is so pure that
it’s used as a benchmark for other sources of protein. We call it high biological values because
it’s among the best sources of protein you can get in your diet. Eggs are one of the least expensive forms
of protein you can get in the grocery store. One egg costs about 15 cents. That’s 6 grams of high biological value protein
that’s really good for you.