after the couple have started building the nest and lining the nest materials inside it as we watched previously the female will begin preparing herself to lay eggs and mating with the male so what distinguishes this period? what the important informations that you have to know? and what is the diet for this period? the female will begin laying eggs although the male does not finish building the nest that’s why you have to monitor the nest every day to remove nesting materials the moment you find the first egg is laid Society Finch lays with the median between 4 to 7 eggs the hen lays one egg each day until the clutch is complete she shares the incubation with the male during the day and night incubation extends from 13 to 15 days until hatching The eggs may hatch on separated or on the same days because some couples don’t start incubation until the fourth egg is laid so you have to add from two to four days for the first egg after the first egg is laid and during incubation, we will maintain on the same diet seen previously but the only thing that we have to stop, is giving vitamins or other supplements in water because these supplements are so dangerous for the health of the mother and her eggs so in the period of laying eggs and incubation, we have to stop giving supplements in water or food Now, you can watch the video explaining how to candle eggs and to know if they are fertile or not