“EAT GULAY” (BLACKPINK “Kill This Love” Here is the vegetable
Diseases will go, bye So try vegetables
For healthy life Aside from your need to rest
You also need to say Yes to vegetables Vegetables should be in the meal
You’ll be healthy for real Here it goes kicking the door
Let’s eat this Vegetables that you should love
Say if you want some more Eat it so you’ll be strong and not thin Nice feeling, don’t stop
So eat vegetables, disease might not get in You don’t like vegetables, you’re thin
Who? You are You’re healthy, Who? You are You need to eat vegetables
So you’ll be healthy So that you’ll prevent diseases Let’s eat vegetables! Serve vegetables now Let’s eat vegetables!
Eat vegetables now We all should eat the gulay that we need, oh We’re all making food that gives energy, yeah We must eat vegetables, yeah it’s good and true
Gotta eat vegetables before
diseases come to you Eat vegetables, yeah it’s good and true
Gotta eat vegetables, gotta eat
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