what's up guys I missed you exact with another episode of gym time this week on Jim time we have four of the smartest sweetest and strongest Victoria Secret models doing a fast pace full body workout and then to finish it off we put the models against each other in a little friendly competition let me introduce Paris Ohio Josephine's driver and Kelsey Merritt we're gonna do a Victoria's Secret Angel workout to show how to get that body so as a model do you feel pressure to workout the gym for me is that therapeutic summation I get that one hour to significance is my time also so funny you will have like a group of friends that all of working out so it makes it that much more fun focus will be your pace everyone will work at the same time okay great let's go girls so the way this is going to work is one person will be on the skier everyone else will be performing an absent you'll do it four times right just go for 20 seconds nobody trusts holding that ball straighter [Applause] we're gonna work Russian twist I want that ball to hit on the floor every time show me some moves so I can get that Victoria Secret buddy so we go next look we'll have a circuit we're just gonna rotate through we're gonna work for 30 seconds in 30 seconds rest before moving on so everyone get to a station right now we have them running a circuit we're working for 30 seconds and then we will rest for 30 seconds now they're working various muscle groups I'm very high intensity working for time where this circuit style is good for whatever level you're at you know you can push yourself for that thirty Seconds work through as hard as you can high-intensity or you can scale it back if we need to come on keep moving I'm terrible back in this stuff huh [Applause] we're keeping the heart rate up without doing traditional cardio we can get a lot of work done in a short amount of time working out is just so great mentally and it's just kind of like an escape for an hour a day you're working on yourself after you guys feel like 10 deep breaths you feel the endorphins kick into the back your head it's like so here's the rules there's gonna be two team team Efron with Sarah and Kelsey and food games with Josephine and jasmine both players on each team will have to sink a basket then move on to the next base I like to call this the 50-meter plank wall of death once the last player in each team has crossed the finish line they must then run back to the basketball court score another bucket first one to do it wins [Applause] [Applause] let's go [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] Hey awesome workout you guys thank you so much for coming in today this is so cool Fitness is important it's good for us it's good for us as people it's fun make a lot of friends and you have a good time here it's healthy it's good so tell us what you liked and didn't like about the episode don't forget to hit subscribe if you want to see more suggest who do you want next to come on the show what kind of more steps you want to see and check them out individually they're all doing really cool stuff thanks so much guys join us back here on gym time soon we'll see you