hey everybody coach Kozak here Pass fit and this is my dynamic stretching warm-up routine these exercises will help you increase your flexibility while warming up your muscles and joints and getting you better prepared for physical exercise all the while reducing the risk of muscle strain injury I do not recommend a static stretching routine where you hold certain positions for 30 to 60 seconds before a workout the latest science and research shows that a dynamic warmup is more beneficial before workout where static stretching is best used for flexibility training separate from your workout all right let’s get this warm-up started okay first one’s going to be an arm cross and a buck kick we’re going side to side laterally kicking our butt crossing our arms every time you’re going to switch which are goes over top this is a great one to warm up our chest our shoulders our knees our hamstrings side to side nice and light this is just easy just warm it up right now guys get ready calm before the storm there we go just a few more seconds side to side all right that’s what we’re going to do is going to be a posterior swing I want you to start with your legs wide little bend in your knees arms are overhead we’re going to swing through our legs stretching our hamstrings in our butt and stand up this is going to great one to warm up your whole back side through your hamstrings your butt your lower back drop her back just keep swinging nice and easy you can see I approve your flesh so I’m getting down pretty low you might not be quite there yet that’s okay again this is just the warmup through your legs and on this one on the way down you should feel stretch in your hamstrings as you’re doing these good yeah just go through each muscle get everything warmed up loose full range of motion all the way up all the way down okay next one feet shoulder-width apart wait an hour but advised on a 45 degree angle we’re going to pull and fly whole clock whole lot great one to warm up your back also get the little leg warm up in here to full five there we go keep doing great get ready for that workout just a few more seconds keep breathing hey focus next we’re going to do a tiny pulldown feet shoulder-width apart we’re going to reach up high and we’re going to bring our knee up as we pull down alternating knees each time reaching up big and high going down a little add flex in your two little add warm up quads are warmed up shoulders and back again just get the blood flowing get ready for the workout I need pull-downs good next one weights in our hips hands are out in front of us we’re going to a standing twist warming up those ABS and your core nice and slow not rush in this one doing a nice nice stretch and your abdominals as you move back and forth in a controlled fashion standing twist good job next we’re going to a standing calf raise so all we’re going to do is push up off the balls of our feet all the way up back down all the way up back up get a full range of motion stand up on the balls of your feet stretching out those calves getting them ready there we go just a couple more times okay last one we’re going to do a running arm put your elbows at a 90 degree angle your hands going to come with the front of your face behind your back just like a rock there we go warming up those shoulders 90 degree angle each elbow okay that concludes our warm-up let’s get to the workout