welcome to your dynamic stretch and stamina routine this yoga inspired sequence emphasizes Static contractions and dynamic stretches to both challenge and restore your body we're gonna begin just by taking a few deep breaths feet are hip-width apart knees are soft the inhale sweep your arms up to the ceiling and then exhale bring them back down by your sides next we're gonna move into a forward fold inhale the arms up and then fold forward from your hips keeping the spine long as you reach forward with the chest and then fold forward bending the knees into your chest engage the tops of your thighs and announce the floor hold this pose for one minute from their walk forward into a downward dog position your hands will walk away from your feet until your body looks like an upside down letter B hold this pose for one minute next you'll wave lived in the heel rolling through your spine bringing the head and chest up last into upward dog position and then wave back bringing the chin back in rolling through the back dropping heels last repeat this wave-like motion 5 times moving back and forth between down and up dog next we're movin to warrior life step one foot forward between your hands bending the front knee at 90 degrees back leg staying long sweeping the arms up towards the sky and release your fingers hands off your shoulders hold it here for one minute moving next into a lunge twist the palms come together your elbow comes across to the opposite knee twisting pressing the palms together looking over your shoulder pull that pose for one minute as well next we'll go into hip stretch untwist bring your hands to the inside of that front foot release your back knee and toes to the floor see if you can lower to your elbows staying here for a minute next we go up into a plank position bringing the hands under the shoulders feet together hold that plank position abs in tight next gently lower yourself into the floor moving into bow pose curl your heels towards you reach back for them with your hands and then extend through the spine lifting the thighs in the chest off of the floor as high as you can just moving back and forth gently in and out of that posture about five times do this any time you need to relax rest and rejuvenate your body especially after a good workout