today we are going to be doing a booty workout at home so if you haven't watched this video already why your glutes won't grow and three ways to fix it I highly recommend you watch that first before doing this workout so you get the most out of each exercise all you're gonna need is a mat a bench and a couple of sets of dumbbells and also guys you can see here I've got my strong curves bands so these are gonna be available to buy very very soon when they're ready I'm gonna put a link in the description box below alright enough talking let's get into this workout starting with a hip flexor stretch make sure that you tilt that pelvis so that you really feel the pull through your hip flexors and your quads your knees are 90 degrees keep squeezing those glutes to really help you stretch the hip flexor bring the arm overhead you should feel a nice stretch through your side body as well and I bring the foot slightly forward we're going to go into a dynamic stretch here so this is lizard back into a hamstring stretch so just moving backwards and forwards here but a nice pace this is really gonna help you open up their hips stretch your psoas muscle and your hip flexors as well as your hamstrings I'm gonna do exactly the same on the other side so again a hip flexor stretch tilt that pelvis feel the stretch all the way through your hip flexors and your quads core tight squeeze those glutes and then bringing the left arm overhead stretching that side body bringing that right foot forward dropping down again and back into the hamstrings just a few easy dynamic structures don't push yourself too much this is just to really lubricate the joints and warm those muscles up going straight into a yogic squat we're going to do this with a chest opener so bringing one arm overhead really twisting the body looking up towards the sky if the mobility doesn't allow you to get all the way down then you can lift the heels up maybe on some plate weights or on a rolled-up towel when I push the elbows into the knees really open the hips next we're gonna go straight into some leg swings so you can hold on to a wall or a pillow for support swing those legs full range of motion by opening up the hip joint swapping onto the other side and there we go just shake it out and we're ready to go with our core activation so go ahead and lie down on your mat are we gonna start with Amy reaching crunch keep that spine flush against the mat don't arch your spine at all throughout this movement we're gonna lift the shoulders up squeeze the ABS reach for those knees we're not going to be doing a crazy ab workout here this is literally just to warm your core up so that we can support our glute movements later on and straight into toe-touches raise those legs up in the sky squeeze the ABS and then raise the shoulders off the mat touch those toes again making sure that your spine is always pressed into the mat protect your lower back guys now in to flutter kicks I'm holding on to the mat for support brace your core spine flush against the mat and now we're ready for our glute activation sequence so go ahead and grab your band I'm gonna pop the band around our ankles the first exercise we're going to do is the PPT but squeeze this is a posterior pelvic tilt drawing my pelvis down and squeezing as hard as I can I'm going to hold that squeeze for three seconds and we're going to do 15 reps if you're not sure how to do this move then go ahead and check out my video why your glutes won't grow and three ways to fix it there should be a little card in the top right hand corner absolutely master this move first before you do any of the exercises in this workout should really start to feel it burning now keep squeezing those glutes as hard as you can and we're going to go straight into a hip abduction so ground through that right leg keep the core tight do the posterior pelvic tilt squeeze the gluts and then lift the leg out to the side and slightly back you can hold on to the wall or a pillow for support keep constant tension on that band don't let it go slack squeeze hard we're going for 20 reps switching legs we're going to ground through the left leg now we're gonna raise the right leg keep it nice and straight constant tension on that band push that band as far as it will go squeeze that glute hard make sure you keep the body completely stable so no yanking or twisting movements core tight is it burning guys definitely burning for me okay now we're gonna go lie on the mat I'm gonna do a butt plank sounds a bit weird I know heels onto the edge of the bench dig the elbows in keep your core tight your posterior pelvic tilt and then lift your hips up squeeze your butt cheeks together as hard as you can we're going to hold this position for a minute the more you squeeze those glutes the more stable your butt plank so we want those hips up to the ceiling posterior tilts don't crunch into your lower back if we'll work your core to pretty much like a reverse plank don't get sloppy don't let the hips drop keep squeezing guys we're nearly there four three two and one now we can relax a little bit next move we're going to do is a clamshell so you want to put the band just above your knees scoot over onto your side feet on top of each other been through the knee a Styria pelvic tilt again open up those knees bring that top knee all the way to the ceiling and hold for five seconds here you want to keep constant tension on that band so don't let that knee drop we're gonna do little pulses now so they should really start to burn me to the sky don't stop nearly there and quickly switching over to the other side same deal posterior tilt core tight open up the knees nice and wide holding for five seconds release and let's go again squeeze those glutes as hard as you can keep that constant tension last one here before we do some pulses and let's go constant tension on that band don't get sloppy keep squeezing nearly there oh it burns Mother of God it's over we're gonna have a little rest here now before we start the glutes and hamstrings circuits this is where it gets serious so grab your dumbbells and let's get into it rub your heavier dumbbell we're going to do a hip thrust so get into position you want to do a posterior pelvic tilt squeeze those glutes hard core is nice and flat and tight pivoting off the edge of the bench digging through the heels bring the hips all the way up towards the ceiling and squeeze those glutes hard make sure you're not splaying out in the core or crunching into your lower back your spine stays neutral throughout so just scoop the pelvis just a few more hair and then we're gonna go straight into a single leg hip thrust so exactly the same setup but just bring that right foot central dig through those heels again squeeze those glutes don't just crunch into your lower back this is really going to burn just keep going oh look at those facials ouch let's get straight into the other side so left leg in towards the centerline digging through that heel squeezing those glutes all the way up to the ceiling nearly there guys and relax all over wall wall oh yes now we're gonna sit up on the bench pop the band just below your knee sit on the edge there pelvic tilt core tight we're gonna roll on the outside edges of our feet pushing the knees out so keep that constant tension on that band we're gonna go for a minimum of 40 to 50 reps here so just keep squeezing squeezing them out you should feel it on the side of your glutes and it should really be burning look at me praying to the booty gods oh don't stop don't bitch out you can do it nearly there and rest [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] picking up a lighter set of dumbbells we're gonna go into a stiff leg deadlift notice how my shins stay vertical throughout I'm taking a little micro bend through my knee and pushing my hips back as far as elbow you should feel a really big pull through your hamstrings and then I went to dig through the heels and explode back up snap those hips forward and squeeze those glutes hard make sure you're keeping a nice flat back throughout don't arch the spine don't crunch into your lower back just go as far as your mobility allows putting those dumbbells down we are going to go straight into kickbacks nice flat back bending through that rounded leg sorry about the blur you guys keeping that constant resistance on that band keeping the legs straight oh back and out to the side slightly notice how my body isn't twisting or yanking keeping as stable as possible letting the glutes do all of the work oh ok quickly switching sides same deal constant tension on that band squeeze that glute at the top don't get slack go for full range of motion should really start to be burning now don't stop nearly there taking that band off for an elevated single leg bridge bring one heel on to the edge of the bench posterior tilt so nice flat spine keep the core tight and then drive the hips up towards the ceiling squeeze those glutes at the top make sure you're not just crunching into the lower back here so really think about that posterior tilt and squeezing the glutes you should feel this a little bit in the hamstrings as well that's perfectly okay I like to really dig my heel into that bench swapping sides now squeeze all the way up you can bend your knee in that leg that's in the air especially if you feel it in the hip flexors a little bit just don't stop you guys hips all the way up squeeze hard nearly there is it burning you guys oh and rest [Applause] [Applause] grabbing the lights pair of dumbbells we're gonna do a split squat so taking a nice lunge forward bring the back of the foot onto the edge of the bench see how my weight is slightly forward as well I'm pushing off the front foot so dig through that front heel that's the glute that's gonna do the work don't push off the back leg go for full range of motion and Bend all the way down swapping sides now just let those dumbbells loosely hung by your side really focus on digging through that heel should feel this in the right glute full range of motion you guys good job we're going to drop that dumbbell down and just keep one of them we're gonna do a weighted kickback this is a little bit tricky if you have ankle weights even better you can just do this banded or bodyweight – nice flat back push the heel into the ceiling squeeze the glutes at the top doing really good guys I know it burns but don't stop quickly switching to the other side really awkwardly like I'm doing securing it in place so bring the heel towards your glutes and then push that heel up towards the ceiling again nice flat back don't crunch into your lower back here you should only be feeling this in the glutes nice pulsing movements constant tension on that glute nearly there you guys keep squeezing okay you can pop your dumbbell to the side we're gonna grab the band place it around your ankles lying on your front now for the last exercise of this circuit push your hips into the floor raise your legs slightly off the ground and then pulse against the band keep constant tension this is a great finisher you're doing so good guys nearly done nearly done keep squeezing and relax I hope you enjoyed that workout you guys I'm gonna do a lot more follow along style videos because I know you like this especially for all the ladies that can't train at a gym and want to workout at home so if you have any other suggestions for other workouts let me know what you'd like to see don't forget to Like and subscribe and I will catch you in another video bye