science tells us that the three key factors for maximizing natural testosterone released from a workout are training with compound exercises lifting heavy and short rest periods you know that dumbbells are one of the best possible ways to achieve all three Matt – you hear from loose tire nutriceuticals and today I am taking you through an intense full-body testosterone boosting workout that will pack on muscle and chisel oh definition like never before now before we dive into it if you're new to the channel don't forget to hit the subscribe button below so you can be the first to know about future videos and definitely tap that thumbs up button to let us know you like what you see ready to jack up the intensity and see what you can really do with dumbbells this is dumbbell diesel garage gym full body muscle building workout let's get to it as we all know a good workout needs a good warm-up so take five to 10 minutes to get the blood flowing and warm up your whole body and then let's get into the workout for this workout you'll perform five heavy compound exercises in linear fashion then wrap up with a finisher I call lunge and further perform each compound exercise for three sets of five explosive reps using 85% of your one rep max for example if you can clean and press ninety pound dumbbells use 75 pounds for this workout because this is done in a linear fashion you'll perform all three sets of exercise one before moving on to exercise 2 and continue on until all five compound exercises are complete after you finish all 5 exercises it's time for lunge inferno where you'll perform walking lunges carrying half your body weight until you reach complete failure by the end your legs will be absolutely on fire you're only allowed up to 60 seconds rest between sets to catch your breath and rehydrate with amino fast before continuing on to the next set you should complete the entire workout in under 45 minutes and if it's taking you longer than that you need to pick up the pace as always the workout is listed for you in the description below now buck up and let's get to work exercise number one dumbbell clean and press the clean up press is a powerful compound movement that combines a hinge pull and press all-in-one to hit the back shoulders arms and core dip down shrug the weight up to your shoulders brace the core and drive the weight directly overhead explosively then control back down and repeat exercise number two bent over dumbbell rows keep your torso parallel to the ground and brace your core a little body English is okay on this exercise but still keep the movement as controlled as possible row the weight up to your mid stomach pulling with your elbows and then control the weight back down exercise number three dumbbell bench press grab a pair of dumbbells lie back on the flat bench retract your shoulders push the weights straight up explosively stopping just short of lockout then lower the weights slowly under control remember keep the chest up and constant tension on the pecs exercise number four dumbbell front squat hold a dumbbell in each hand at your shoulders brace the core keep the chest up back straight and perform a full depth squat going as deep as you can maintaining proper form then explode through the heels returning to the starting position slow controlled eccentric fast explosive concentric exercise number five dumbbell stiff leg deadlift keep your back straight and your chest up push your hips back to get a full stretch in the hamstrings and glutes lower the dumbbells keeping them as close as possible to your shins and then contract' your hamstrings and glutes to raise the weight back up explosively maintaining the same angle with your shins throat Coleman that's it for the compound exercise and all that's left now is the brutal finisher if you're digging this workout be sure to hit the thumbs up and let us know and don't forget to subscribe for more awesome workouts just like this now it's time to bring this one home exercise number six lunge infernal grab a pair of dumbbells so you're holding about half your body weight that before walking lunges keeping your back knee just off the ground explode through the heel of your front leg and keep moving constantly and until absolute failure and you can no longer complete another rap and that's a wrap this brutal workout will not only leave you sore for days it will also catapult your natural testosterone levels resulting in more lean muscle gains as well as quicker more noticeable fat burning results and if you really want to up the ante from this workout try stacking it with status which has been shown to increase natural testosterone levels up to four hundred and thirty-four percent higher than lifting weights alone just click the link in this video to check out our special offer and find out more about it a blue star nutraceuticals brought a mission to transform the lives of five million men by 2022 by providing the tools you need and the knowledge to use them that's why we make these videos so if there's anything else we can do to help let us know in the comments below be sure to give that thumbs up button a smash if you liked what you saw today and subscribe and hit the notification bell so the first to know when we post our next video filled with tips tricks and special offers trust me don't want to miss a single until then keep training hard