Hello. I’m Dr. Manu Sood. I’m medical
director of pediatric gastroenterology and associate professor of pediatrics
at Medical College of Wisconsin. Pediatric gastroenterology division is one of the largest divisions in the country. We have nine subspecialty programs which are led by physicians who
are national and regional leaders. We look after children who have common disorders like reflux constipation,
but we also manage children who have rare chronic disorders like pseudo-obstruction, cyclical vomiting syndrome, chronic liver problems and feeding disorders. So it’s extremely important that children
with gastroenterology diseases are seen by pediatric gastroenterologists. We see over 17,000 children
in the Gastroenterology Center at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin every year. Some of these patients come from within
the region and some of our programs draw patients from elsewhere in the country and from overseas. Having an opportunity to work with
children is unique in a way because they’re very innocent. They have that energy and resilience about them. I see children who have chronic disorders
and they get on with life which is a great motivation for me in my day-to-day
professional life. And, having an opportunity to help
parents is unique in itself. I’m a parent myself and I can understand what
these families go through and that’s part of the job satisfaction I get.